Friday, August 26, 2011

Scruff hook

I need to start this off by giving credit to a bud - looking4ewe on bbrt.  He turned me on to Scruff and told me if anything panned out, that he wanted a shout out.  There you go man!!  ;)   So..... you know how it works.  It uses the gps in the phone to find guys close to you.  You chat, you maybe hook up.  Have done more chatting in my neighborhood until....the guy with the dick below and I started chatting.  He was horny and wanted head.  Very discreet.  No problem man.  I drove to his place, he was in his bedroom on the bed stroking.  I came in and he was as quiet as a mouse.  He breathed heavy but that was about it.  I just bobbed my head up and down on that dick until I got a nice tasty load.  Fucking sweet one too.  YAY for oral!  I still don't swallow enough but I am glad to finally add a new one on here.  Been a while AND to give props to my bud for introducing me to Scruff ;)  On to the next1  Sluuuuuuuuuurrrrrpppp.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

NYC ahhhh

Business trip in NY this past week.  Two nights, two breedings.  On the first night I got a fuckbud from bbrt to come by.  He is a hot latin top with an uncut cock.  He has brown skin, nice tats on his upper chest. So horny always.  Great kisser.  He got to my room and came in and we immediately started kissing.  It had been a long time since we saw each other.  We both got naked, and I got on my knees and started sucking his dick to get it hard.  But......nothing gets him harder than eating some hole so he stood me up and pushed me back on the bed.  I inched to the edge and lifted up my legs.  He dove in and ate me for a good long time.  When he was nice and hard he stood up and gave me my poppers and then slowly pushed his dick in.  He loves getting a hole wet from spit and not using lube which is fine by me.  He slipped in slowly while my heart started to beat from the poppers and I got light headed.  I pulled his hips in so he was as deep as he could go.  He started pumping my hole and leaning over to kiss me at the same time.  Love that.  He was asking me 'you like my dick?'  'you like my dick in your hole?'  I was saying fuck yeah and he started going harder.  He split my legs out real wide and pumped deep.  Oh man it felt so good.  Back down to kiss me some more, swapping some spit.  He was smiling as he pumped me and I finally started begging for it because I was so horny.  Please, please, please.  He smiled more and said 'oh yeah?  really?  you want my cum?  you want it in your hole?'  I said fuck yes!!!  Please breed me.  He smiled again and kept pumping.  Took another few minutes and then he said 'you ready?  here it comes baby.'  and the load squirted in.  After he pulled out I jumped off the bed and got on my knees and opened my mouth wide.  He walked over to me and put his dick in my mouth.  I could taste my ass and some of his cum.  Fuck it was so good.  Now that I'll be spending more time in NYC for this project I will be seeing him more :)  I will take pics of his dick in me next time.  Slurp!!!

The next day I was again on bbrt and got the eye of a guy visiting on business like me.  He was from Philly and was in a hotel on the next block.  He sent me a pic on my email and we agreed to fuck.  He was thin but a good looking guy.  When he got to the room we kissed and started getting undressed.  When he was naked I started playing with his nips which drove him wild.  Awesome to know :)  and as his dick got hard I realized why he was so thin.  All his body wait was in his penis.  A good 9 inches and fat.  I said 'fuck' when I saw his hard dick and he laughed.  He got down and started to blow me and he was another that loved to eat hole.  He turned me around and started going to town on my hole.  He devoted a good 10-15 minutes slobbering up my hole and then it was time to fuck.  I asked what way he liked it.  He told me any position I wanted so I got on the bed on my back and put my legs up.  Love it missionary like a slut :)  As he started to push in he asked if I wanted lube.  I said yup and he lubed up his dick and then my hole.  I took a loooooooong hit of poppers and got light headed and then he pushed his way in.  'Damn you're tight' he said.  I laughed and said 'your dick is kind of big too man'  but it worked its way in and I opened up as he pushed in farther.  He started the pumping action and I sure as hell felt it.  He asked if it was hurting.  Um, like I'd say yeah....  I said no, just keep fucking me.  Please don't stop.  He did and he got into a good motion.  I started playing with his nips which drove him nuts and he started pumping even harder.  It was hurting but that fine line between pleasure and pain and I knew what was around the corner so no way I was going to stop.   A few minutes later he started panting heavy and I could feel his cock swelling.  It swelled A LOT.  I swear it felt like the head doubled in size though I know it probably didn't.  He leaned down and moaned LOUD as he shot into my hole.  He kept moaning and his dick kept twitching.  After he finally stopped he said 'sorry, I forgot to tell you I'm loud.'  I told him I didn't care and asked how long it had been since he had cum because it felt like a lot.  He said about 5 days.  He started to pull out and my ass clamped down on his dick.  He laughed and I told him it wanted to keep him in :)  He pulled out slowly and when he got to the edge it jetted out followed by a squirt of cum.  Big wad right on the bed.  We both laughed.  I got up and he asked 'you're not going to waste it are you?'  I smiled and leaned over and licked it off the bed.  He said 'mmmm' and then went to the bathroom to wash up.  After he left I felt an immediate need to go to the bathroom.  Doesn't usually happen but I sat down and I can't tell you how much cum squirted out.  It was so hot.  I wish I had taken a vid of it coming out like I did after I took the loads in Atlanta.  I def def def want this guy's dick again next time we're both in NYC.  FUCK!!!