Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Party in NYC

Hey guys, after such a hot experience in LA at the hotel orgy I decided I would host one at my hotel in NYC this week.  I have to say, when I do hook up with NY guys I have fun but there's soooooo much work involved in getting together.  Kind of nuts sometimes.   For you NY guys, let's just FUCK!   OK, now that I got that out of my system :) I posted a party on bbrt before I got there.  I wanted to keep it somewhat small since it was first attempt at hosting.  I approved 15 guys to come.  By the time I wrapped up at 11:30, 5 guys had come, none at the same time.  It was a Tuesday night so maybe that has something to do with it?  I don't know.  BUT....I did have a great time anyway.

I logged on and the wifi was terrible so I did my best to stay in tune with everyone.  A bunch of guys sent the "won't be able to make it tonight - sorry" email.  Guy number one had asked me to text him because he was going to be out at dinner and I forgot.  Good things happen though.... and one of his buds who was coming too, and had to back out, sent him the info.  Guy number one showed up and was tall, which I like....we got naked.  He had an average bod, kind of hairy, cute face.  I had some new spray to numb my throat so I can deepthroat.  Figured I'd try a few new things this night.  I sprayed it in my throat and started sucking his dick.  It swelled up to a nice size.  His profile said dick size was 'large'. I would agree!  It was great.  I laid back on the bed and threw my legs up.  He used spit to lube his dick and pushed a little in my butt.  He tried to push in and then grabbed the lube.  He said 'wow, you're really tight'  I told him it would go in.  He asked if I bend over the end of the bed and we could do it doggy, might be easier.  I did as told and took a looooong hit of Maximum Impact and I felt his dick sliding in as I started getting light headed.  He said 'oh fuck yeah' and started pumping my ass slowly.  He picked up the pace while grabbing my shoulders and pulling me onto his cock with each thrust.  After a few minutes I asked him if I could flip over onto my back again so we could make out while he fucked me.  He said sure.  We both took a hit of poppers and he slid back in.  We started sloppy kissing like crazy while he started plowing my ass.  His face expression started to change and I knew what was next.  He shot a nice load in my ass, I felt a few of the spurts.  Fucking awesome start to the night!  He pulled out slowly and cleaned up.  I decided I wasn't going to clean up but was going to wear the experience as a badge for the rest of the night.  We agreed to buddy each other and definitely fuck again.  He also told me he was going to tell his friend who couldn't make it that he missed out.  I emailed his bud too thanking him for giving guy number one the info and I hoped the two of them could tag team  me next time I come back.

About 20 minutes later, guy number 2 showed up.  He was even taller, probably 6'2" or 6'3" young, hot and HUNG.  His profile on bbrt said dick size is HUGE, oh my is.  Not as big as the massive dick that bred me in LA (still the largest I have ever taken) but not that far off.  He got naked and he was not only tall but real thin.  It's like all his mass went to his penis (which was great!!!)  He asked to use the bathroom first and after he went in he came back out and asked if I was into water sports.  I have never REALLY done it even though dabbled here and there.  I asked him I'd try and asked what he wanted.  He told me he wanted me to take it in my mouth.  My brain instantly told me, you wanted this night, you are gonna get on your knees and try this.  I got on my knees he stuck his dick in my mouth and said it would just take him a minute.  Took about 30 seconds and I felt a hot, bitter (very bitter), salty piss start filling my mouth.  When it got to capacity I swallowed hard.  I got an INSTANT hard on because this amazing hot guy with a huge dick had just started pissing in my mouth.  The stream picked up and I kept swallowing and swallowing and swallowing.  It was bitter but I told myself to keep swallowing.  His dick was getting so hard while I swallowed his pee that I got even more turned on about doing it.  He told me how hot it was and after he was done we went to the bed.  Again, I just bent over the edge and took another long hit of Max Impact.  When he slid in I sure as hell felt it.  He started slow for all of 30 seconds and then picked up the pace.  Within a few minutes he was pounding and I mean POUNDING my ass.  All I could hear was the sound of his balls slapping so hard against my butt.  He did not stop once he started.  I was biting a pillow and I kept taking hits of poppers.  After about 10 minutes of brutal fucking he said 'oh fuck, I'm gonna cum in your hole.'  Now remember I said the first load was big?  It was not.....compared to this one.  He FLOODED my ass.  Seriously.  He pulled out and I straightened up and I felt multiple streams of cum dripping out of my ass down my legs.  I stepped on a patch on the floor near the bed that was wet from spurts also.  I was in heaven....  I told him I would definitely give up my hole to him again.  He said for sure so I hope he means it!!!

Guy number three I will gloss over.  He did immediately get naked.  Average body, average looks but I was there for dick so I got on the bed and he pushed inside.  I was ok so far but then he leaned over to kiss me.  His breath was awful.  I swear guys I tried.  I was begging him to cum and he kept saying he wanted to enjoy it and kept coming back to kiss me.  After a couple of minutes I told him I had to stop.  I got up and safety came by a knock at the door.  Guy number four (a fuck bud) showed up.  I told guy number three I couldn't do it any more.  He asked if I wanted him to stay and I said no.  I felt awful but I just wished he had come and not tried to keep kissing me.  I just couldn't get beyond it.  After he left I actually had to brush my teeth and wash my neck off because I could still smell it.  Take a lesson guys....when you hook up, check your breath.  I love pits but smelly breath, ewwww.

OK, so guy number four started with some oral, him blowing me and then me blowing him and the we got into the fucking...He did me on my back, my legs up.  We fucked for a bit in different positions but after sniffing too many poppers he lost his erection.  I tried blowing him to get it back but it wouldn't stand back up!  I asked if he wanted to get fucked because it was getting near the end of the night for me and he went into the bathroom to clean up.  When he came back out he said he felt bad since this was supposed to be about me getting fucked so he logged onto bbrt and was looking for more tops to breed me.  We got some bites but they were too far away and it wouldn't have been too late with me having to work the next day.  We decided to call it a night and he got dressed, we kissed and he left.  So I am sitting there with two loads and thinking ok I guess that's it.  Not so fast....I logged back onto bbrt and there was a ton of email from more guys who wanted to come to the party.  There were a few still online.  A couple said too late to travel but they'd host.  Since my hotel room was pretty much the scene of my breedings for the night I didn't want to leave it but I found two more guys who came over.  We agreed on pump and dumps since it was late.  They came over together.  There was no chat, no names.  One was a little chunky, but good looking and a nice dick.  The other was a muscle guy with an average dick.  The muscle guy stuck his dick in my mouth while the chunky guy got behind me and drilled my ass.  It didn't take long, they stuck to the rules of pump and dump.  The chunky guy started shooting his load in my ass and just as he did the muscle guy started shooting his wad down my throat.  Fuck yeah.....  Then just as quick, they both got dressed and walked out.  I actually think they must know each other for arriving together, spit roasting me, cumming together and leaving.  Eh....I don't care, I got their loads :)  So for a couple of hours and what seemed to be disappointing in terms of numbers, I got 4 loads, fucked by 6 guys technically, one down my throat, drank a guys piss until his bladder was empty...  I am a happy man ;)  and here are a couple of pics of my freshly fucked hole....


  1. Good job on drinking the piss! I've dabbled in drinking it but not sure I had as much as you swallowed.

  2. Piss play rules when you are with the guy or group of guys. I love surprising a bottom with a load of piss in his ass!