Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bear sighting

Another guy I have chatted with several times on bbrt hit me up unexpectedly on Wednesday.  He asked how long I was around on business for the week.  I told him until Friday and so he asked if I was free Thursday night.  I said yes.  He had meetings and wouldn't be leaving until about 7 so would be some time after that.  I said it was perfect so I wouldn't have to rush.  I finished up at the office, went back to my hotel, worked out and then went back to my room and cleaned out my hole with some Fleet enemas.  I hit the shower and then got on bbrt to double check no changes.  Just as I was checking he sent me a text saying he was about to leave.  I texted him back the room number and he was on his way.  He texted me again when he was close.  I put on a tank and a pair of shorts.  15 minutes later he was knocking at my door.  I opened it and saw a close cut bearded bear standing at my door.  He came in, my height, chunky and he came right up to me and started making out.  He stepped back to get his clothes off and I did the same.  He said 'very very nice boy'  I said thanks and told him I liked what I saw too.  He was real hairy top to bottom.  He pushed me back on the bed and I remembered him telling me he was aggressive.  He lived up to that.

He was rough when he pushed me back and lifted my legs up.  He dove in to start eating my hole.  He did that for a bit and then let me down and came further up the bed so his dick was in my face.  He said 'open your mouth'  He stuck his dick in, would pull it out every now and again and slap me in the face with it.  He was jerking me off at the same time.  Then he shifted his position and got on top of me so we could 69.  He leaned over and started sucking my dick and then started pumping his dick down my throat and then rammed it down pressing with the full force of his body.  I was gagging and he kept telling me 'stop it boy, take that dick' and every time I was about to try and push him off he would pull up a little so I could catch my breath and then he'd ram back down again.  This lesson went on for a bit and it was another way he showed that he was in control.  He got off of me and went back to my hole and ate me out a bit more.  Then he grabbed the lube and lubed my hole and his dick.  I asked for the poppers and he gave them to me but said I couldn't take a hit yet.  He wanted me to be clear headed when his dick first went into my hole.  So I was holding the poppers waiting for permission to take a hit. He slid his dick in.  His dick was an average size, nice thickness.  Not huge but felt good.  He started pumping me and then he hoisted my butt up so he was standing and going to pump straight down.  He told me he was going to fuck me hard and then he told me to take the poppers.  I did as told and then he started.  He wasn't kidding.  He started pounding as he pushed straight down.  He asked 'this what you want boy?'  I said yes.  He told me to say it out loud so I said I wanted it.  He said 'why do you want it?' I said because it felt good.  He said 'no, it's because you're a pig, isn't it boy?'  I said yes.  He said 'I'm not the first guy to be in this hole am I boy?'  I said no.  He asked 'what does that make you boy?'  All the time he is plowing me.  I didn't say anything back right away and took another hit of poppers.  He said 'it's because you're a cumdump whore, isn't it boy?'  I said yes.  He said it's ok.  'at least you know what you're for and it's good you let my dick in there raw, and other guys in there raw.  you understand boy?'  I said yes.  'good boy' he said.  'tell me it's what you're for boy'  I did as told.  Now he let me down and got back on the bed so I was lying flat and he was pumping me with my legs over his shoulders.  He leaned over to kiss me and stayed close to my face and said 'you gonna take my load boy?'  I said yes please.  He told me to beg for it. I did and he asked me 'why I wanted it.'  I told him it was because I was a cumdump and I needed it.  He told me it was poz and asked if I still wanted it.  I told him yes please and he smiled and started shooting his load in me.  He moaned loud as he pumped it in and then he leaned down and stuck his tongue down my throat while he squirted the last few spurts in.  When he was done he pulled his dick straight out instead of doing it slowly.  He went in the bathroom and cleaned off and then came out and started chatting with me as he got dressed.  It was like he went in the bathroom and his twin came back out.  Nicest nicest guy as we chatted after.  I told him I liked the aggressive side during sex, he told me he remembered and smiled.  He gave me another kiss and told me to be good and stay in touch and he left.  Oh bear.....


  1. Damn sounds like the kind of bear I like.

  2. That is the kind of bear I like, especially when they like to breed