Tuesday, February 7, 2012

For your pleasure....

A fuckbud who breeds me when I travel sent me this today to remind me of his dick and load.  Mmmmm......



  1. It's limp. Sadness.

  2. It's all Sadness for me. You readers have only heard one side of this cum dumps life of sleaze, but like every good story written 20 bad stories lay on the ground just short of the waste basket.
    I guess I am one of those 20 or possibly all of them. Yes, if you haven't gathered I am the bf. HALT the press! X bf of closetbbcumdump. Well now he can shorten the name cause closet (crypt) would have been better, has been busted. Please report home for your SHIT

  3. Yeah, you have the wrong guy Anonymous. I don't have a bf. I have an ex-husband and you aren't him....Happy hunting to you.