Monday, September 5, 2011

Are those balls real?

So the heat in Miami is all around.  Temperature and men.  Damn there are some fine specimens in Miami Beach....  Anyway, as a welcome I logged onto bbrt when I checked in and started the prowl.  Started off a bit rough.  Guys who were chatting but nothing really turning out.  One guy was partying and wanted to swing by in 15 minutes.  I don't judge.  If you want to pnp, it's your business but I find a top who is partying can not keep it hard so I tend not to hook.  They also lose track of time and 15 minutes turns into 3 hours, so I passed.  I got a hot hot hot black guy who wanted to come by.  He was interested but it was taking him forever to respond so I figured something was up.  Yup, about a half hour of back and forth and he asks if I like 3somes.  I say yes and then he tells me another vers top (who I had also been chatting with but told me he was tired) wanted this black guy to fuck him too so he wanted to know if they could both stop by and he could fuck the both of us.  I wasn't in the mood to fight over who gets the load so I told him it was cool and the two of them could hook up.  Then....after I made plans with someone else the vers top stood up the black guy and he really, really wanted to come by.  Sorry bro, I should have been your first choice!

It gets worse.  I chat with a guy on bbrt who unlocks.  Nice looking, dick is labeled as "huge"  9x7.  In about 5 mins we agree to meet.  He only hosts.  I take a cab to his place and he is tall which I like and blonde German which is hot also.  We get naked, he pushes me on my knees and I start blowing him.  After a few minutes of that he stands me up and bends me over the bed.  His dick is indeed fat, but if it was 6 inches long I'd be surprised.  Why do people lie?  Grrr....  Anyway, he tries to put it in for all of 30 seconds and says I'm too tight.  I told him it would go in.  I get on my back and he tries for 10 more seconds and says I'm too tight.  What????  Then he says sorry for making you come all the way down here.  Um.....ok.  I get dressed and leave.  Instead of cabbing it back to the hotel I decide to walk and check out the scene.  A lot of cute boys out but outside of some glances and smiles nothing happens.  I get back to the hotel and log back onto bbrt.  I am so horned now and I NEED to get fucked.  I chat with another guy who typically hosts but he agrees to meet.  We text, he tells me when he's close and I go down to meet him because he can't get in the hotel without a key at this time of night (a bit past midnight now).  He sees me, pulls up in his car and tells me to get in.   Hmmm, ok.  Where are we going?  Back to his place.  You drove all the way here to pick me up and bring me back to your place?  Um, ok.

Now is when the night gets better..... He is an older guy, real nice as we drive and talk.  We finally get to his apartment in a quieter section of Miami Beach and we walk in.  His room mate is home.  He leads me back to his bedroom an then asks if I want his room mate to join.  I AM HORNY.  Yes please.....  His room mate is a latin guy, nice bod.  We go into my new friends room and get naked.  When the older guy takes off his shorts I see his uncut average dick that I saw in his profile but his balls are HUGE.  I mean HUGE.  I have seen video of guys that do ball pumping and stuff and then when they cum it's like a fountain.  This guy must be in that club.  Made his dick look real small because they were so big and swollen.  The latin guy has a nice long fat, curved dick and we get started.  The older guy loves to rim so after I suck his cock for a few minutes and his bud plays with my nipples, he lays me back on the bed and hoists my legs and begins to feast.  He eats my hole for what seems likes hours.  I make out with his bud and suck his bud's dick, etc.  Goes on and on until his bud finally says 'fuck him'.  So the older guy stands up, holds my legs wide, my ass is so sloppy from spit that he doesn't need lube.  He gives me some poppers and then starts to push his way in.  It is resistant for about 5 seconds then we both hear a slurp sound and feel a pop and his dick slides right in.  I am on my back while the older guy fucks me and his room mate has his dick in my mouth.  Every now and again he pulls it out and leans down to kiss me.  A couple of times he held his head a bit higher and let some spit drool out of his mouth.  I opened my mouth wide and he let it fall in and then leaned down and kissed me some more.  The older guy is pumping me good now and after a few minutes he says "i'm gonna cum, you like big loads?  you want it?"  I say fuck yeah and he shoots like a fountain.  Just like those videos online.  It's so much that it's squirting out before he finishes.  I dump a mess all over his sheets and they are both saying 'fuck yeah, fuck yeah.'

Round two.....  The latin guy now gets in position with my hole very well lubed now and he slides his fat dick in and it glides in so easily from all then cum it's amazing.  Now I know why these guys team up like this.  The older guy eggs on the latin guy to fuck me harder and harder.  It does not take long.  I can see the foreplay and the cum fountain is what really gets the latin guy off.  After he is in me and starts plowing me it only takes him a few minutes before he cums.  After I'm good and bred by both of them I ask to use the bathroom before I get dressed.  You would have thought I had an enema with the amount of liquid that came out of my hole....  It was intense.  I cleaned up, got dressed and the older guy drove me back to my hotel.  Finally.... it took most of the night but I got bred and I got bred goooooood...

Now tomorrow my fuckbud joins me for the rest of my stay so at least I know I'll get fucked every day for the rest of the week :)  Sweet!

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