Tuesday, February 7, 2012

For your pleasure....

A fuckbud who breeds me when I travel sent me this today to remind me of his dick and load.  Mmmmm......


Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl workout

It was actually the day before the Superbowl... :)  I got an email from my cop buddy who I haven't seen in a long time.  I was free and so was he so I went by his place.  He lives further away now so we don't see each other often anymore which is not good after a hook up like this.... He was in rare form.

He had in his head he wanted to be REALLY aggressive.  As soon as I got to his house it started.  I walked in and smiled and he said 'shut up and take your clothes off'.  I got hard as a rock because I knew what kind of day this was gonna be.  I did as I was told and he said 'what took you so long?  you think I like waiting?'  I said no and he told me to come over to him.  He told me to get on my knees and he pulled out his dick.  He said to suck it but added 'and I better not feel any fucking teeth.  So help me God, If I feel teeth I'm gonna knock them down your throat.  You understand?'  I shook my head and got down on my knees and opened my mouth.  He moved forward but before he stuck his dick in, he leaned forward and spit in my mouth.  It went part in my mouth and part in my face.  He said 'remember what I told you pig' and then he stuck his dick in my mouth.  He immediately grabbed the back of my head and started skull fucking me.  It was slow at first but then he picked up speed and really started ramming his dick against the back of my throat.  His dick is an average length but it is thick.  I started gagging and he said 'you better stop that shit'.  I tried but the more he rammed it the more I gagged.  He said 'I'll stop for a minute but hold it in your mouth' and then I felt warmth.  He started to take a piss in my mouth and before I could react it started harder and he said 'swallow it now'.  He was making me so horny and I figured I had just done it and liked it two weeks before so I just started guzzling.  When he was done he started ramming the back of my throat again and the gagging started again.  He pulled his dick out and told me to get up.

I did as told and he slapped me.  Not hard but he caught me by surprise because he's never done that before.  He could tell by my face he caught me by surprise and he couldn't help but smirk a little bit and he said 'get on the bed'.  I got on my back and he said 'what the fuck is this?  I don't want to see your face you slut.  Turn over.'  I turned over face down in a pillow and he climbed on the bed on top of me.  He spread my butt apart and started rimming me.  He loves to rim so this went on for a while.  Then he gave me a bottle of poppers and told me to breathe in until he told me to stop.  It had to have been 2 minutes straight.  Got a slight headache but I did as told.  He slid his dick in and grabbed both my arms and pulled them back so he could use them to pull my body onto his dick while he pushed forward.  He told me 'this is how pretty boys like you get raped in prison. you know you deserve it, right pig?'  I said yes as I bit into a pillow and he started plowing me.  He kept calling me pig and slut and he even leaned down once and said right in my ear ' you're a fucking whore and you deserve this and you know it.  when i'm done with you i'm gonna get more guys to fuck you because you're a pig'  i was biting the pillow hard and he told me to take another hit of the poppers and then he took a long hit too and went wild.  He was pounding my hole telling me he was raping my ass and I started yelping with each thrust.  That made him pound harder and yell at me more.  He took another hit of the poppers and then yelled at me 'tell me you want it.'  I want it!! I yelled and he shot a load in me and yelled 'you're a fucking whore!'   When he pulled out he told me to clean his dick off.  He kept it in my mouth for a couple of minutes after I was done...but he wasn't.  He peed a little more.  Then he pulled out and told me to get dressed and get out.  I grabbed my clothes and got dressed and walked outside.

I got in my car and saw him standing in the doorway.  He smiled and winked and then closed the door.  oh fuck I miss him!!!