Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hey guys, I know I've been awful at updating lately.  Been very busy with work.  I have been getting laid.  I'm in NYC almost every week on business and have been getting my fair share from regular fuckbuds to anonymous.  Been good action.

But.....this is even better.  Another new for me...  I got back in touch with a fuckbud from bbrt.  Been a while since we hooked up (a couple of years actually). He has a big Italian uncut cock.  Fat sausage.  We started on bbrt and then texting.  Finally hooked up with him again 2 days ago.  The typical stuff.  I sucked his dick for a bit and then got on the edge of his bed with my legs up and he drilled me.  He likes to kiss and spit in my mouth so I love getting bred by him.  Real piggy stuff.  He dumped a load in me and told me he forgot how good my ass was.  I told him I forgot how good his dick felt.  We agreed to fuck again soon.

The kicker is he asked me if I'd be into a 3-some.  I said sure, I love groups.  Then he went on to tell me it is with one of his sons.  His sons are hung like he is and one recently came out as gay.  They are in their 20s.  I said yes, yes, yes!!!  So now he's trying to set it up.  Getting fucked raw by a father and son together?  Holy fuck that is going to be hot!!!!!!  He also agreed to take some pics or video next time we fuck so I'll have something to post for you.  I have some pics of the dicks from Scruff that have done me lately.  They're on my phone.  I'll need to upload and post so you can check out the talent that has cum in my hole lately :)  Hope you all had a good 4th!


  1. Hot hot hot like the summer heatwave!

  2. Looking forward to you hooking up with the father & son!


  3. Wow! Looking forward to hearing about that encounter!!

  4. Please let us know how it went with the father and son... so HOT!