Monday, July 11, 2011

Long time talk turned finally into action

There is a guy I have been chatting with for months while I've been traveling near NYC for work.  Never seemed to work.  His office is right near my hotel but it was always either he couldn't stay later or my meetings ran long, blah, blah, blah....until today.  He said no matter what, he would make it work today.  So I was done about 6:30 and figured he wouldn't hang out since he lives in the city and has a long drive from Westchester county.  He met me at the hotel at 7.  He was my height, about 5'7" a little chubby, not bad just a bit of a gut, hairy, big nipples and some of the most beautiful blue eyes I have seen.  I'm kind of an eyes and smile guy.  I always know I'll like the dick :)  I ripped off my shorts and tank and he stripped down.  We made out for a bit and then he pushed me back on the bed and lifted my legs up to eat my hole. He looooves to eat hole and he feasted on me for a good 15 minutes.  So fucking good.  He stopped every now and again to come up and make out.

Then he climbed on the bed and lifted my legs over his shoulders and made out a bit more.  Thought he was going to go in for the fuck but he dove back down face first between my legs and started eating me out again.  For another 5 minutes or so his tongue was darting in, out and all over my hole.  Loved it.  Then he got up again and leaned in.  His dick was not that big but was a good thickness.  I squeezed his nipples and he slowly pushed his way in.  I took a hit of poppers.  He pushed in more and leaned over to make out while he fucked me.  It didn't take him very long.  He said he was going to cum.  Not before we swapped some spit and then he started squirting in my hole.  I shot a load at the same time.  He pulled out.  Took a look at my hole and told me it was a thing of beauty with his cum dripping out.  I laughed and told him anytime.  We chatted for a bit and agreed to keep in touch and repeat.  I asked if it was worth the wait and he said hell yes and he hopes to do me again soon :)

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  1. fuck sounds like the perfect short and sweet fuck where u end up with a creamed pussy