Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sore ass.....

In NYC on business and was checking out the scene on Scruff.  I had chatted with a really hot tattooed Latino guy a few days earlier who wanted to hook up.  I so was into him.  But when I got to the city he was 8 miles away and didn't want to travel.  Wanted me to come out to his place.  And I wasn't looking to travel either so.... I doubled my chances by staying on Scruff but also checking out bbrt.  I had a few guys who wanted to hook up on bbrt but I ended up getting one guy (who I thought would be the first of a couple) to stop by at 7:30.  He was visiting from San Fran and his screen name referred to his fat cock.  Well, it was no joke...  The pic I have on here from back in LA with the guy who had the biggest dick I had ever taken was not far off from this guy.  He was a bit gun shy about pics so I don't have any but he stayed in my hotel room for 90 minutes and bred me 3 times.  He fucked me RAGGED.  I mean I hurt and still do this morning.

When he got to my room we started by getting naked and just touching each other.  I got down and started blowing him.  He told me to get it hard by blowing him.  I did as told.  He tried to make me deep throat and I couldn't get his dick that far into my mouth.  It was stretching my mouth to capacity.  I was hard as a rock thinking about it getting in my hole.  We moved onto the bed and started kissing.  He straddled my chest and put his dick back in my mouth.  I blew him some more and then he turned around and we 69'd for a while too.  He started fingering my hole and talking about how hot my butt was and how tight the hole was.  I told him it would stretch.

The time finally came.  He put me on my back and lifted my legs up.  Then he put some pillows under my head and my lower back to prop up my butt for him.  He lubed my hole and then told me to lube his dick and jerk him off for a bit.  I did and then he finally said he wanted to fuck.  He got up to my asshole and I took a loooooong hit of poppers and he eased his way in.  He told me to take it slow but I begged him (cuz of the poppers) to push it in.  He smirked and did.  It felt so good.  Stretched my hole wide and he started pushing in and out real slow.  He eventually started picking up the pace and we got into a good rhythm.  He kept starting and stopping to make it last.  Fucked on my back, on my side, on my stomach, back on my side, back on my back.  He would get going hard and then slow down.  He kept making me pick up my legs, put my arms around him, flex for him, tell him how good it felt, tell him I was going to take his load.  He was asking if I was his boy.  If I was going to take more than one load.  I said hell yeah.  He kept starting and stopping.  I asked if he was really going to cum more than once and he said yeah.  He asked if I could get fucked after I came.  I told him usually so he wanted me to cum.  I was on my back and he was pushing slowly in and out.  I jerked off and came on my stomach.  He pulled out for a second and scopped up my cum to stroke his dick and then pushed back in.  I begged for his load.  He told me to keep begging.  I did and then he picked up the pace and I felt my ass getting tighter.  I could feel his dick swelling and I knew it was coming.  He groaned and shot a load in my hole.  When he was done he pulled out and kissed me then he straddled me again and put his dick in my mouth to clean off.  I tasted more of the cum as it dribbled in my mouth.

We laid next to each other and talked for a bit and watched some tv.  About 10 minutes later he turned me on my stomach and started fingering my cummy, slippery hole.  He made me jerk him off again and blow him for a few minutes and then he got between my legs and pushed my face into the pillow.  He pushed his cock back in me and this time he went for deep, full strokes.  I was gasping and half screaming.  He did it over and over, thrusting deep.  He told me this time he was going to rape my hole.  He told me I was good at taking cock but he wanted to know I could take it deep.  He told me he knew it was going to hurt but I had to do it.  I had to take it because it was what he wanted.  He made me agree and then made me beg for it.  For the next 20 minutes he pounded and I mean POUNDED my hole.  I was biting the pillow and was groaning in pain.  He told me to think about getting another load, put the pain out of my mind.  That taking a dick as big as his required pain for a tight hole.  He wanted to breed me again but I had to tell him to keep fucking me and I didn't care if it hurt.  I did as he told.  He told me to beg again.  I begged him for his load.  He told me it was going to take longer this time and it was going to hurt.  i told him it was ok.  That it was what I was for and I wanted it.  This turned him on and he eventually got to the point where I felt my ass tightening again and he shot another load in me.  When he was done he whispered in my ear 'good boy' and then he pulled out and gave me a massage for about 10 minutes.  Then he flipped me on my back and said he was going to fuck me once more.  I told him ok and he pushed back in.  This time was like piston fucking.  Fast and furious, a mix of all the way in deep and quick pulses into my hole.  It only took him about 5 minutes because he didn't stop this time and he shot his third and final load in me.

He pulled out and again told me to clean it off and taste his and my cum on his cock.  I did as told.  Then he rinsed off and got dressed.  He gave me all his contact information and told me next time he'd be in NYC he'd let me know and also told me if I was going to be in San Fran to let him know.  After he left, about 5 minutes later I had to run to the toilet.  Huge amount of cum squirted out of my butt.  My ass is twitching today and I am sore.  I signed off after he left.  I couldn't take anything else after that total destruction of my hole.  But I'll say this.  I LOVE BIG DICK.  I NEED MORE ACTION LIKE THAT!!!!!


  1. Fucking HOT! You made me rock hard and got my hole twitching for a fuck like that.

  2. agree man, i am a smaller guy, 5'7" and have a tight hole. there is NOTHING like getting fucked and bred by huge cock. that's why i love black dick, they love white boys and they have some big old dicks. biggest still was that guy in LA. his dick was massive. so fucking good.