Friday, August 26, 2011

Scruff hook

I need to start this off by giving credit to a bud - looking4ewe on bbrt.  He turned me on to Scruff and told me if anything panned out, that he wanted a shout out.  There you go man!!  ;)   So..... you know how it works.  It uses the gps in the phone to find guys close to you.  You chat, you maybe hook up.  Have done more chatting in my neighborhood until....the guy with the dick below and I started chatting.  He was horny and wanted head.  Very discreet.  No problem man.  I drove to his place, he was in his bedroom on the bed stroking.  I came in and he was as quiet as a mouse.  He breathed heavy but that was about it.  I just bobbed my head up and down on that dick until I got a nice tasty load.  Fucking sweet one too.  YAY for oral!  I still don't swallow enough but I am glad to finally add a new one on here.  Been a while AND to give props to my bud for introducing me to Scruff ;)  On to the next1  Sluuuuuuuuuurrrrrpppp.

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  1. Hey buddy! I will always point you in the right direction! --looking4ewe