Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One final LA fuck

I did have one more before I left town.  After the fuckfest on Sunday night I felt horny on Monday morning.  My ass was soooooo sore but I was in that gotta have it mood.  So thanks again to looking4ewe on bbrt for turning me onto Scruff.  I found a lot of good looking guys close by.  I ended up hooking up with a guy.  He had a FAT dick.  I got down and blew him for a bit and he was ramming his dick in my throat.  Then he decided it was time to fuck me.  I saw immediately how fat his dick was.  I decided the big guns were necessary so I pulled out the Maximum Impact and took a loooong hit.  He slowly pushed in.  My hole puckered to let him in and then after his head pushed through it clamped down on his dick and biting down on the facecloth I was getting high from I screamed in pain.  Holy shit my ass was sore.  He asked if I was ok and if I wanted him to stop.  I told him I was ok and not to stop.  So he sprayed more Max Impact on the cloth and stuck it back in my face and started going to town.  I was in so much pain but I wanted his dick so I wasn't about to say I couldn't take it.  I felt light headed and told myself to be a good pig and just take it.  It took him forever but he finally came.  HARD.  Then he pulled out and told me I was bleeding pretty bad.  I told him it was ok.  Best part is he is from NYC and was visiting also so the next time I'm in the city he wants to fuck.  Woohoooooo!!!



  1. no arse pic of the sore arse???pls upload some pics mate.. for the readers