Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wrap up 2011

Almost the end of the year.  I have been in NYC a few more times since my last post and I had some fun.  One of the weeks I went back to Paddles for a different party posted on BBRT.  It was for men of color and their admirers.  Have to be honest, there was not that much there that I saw but I still got fucked by 3 different guys.  The best was a beefy tall black guy but he had a BIG FAT dick.  That felt the best and he bent me over the sling in the back corner and just railed me for about 10 minutes.  Sex draws a crowd in a place like that so a bunch of other guys started swirling around and I got to sample a few dicks with my mouth while the black hose filled me up :)

Last week I also got a couple of guys off of bbrt to come to my hotel room and we had a little party.  One was a hung Asian guy, have never had sex with an Asian guy before.  He had a great cock.  I guess I'll have to try that again ;) The other guy was a flight attendant from overseas and NYC is his main route.  He came dressed in leather under his clothes so that was kind of hot too.  The Asian guy had the bigger dick so he stayed at my ass and the flight attendant tended to my pig nature by calling me names while the other guy fucked me, spitting in my mouth, making out with me and shoving his dick in my mouth while I got fucked.  I like flight attendants!  He was a real pig.  So hot.  ;)

I head to LA for New Years so hopefully will get a few more loads before the 31st.  I don't think I'll beat last year's load count at this point unless I go on a rampage in LA!  One of my New Year's resolutions is to get more pics and video for you guys.  I am trying to be better at  it and I know watching is more fun than reading ;)  Have a great year end everyone!  Hope you all get some action, whether it's give or take and if you're anywhere around me or if you want to hook and you remember that I travel a lot hit me up and let's see if we can make it work!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Been too long!

Been sooo busy that haven't had a chance to catch up guys.  Sorry about that.  I have a few things to add of course ;)

First was a trip in upstate New York and have to once again thank looking4ewe on bbrt for telling me about Scruff because in upstate NY there is not that much on bbrt.  But...I did get a visit on one of my nights up there from one of the 4 people on bbrt that logged on every day.  He came by the hotel and I think his pics were from 10 years earlier.  But no worries he was an average looking guy and was just looking for a load to drop.  Who was I to refuse?  We started with him rimming my hole and jerking off for a while and then we both took a long hit of poppers and he slid his dick in my hole.  He pumped me probably for no more than 3 minutes and shot a load.  He thanked me, grabbed his clothes and started getting dressed.  The poppers hadn't even worn off yet and I was sitting there thinking 'what the hell happened?'  He left and I knew there was nothing else to look at on bbrt so I turned to Scruff.  There were a bunch of guys on within 10 miles and I chatted with some and found a match with a guy who was looking to fuck and wanted to do it raw.  30 minutes later he was at my hotel room door and we got down to business.  I got on my knees and blew him for a while and then he decided it was time.   I got on the bed and spread my legs and he got on the bed too and slid his dick in.  He commented that he could feel the first load in there and he started off slow sliding in and out while we kissed.  Very slobbery kisser, was hot.  Then he picked up steam and started piston fucking me.  He gripped the top of my shoulders and pushed me hard down on the bed and held me at the same time pounding his dick into me until he added his jizz.  He shot a big load in and when he pulled out he wiggled his way up to my mouth so I could clean his dick off.  After we were done he asked if he could shower.  He cleaned off and got dressed and left.  All in all not a bad trip to upstate NY considering I wasn't expecting to get anything.

The next week (3 weeks ago) I was in NYC and I got together with a fuckbud for the one night I was there.  What I love is that he is a doctor.  Late 20s, young doctor and he barebacks.  So fucking hot.  He likes me to be waiting so he texts me while he's on his way and he texted me again when he got to the lobby of my hotel.  He told me to leave the door ajar and wait naked on the bed in the dark.  I did, he walked in and undressed in the hallway.  He came into the bedroom and slid on top of me and we started making out.  He told me it was good to see me and he was going to enjoy fucking me again.  He doesn't like being blown much, he likes the main act - which is fine with me!  He's also a popper junkie, another weird thing for a doctor.  So he flipped me on my stomach and put a pillow under me to lift my ass up.  He lubed my hole and his dick and slid in.  He took a hit if poppers and started fucking.  He was steady just in and out and every now and again would stop to take a hit of poppers and the put them under my nose too.  He must have taken a good 15 hits during the 20 minutes he was in my hotel room.  Crazy!  I had a headache by the time he left :) but.....he did give me a load so I have no complaints.  He showered and we chatted for a bit and then he hit the road.

The next week (2 weeks ago) I was busy every day, with people I work with every night but was determined to get laid.  So I went to one of the listed parties on bbrt.  It was at Paddles on a Wednesday night, hosted by Hunteur from bbrt.  I had never been and when I walked in, he wrote my clothes check number down and gave me a free pass for the next time I came and wrote "handsome" on the free pass as the reason.   Aww shucks....  I have to admit it wasn't that crowded but there was bb action going on for sure.  I walked the place to get my bearings and then started looking for action.  In the main room you walk into there is a little dark hall off to the right before you head into the room.  There was a small group there so I stopped to get warmed up.  I sucked a little dick here and there but no loads.  Was about 11 PM so I'm sure guys were holding off until they were ready to leave.  More time passed and at about midnight I was standing next to a guy watching him mercilessly fuck another guy.  Watched him for about 5 minutes and then he stopped.  The guy being fucked stood up and walked away to look for the next dick.  The top looked at me and motioned for me to bend over the bench.  I did as told and he started fucking me.  I got a few guys who came over so I started randomly sucking cock while getting fucked.  Ended up going back and forth between 3 guys sucking dick.  The top fucked fast and furious and about 5 minutes later one of the guys I was blowing shot a load in my mouth.  I thanked him and kept going on the other two.  The top started to groan and he swelled up and shot a load in my hole.  As soon as he pulled out, one of the guys I had been blowing quickly moved from his position near my mouth and slid his dick up my hole.  He started pumping me while I was bent over the bench blowing the other guy.  He didn't last long and shot a load in me too.  I stood up and stopped sucking the last guy.  I wanted to check out the scene again and see what was around.  I did a lap and ended up back in exactly the same spot watching a black guy with a big dick stroking his cock.  Since my warm up was over I just smiled at him and grabbed his dick and bent over the bench again.  No words needed.  He got into position and slid in me.  He felt sooooo good.  He started real slow and I loved feeling every inch push in and then pull out again.  He started picking up the pace and there were new dicks to suck.  I carried on the same pattern blowing dicks pushed in my face while getting fucked.  The black guy went for about 5 more minutes and then he shot a load in me.    I did another lap and it was about 1 AM now. Guys were leaving and there were only a few of us left.  I saw a new guy just arriving and I waited around for him to get undressed.  We met in the dark hall and he sat me in the chair and started blowing me.  Next thing I knew he straddled the chair and sat on my dick and started riding me.  I wanted to get fucked again but it felt so good so I let him go to town.  After a while making out and him riding my dick I shot a load in his ass.  Then he got off me and asked if I was poz or neg.  I told him I was poz and he said 'awesome, so am I'  We all know after I cum my drive drops way down unless I'm crazy horny so that was the end for me.  As I got dressed another black guy arrived and said 'you're not leaving now are you?'  I wish I hadn't cum because I would have wanted to get fucked by him but I knew I was done for a while and I had to work the next day so I left.... regret it.....

Last week I was back in NYC and all I got was a guy from Scruff to come over and get blown.  I got some good practice because it took him FOREVER to cum.  He was in my room for 45 minutes with me starting and stopping, jaw getting tired, hurting but I was determined to get his load and....I did.  :)   This was his dick (a pic he sent me) and it finally shot in my mouth :)