Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grindr to the rescue...

I signed up for Grindr on my Iphone only about a month ago and I really haven't used it that much.  I have found way more guys in my area than are on bbrt but most are just chatting and it's not typically bb action they're looking for.  Haven't really hooked up with anyone from Grindr until last Wednesday....  I was at a hotel in White Plains and I was just done working out in the gym and just had dinner.  I was a little horny.  It was getting late.  I had to work the next day.  So, I figured I'd grab my poppers and a face cloth, watch some bb porn and jerk off.  Something reminded me about Grindr and I grabbed my phone and logged in.  Surprise, there was a guy labeled as 98 feet away.  In his label he noted he was in the same hotel as me.  Before I said anything he sent me a message and said hi.  He was just back from the gym and was kind of horny.  We changed some quick back and forth and decided he'd come to my room for some safe fun.  He said he was drug and disease free.  I said the same.  5 minutes later he was knocking on my door.  His pic was only a chest shot so I wasn't sure what he'd look like.  He had blonde (that white blonde) hair a bit on the longer side and great blue eyes.  He was the same height as me.  He came in still in his workout clothes.  I told him a little sweaty was fine, not to bother to shower.

We started off by standing and making out.  He was cautious at first, lips to lips and rubbing my back and my crotch.  I took off my tank top and my shorts and he smiled.  He had come over for a blow job and when I got naked he got on his knees and started blowing me instead.  He sucked me off for a few minutes and then stood up and took off his sneakers, shorts and tank and got on the bed.  I got on the bed to join him and started sucking his dick.  He was very verbal.  He told me when it was good, he told me when to do something different.  I blew him for a while and kept stopping so we could make out some more before going back to servicing his dick.  His dick had a big time upward curve and he was hard as a rock, literally.  It was the hardest cock I have ever touched.  I sucked him off some more and he leaned over and jerked me off while I blew him.  He was pre-cumming a lot so I was getting a good taste with every suck.  Then he asked if I liked to get rimmed.  I told him I did but that I should probably clean up first since I wasn't expecting that.  He stayed on the bed while I jumped in the showered, soaped up and shoved my fingers furiously in and out of my hole to clean it up.  I got back and went back to sucking him for a few minutes.  Then he pushed me back and repositioned so he could lift up my butt and eat me out.  He did this for a long time and would stop so we could make out.  He was loving it.  Then he flipped me over on my stomach and went back to eating me out.  He did it for a bit longer and then laid on top of me and rubbed his dick in my crack, up and down.  He asked if it felt good and I started seeing the sign on the wall.  I said yeah.  I heard him spit into his hand and he greased up his dick and pressed the head against my hole.  Then he went back to rubbing the length of his dick up and down my crack again.  He spit in his hand again and greased up his pole once more.  I grabbed my poppers and took a hit.  He asked if he could have a little and I said sure.  He took a hit and spit in his hand again and greased up his dick and pushed the head against my hole.  He pushed it in a little and I didn't say anything.  He pushed in a little more and I didn't say anything.  He knew and I knew.  So he pushed it all the way in and started pumping me slowly.  The curve on his dick was fierce.  I felt it digging against the top of my insides as he pushed in.  He asked if I'd play with his nipples.  I said sure so he flipped me on my back and pushed back inside.  I grabbed both his nipples and started rubbing, twisting and squeezing them.  He groaned and smiled.  In a second it was clear he was hoping to bb, he wanted it.  He knew I was a pig and we both knew he was going to cum in my hole.  He leaned over and made out with me a bit and then lifted up.  I looked at him and opened my mouth and he smiled again and spit in my mouth.  Now he started fucking me harder since he was becoming more aware how much I'd do.  It didn't take long after that for him to groan, say 'oh fuck, here it comes' and to shoot a nice load in my ass.  He leaned over and kissed me again.  Then he pulled out and stood up.  I asked if he wanted to shower and he said he's clean up when he went up to his room.  When he got back to his room, he sent me another note with his contact info and told me to stay in touch.  Funny how some guys will say safe only and once you get into it, the male hormones take over and the need to cum in a hole takes over.  Love it....

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  1. thats the post I was looking for tonight... I was sort of hoping to be on the receiving end of that though! Nicely done!