Tuesday, September 13, 2011


In addition to my fuck bud pumping a load in me every day, which would have been enough to keep my hole busy for the week (I'll add his loads in my tally).....went to Slammers in Fort Lauderdale and got some dick.  It wasn't as active as the spree I went on in March but I can't complain.

It took only a few minutes for the action to start with me seeing a short hard bodied older guy standing in the doorway to a little fuck room.  As I passed, I looked back and he smiled and stepped inside.  Naturally, I followed.  It was a glory hole room with a large hole between our stall and the next one, big enough to back your butt up to and get fucked.  I crossed my fingers!  The guy started rubbing my crotch and I did the same and unzipped his shorts.  I got on my knees and he leaned against the wall and I started blowing him.  He stayed standing for a few minutes and then moved from the wall (in front of the glory hole) to the bench in the room and sat down.  He told me it felt good and I just kept going fast and steady.  His dick was an average size so I got the entire thing up and down with each thrust of my head.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone at the hole looking in.  I was hoping for his dick to come through but I think he just wanted to watch.  So I focused on what I was doing and a few minutes later the guy told me he was going to cum and I got a nice mouthful.  On to the next....

I saw a tall muscular guy with his shirt off and a few times smiled and he looked but nothing happened....  until.... we met up in the dark playroom in back.  When I saw him I made a beeline and grabbed at his crotch.  I could feel a huge dick through his jeans.  I asked if he wanted to go to a room.  He followed and we got into a small nook with a door and he unzipped his jeans.  Wow....  big dick.  He forcefully pushed me to my knees and pushed his dick right into my face.  I wasted no time and started sucking cock....  He kept grabbing the back of my head and forcing as hard as he could.  He wanted to be deep throated.  We all know my skill level so I kept choking and I couldn't get his dick past my gag reflex.  After about 5 minutes of trying he started to pull up his jeans.  I asked him to fuck me and he didn't want to fuck.  He just wanted head.   Well, no load but I'm glad I got that baby maker in my mouth.  I only wish it had paid a visit to my hole...  On to the next.

Now I'm getting horny, been about an hour of pacing, grabbing, random sucking (me sucking or someone sucking me) and it's about time I get fucked.  So I go on a mission.  I stop in the small alcove with the bench that bottoms bend over and get fucked.  There are so many guys packed in this space I can't even get inside the doorway.  I tried both sides and paced the building a few times and kept coming back but no luck.  So I gave up there and decided on another plan.  To the dark playroom... Dante's playroom it's called.  Can either be empty or packed and it was both depending on when I swung by in my travels.  This trip into the room had it pretty packed.  Little light so you make out body shapes and that's about it.  I saw what looked like a nice chest and a tighter build so I moved in and rubbed the chest.  Yep, was nice.  Hairy and hot.  I moved my hand down and started rubbing the crotch.  The favor was returned and we both unzipped.  I got down and started sucking.  Did this for a few minutes and he pulled back and lifted me up.  I thought he wanted to blow me but instead his hand slipped down my back and found my hole.  He slipped his finger into my hole and then just rubbed the outside and I kept puckering.  Message received....I turned towards the bleacher benches and dropped my shorts to the floor and bent over.  He came up behind me and lubed his dick and my hole.  He had an average length dick but nice thickness.  He slipped it in and I took a hot of poppers and it was off to the races.  A brand new bottle of poppers.  Always so good and made me crazy horny.   He was pumping me and I was already thinking of more dick after he was done.  He pumped for I'm not sure how long.  A few around us rubbed his nipples, my nipples, my ass, and egged us on or others in the room going at it.  After a few more minutes I heard him starting to pant and he shot his load in me.   Finally!!  After he pulled out I waited there for a few minutes but outside of a few gropes, nothing...think the room was full of bottoms. So I pulled up my shorts and decided to pace some more.  As I left the playroom I saw the area across from the playroom.  It's 3 tiers of long, dark vinyl covered steps but almost like couches because they're cushioned.  They have ducts hanging down and there's fences there so meant to be something alluring.  I never went up there last time I was in so I decided to try.  I walked up and boy am I glad I did.  I got to the top step and there was a lot going on from left to right.  I found another hairy, slim guy with his shirt off and I rubbed his chest and ran down to his crotch.  He immediately dropped his pants and my shorts came off.  No need for sucking, this must be a fucking corner.  He pushed me back on the cushioned step and held my legs up.  He slipped his dick in my already lubed and cummy hole and started fucking. I notice in Slammer that action draws action.  So because there were a good 7 or 8 of us across the top getting fucked it attracted more guys who just knelt down and stuck out their butts an more guys who want to give bottoms their dicks.  A little bit like last time now as the number of guys that had come up the steps was enough to block out what little light there was.  So I just took a long long hit of poppers and as soon as I did the first guy came in me.  But true to orgy free for all in this section as soon as he pulled out there was another guy that had been standing and stroking that took the opportunity and got into position and slipped his dick in.  He pumped and pumped and I saw on both sides of me other cum sluts giving up their holes to a stream of tops.  Once again, we couldn't really see.   It was about getting fucked.  After the second guy shot his load came a third and a fourth.  Both just pumped like horny 18 year olds on spring break and were high or being part of an orgy.  No worries on my part.  What I'm for boys.....  but the 5th guy while fucking me was jerking me off, using cum and lube from my hole.  Made it real slick.  Felt great but I didn't want to cum.  He kept going back even though I pushed his dick away several times and right before he came in me I shot a load all over myself.  That's what he wanted and then he shot his load in me.  A few other guys kneeling around us leaned in and licked the cum off my stomach.  A 6th guy started fucking me and I was tightening up already.  I knew it's because I had cum and my intensity level drops a lot after I cum so I stayed with it and let him use my hole but after he came I was a little bummed because I didn't want more.  On the plus side I found a new spot where gang fucks happen in the Slammer and I will be back!

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