Monday, November 12, 2012

Hi guys.  Sorry sorry sorry for not posting in so long.  Been working like crazy.  BUT......I have had time for continued bb sex along the way.  Since I posted last I have been in NYC countless times for work and have gotten bred almost every time I was there.  I also have used Scruff to hook up with guys either on the road, or near my office or house.  It's worked pretty good.  Use it!!!  Also went to a CumUnion party most recently and even though the majority of the guys were trolls I did get some action.  Was walking around and around and I finally decided to hook up with a Latin daddy type.  He was ok but his dick was a nice size.  We went back to my room and I sucked his dick for a while.  He sucked mine for a couple of seconds but to be clear I was looking for cum so I didn't care about him servicing me.  He decided it was time to fuck and asked if I had a rubber.   Grrrrrr....  This party was CumUnion I thought!!  He found one on the bench by the bed and put it on to start fucking me.  After about 3 minutes it broke and he pulled out.  He asked if I had any more.  I said no.  He said oh ok then. He was grabbing his towel and I asked what was wrong.  He told me it was just because he was poz and he usually fucks with a condom.  I told him the name of the party was CumUnion so I think most folks were ok with that.  He asked if I was saying I'd let him fuck me without a condom.  I said yes and you don't need to pull out.  He was either a really good poker player or really naive.  He seemed shocked and excited that I would allow this.   He slipped back in and started fucking me on my back, holding my legs up.  He was watching my face the whole time and when he was about to cum he told me and asked if I was sure.  I grabbed my legs and stretched them wide, looked him in the eye and said do it.  He put his head back and shot his load in my ass.  Hopefully it was a new beginning for him and he doesn't ask about condoms anymore unless a bottom asks him to put one on ;)

After my fun with him, I walked around for a bit more and two black guys came in.  They were friends and were doing laps together.  Finally got one near the glory holes and started sucking his cock.  Nice size.  I love dark meat.  After blowing him for about 5 minutes and putting on a show for the guys watching he came around the side of the stall and asked if I had a room.  We went back to my room and I blew him and blew him and blew him.  He kept stopping me when he got close saying he wanted to see me cum.  I told him I wanted his cum.  After about a good 20 minutes I think his resistance finally wore down and he asked if I wanted it.  I started sucking harder and he finally shot a huge load in my mouth.  So big and so fucking good, I just wish it had been in my ass.  I told him that and he told me he doesn't like to fuck, but his friend does.  He told me they both thought I was cute.  I asked if his friend would want to hook up and he told me yes, because they were both after me.  I asked if his friend's dick was as big as his and he said yes.  So off we went our separate ways both looking for his friend.  He found him first and I stumbled on him telling his friend about my service.  His friend said hi and I said let's go back to my room.  I'm short as you know (5'7") this guy was a younger kid, turned out to be 21.  He was 6'2' and thin.  He pulled off his shirt and then the towel.  Holy crap!  If he was a grower I was in trouble.  BIG dick.  He started to kiss me.  He turned out to be big on kissing which is fine by me.  I got on my knees and started sucking his dick.  It stood up and did grow a bit too.  I could not fit much in my mouth anymore.  He pulled me up and pushed me back, gently, on the bed.  He sucked my dick for a while and then moved back up to kissing me.  I felt his big dick pressed against my stomach but I wanted to do whatever he wanted to make this last.  He finally asked if I wanted to get fucked.  I said yes and he fingered me for a bit and then lubed up his dick.  I took a verrrrrrry long hit of poppers and then he slid in.  He leaned over and kissed me but then lifted my legs up on his shoulders and began to drill me.  His dick was the kind that makes me see stars.  He knew it too.  He was fucking me in a consistent rhythm.  All the way in, all they way out.   But with speed and skill.  He kept pushing the poppers in my face and I kept taking hits of them.   He kept plowing and plowing and finally said you ready?  I said please, please.  He started pumping faster.  I love being fucked soooooooo much.   Then he grunted and shot what must have been ropes in my hole.  He stayed in and started pumping again and told me to jerk off.  My prostate was wrecked so wasn't sure how this would go over but after 3 or 4 minutes of him pumping me slowly my dick shot a big load out.   After he pulled out, a blast of cum shot out too.  He leaned over and kissed more and then laid on top of me for a while.   A few more minutes and he said he had to go find his friend.  He stayed and kissed more.  Finally he said he had to go find his friend but looked and me and said, you'll want more and gave me his number.  This was last weekend so I have not called yet, but I do want more!