Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grindr to the rescue...

I signed up for Grindr on my Iphone only about a month ago and I really haven't used it that much.  I have found way more guys in my area than are on bbrt but most are just chatting and it's not typically bb action they're looking for.  Haven't really hooked up with anyone from Grindr until last Wednesday....  I was at a hotel in White Plains and I was just done working out in the gym and just had dinner.  I was a little horny.  It was getting late.  I had to work the next day.  So, I figured I'd grab my poppers and a face cloth, watch some bb porn and jerk off.  Something reminded me about Grindr and I grabbed my phone and logged in.  Surprise, there was a guy labeled as 98 feet away.  In his label he noted he was in the same hotel as me.  Before I said anything he sent me a message and said hi.  He was just back from the gym and was kind of horny.  We changed some quick back and forth and decided he'd come to my room for some safe fun.  He said he was drug and disease free.  I said the same.  5 minutes later he was knocking on my door.  His pic was only a chest shot so I wasn't sure what he'd look like.  He had blonde (that white blonde) hair a bit on the longer side and great blue eyes.  He was the same height as me.  He came in still in his workout clothes.  I told him a little sweaty was fine, not to bother to shower.

We started off by standing and making out.  He was cautious at first, lips to lips and rubbing my back and my crotch.  I took off my tank top and my shorts and he smiled.  He had come over for a blow job and when I got naked he got on his knees and started blowing me instead.  He sucked me off for a few minutes and then stood up and took off his sneakers, shorts and tank and got on the bed.  I got on the bed to join him and started sucking his dick.  He was very verbal.  He told me when it was good, he told me when to do something different.  I blew him for a while and kept stopping so we could make out some more before going back to servicing his dick.  His dick had a big time upward curve and he was hard as a rock, literally.  It was the hardest cock I have ever touched.  I sucked him off some more and he leaned over and jerked me off while I blew him.  He was pre-cumming a lot so I was getting a good taste with every suck.  Then he asked if I liked to get rimmed.  I told him I did but that I should probably clean up first since I wasn't expecting that.  He stayed on the bed while I jumped in the showered, soaped up and shoved my fingers furiously in and out of my hole to clean it up.  I got back and went back to sucking him for a few minutes.  Then he pushed me back and repositioned so he could lift up my butt and eat me out.  He did this for a long time and would stop so we could make out.  He was loving it.  Then he flipped me over on my stomach and went back to eating me out.  He did it for a bit longer and then laid on top of me and rubbed his dick in my crack, up and down.  He asked if it felt good and I started seeing the sign on the wall.  I said yeah.  I heard him spit into his hand and he greased up his dick and pressed the head against my hole.  Then he went back to rubbing the length of his dick up and down my crack again.  He spit in his hand again and greased up his pole once more.  I grabbed my poppers and took a hit.  He asked if he could have a little and I said sure.  He took a hit and spit in his hand again and greased up his dick and pushed the head against my hole.  He pushed it in a little and I didn't say anything.  He pushed in a little more and I didn't say anything.  He knew and I knew.  So he pushed it all the way in and started pumping me slowly.  The curve on his dick was fierce.  I felt it digging against the top of my insides as he pushed in.  He asked if I'd play with his nipples.  I said sure so he flipped me on my back and pushed back inside.  I grabbed both his nipples and started rubbing, twisting and squeezing them.  He groaned and smiled.  In a second it was clear he was hoping to bb, he wanted it.  He knew I was a pig and we both knew he was going to cum in my hole.  He leaned over and made out with me a bit and then lifted up.  I looked at him and opened my mouth and he smiled again and spit in my mouth.  Now he started fucking me harder since he was becoming more aware how much I'd do.  It didn't take long after that for him to groan, say 'oh fuck, here it comes' and to shoot a nice load in my ass.  He leaned over and kissed me again.  Then he pulled out and stood up.  I asked if he wanted to shower and he said he's clean up when he went up to his room.  When he got back to his room, he sent me another note with his contact info and told me to stay in touch.  Funny how some guys will say safe only and once you get into it, the male hormones take over and the need to cum in a hole takes over.  Love it....

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bear sighting

Another guy I have chatted with several times on bbrt hit me up unexpectedly on Wednesday.  He asked how long I was around on business for the week.  I told him until Friday and so he asked if I was free Thursday night.  I said yes.  He had meetings and wouldn't be leaving until about 7 so would be some time after that.  I said it was perfect so I wouldn't have to rush.  I finished up at the office, went back to my hotel, worked out and then went back to my room and cleaned out my hole with some Fleet enemas.  I hit the shower and then got on bbrt to double check no changes.  Just as I was checking he sent me a text saying he was about to leave.  I texted him back the room number and he was on his way.  He texted me again when he was close.  I put on a tank and a pair of shorts.  15 minutes later he was knocking at my door.  I opened it and saw a close cut bearded bear standing at my door.  He came in, my height, chunky and he came right up to me and started making out.  He stepped back to get his clothes off and I did the same.  He said 'very very nice boy'  I said thanks and told him I liked what I saw too.  He was real hairy top to bottom.  He pushed me back on the bed and I remembered him telling me he was aggressive.  He lived up to that.

He was rough when he pushed me back and lifted my legs up.  He dove in to start eating my hole.  He did that for a bit and then let me down and came further up the bed so his dick was in my face.  He said 'open your mouth'  He stuck his dick in, would pull it out every now and again and slap me in the face with it.  He was jerking me off at the same time.  Then he shifted his position and got on top of me so we could 69.  He leaned over and started sucking my dick and then started pumping his dick down my throat and then rammed it down pressing with the full force of his body.  I was gagging and he kept telling me 'stop it boy, take that dick' and every time I was about to try and push him off he would pull up a little so I could catch my breath and then he'd ram back down again.  This lesson went on for a bit and it was another way he showed that he was in control.  He got off of me and went back to my hole and ate me out a bit more.  Then he grabbed the lube and lubed my hole and his dick.  I asked for the poppers and he gave them to me but said I couldn't take a hit yet.  He wanted me to be clear headed when his dick first went into my hole.  So I was holding the poppers waiting for permission to take a hit. He slid his dick in.  His dick was an average size, nice thickness.  Not huge but felt good.  He started pumping me and then he hoisted my butt up so he was standing and going to pump straight down.  He told me he was going to fuck me hard and then he told me to take the poppers.  I did as told and then he started.  He wasn't kidding.  He started pounding as he pushed straight down.  He asked 'this what you want boy?'  I said yes.  He told me to say it out loud so I said I wanted it.  He said 'why do you want it?' I said because it felt good.  He said 'no, it's because you're a pig, isn't it boy?'  I said yes.  He said 'I'm not the first guy to be in this hole am I boy?'  I said no.  He asked 'what does that make you boy?'  All the time he is plowing me.  I didn't say anything back right away and took another hit of poppers.  He said 'it's because you're a cumdump whore, isn't it boy?'  I said yes.  He said it's ok.  'at least you know what you're for and it's good you let my dick in there raw, and other guys in there raw.  you understand boy?'  I said yes.  'good boy' he said.  'tell me it's what you're for boy'  I did as told.  Now he let me down and got back on the bed so I was lying flat and he was pumping me with my legs over his shoulders.  He leaned over to kiss me and stayed close to my face and said 'you gonna take my load boy?'  I said yes please.  He told me to beg for it. I did and he asked me 'why I wanted it.'  I told him it was because I was a cumdump and I needed it.  He told me it was poz and asked if I still wanted it.  I told him yes please and he smiled and started shooting his load in me.  He moaned loud as he pumped it in and then he leaned down and stuck his tongue down my throat while he squirted the last few spurts in.  When he was done he pulled his dick straight out instead of doing it slowly.  He went in the bathroom and cleaned off and then came out and started chatting with me as he got dressed.  It was like he went in the bathroom and his twin came back out.  Nicest nicest guy as we chatted after.  I told him I liked the aggressive side during sex, he told me he remembered and smiled.  He gave me another kiss and told me to be good and stay in touch and he left.  Oh bear.....

Monday, July 11, 2011

Long time talk turned finally into action

There is a guy I have been chatting with for months while I've been traveling near NYC for work.  Never seemed to work.  His office is right near my hotel but it was always either he couldn't stay later or my meetings ran long, blah, blah, blah....until today.  He said no matter what, he would make it work today.  So I was done about 6:30 and figured he wouldn't hang out since he lives in the city and has a long drive from Westchester county.  He met me at the hotel at 7.  He was my height, about 5'7" a little chubby, not bad just a bit of a gut, hairy, big nipples and some of the most beautiful blue eyes I have seen.  I'm kind of an eyes and smile guy.  I always know I'll like the dick :)  I ripped off my shorts and tank and he stripped down.  We made out for a bit and then he pushed me back on the bed and lifted my legs up to eat my hole. He looooves to eat hole and he feasted on me for a good 15 minutes.  So fucking good.  He stopped every now and again to come up and make out.

Then he climbed on the bed and lifted my legs over his shoulders and made out a bit more.  Thought he was going to go in for the fuck but he dove back down face first between my legs and started eating me out again.  For another 5 minutes or so his tongue was darting in, out and all over my hole.  Loved it.  Then he got up again and leaned in.  His dick was not that big but was a good thickness.  I squeezed his nipples and he slowly pushed his way in.  I took a hit of poppers.  He pushed in more and leaned over to make out while he fucked me.  It didn't take him very long.  He said he was going to cum.  Not before we swapped some spit and then he started squirting in my hole.  I shot a load at the same time.  He pulled out.  Took a look at my hole and told me it was a thing of beauty with his cum dripping out.  I laughed and told him anytime.  We chatted for a bit and agreed to keep in touch and repeat.  I asked if it was worth the wait and he said hell yes and he hopes to do me again soon :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pride fuck

Hey guys!  Been so busy so haven't posted but I wanted to let you guys know about Pride.  Went to Pride a few weeks ago and just getting to posting it now.  Lots of cuties.  And then went to one of the bathhouses after.  Was pretty busy.  There was a wait for rooms about half hour after I got there which meant it would be an active night!  Started almost right away with an older daddy type with some nice tattoos.  He was drawn to mine and asked if I wanted to go back to his room.  I was feeling direct so I told him only if he planned on fucking me.  He laughed and said 'well, what are we waiting for then.'  He was about 6 feet, shaved head (I seem to like those), a little gut which I don't mind, average bod.  When he dropped his towel his dick looked on the small side.  He was a grower.  It was a nice size erect.  I helped get it hard by blowing him while he egged me on.  After a few minutes he stood me up and we made out for a long time and then he pushed me back on the bed.  He got in between my legs and spread them apart.  He leaned down and stuck his tongue down my throat again.  He stopped and looked me in the eyes and asked 'should I grab a rubber?'  I said no.  He smirked and grabbed some lube instead.  He lubed my hole and lubed his dick and then put my legs on his shoulders and pushed his way slowly in.  He smiled a big smiled and said 'that feels so good'.  Then he started to slide in and out slowly and leaned down and stuck his tongue down my throat again while he fucked me.  He asked me how much dick I had gotten and I told him I hadn't been there that long and he was the first.  'You gonna get more dick?' he asked and I said I hoped so.  He said he'd start me off with my first load.  He flipped me over and pushed me flat on the bed and laid on top of me and slipped his dick in again and went deep.  His nuts were slapping against my ass now while he pounded me.  He asked if I liked that and I said yes.  He kept going and at the same time put a couple of fingers in my mouth.  He was a good fuck.  I was loving it.  He asked me how I wanted him to come.  I told him however he wanted.  He told me he wanted to do it in whatever my favorite position was.  So I flipped over onto my back again and he slid his dick in me and started pumping.  Didn't take him long as we started making out again he pulled away and told me he was going to cum.  He shot a load in me and then collapsed on me.  He slid off to the side and we started talking.  He was really chatty.  We chatted for about half an hour and he gave me his number, his card actually.  My room was across the hall from his so I told him I was going to put his card in my shorts and go shower.  I did and he followed me to the shower and then I toweled off and started checking out the scene again.

There was an active scene including a guy I have fooled around with before from bbrt.  We met the first time at an orgy hosted by Dawson.  It was a good time.  He was at the baths looking to get fucked too.  Plenty to go around tonight.  We chatted for a while and walked around together looking for fun.  After a while I branched off because he brought someone back to his room.  Alone on the prowl I decided to hit up the steam room.   Some guys in there so I figured it was time for some oral.  A guy tried to suck me off but I knew once I came I'd be done so I politely declined and found a nice latin dick in the corner to go down on.  He wasn't huge (which is good because we know I'm still not the best cocksucker) but he had a lot of precum which tasted so good.  I took a hit of poppers and that combined with the heat in the room and the steam, not being able to see, made me light headed and real horny.  I went to town on his cock with my mouth and my hand and didn't stop until he shot a load in my mouth.  So good.  He thanked me and got up and went out to the shower.  I looked for another dick but there wasn't really that much in the room.  So time to prowl again.

I went back to laps and I ducked into one of the stalls near the video room with a glory hole and a dick came through within a few seconds.  I decided to go for it and not look.  I got on my knees and started to suck the guy off.  Nice size dick.  I could smell it had already had some action that night which made it kind of hot.  I worked the knob and kept it going until I got another load to gobble down.  Then I got up and left the stall and went back to laps so I wouldn't know who I had sucked off.  I felt like some anonymous dick.  Did some more laps and down the back set of rooms the back hall is pitch black.  I stumbled across a bunch of guys.  You couldn't make anything out just that there was dick being sucked and ass being fucked.  So I made my way into the group.  There were guys on their knees and one started blowing me.  This time I decided it was cool.  At the same time a bunch of hands were grabbing at me and I could see shadows of what was happening.  While the guy blew me I leaned over and made out with someone I couldn't see.  He pushed my head down and bent me over to suck him off.  I couldn't bend enough with the other guy blowing me so I had to get him to stop and then I got on my knees and started to blow the other guy.  I felt another hand feeling its way down my back and eventually it found my butt and felt it was wet.  Then a pair of hands pulled my waist up so I was bent over now and sucking off the first guy.  I felt a body behind me and a second guy slid his dick in my hole.  This brought my memory back to Fort Lauderdale and being bent over the bench and not seeing the guys fucking me.  It was pitch black in the hall and this was a pure orgy.  Raw animal sex, fuck fest.  The guy I was blowing said he wanted to cum in my ass.  So he was going to have to wait for the first guy to finish.  The first guy didn't take that long.  He groaned and shot a load in me.  Took no time, pulled out and the second guy pulled his dick out of my mouth and stuck it in my ass I guess before someone else did.  He was ready too.  It took him not even a minute and he came.  Then he pulled out and moved his way through the crowd to leave.  There were at least 20 guys in the blackness from what I could gather.  After the second guy pulled out, a guy with a bigger dick stuck his in.  I took another hit of poppers and he did his deed.  I can't describe any of the guys because I couldn't see anything.  After the third guy with the big dick there were two more and then a sixth guy who was fat (because I could feel his gut pushing against me) was having trouble getting in so I stopped and moved my way out of the play hall.  I went back to the showers and rinsed off.

I was headed back to my room to get dressed and leave until I saw a CUTE boy with a baseball hat and he lured me into his room.  Ahhhh, he had a friend too.  It was like walking into a dorm room.  They were college aged it looked like.  I was in heaven.  We exchanged names and handshakes and then started making out.  One hand found its way to my ass and one asked if I had already been fucked.  When I said yes he asked 'you like it raw?'  I said yeah again and they both said 'fuck yeah'  A few seconds later I was bent over again with one dick in my mouth and the  other in my ass.  I love young guy cum so I badly wanted him to squirt in my mouth but I knew after our conversation that they both wanted to cum in my ass.  The first boy rode me for a while as I sucked his friend off.  They kept egging each other on and telling me how good it felt.  Frat boy one was ready and he shot his load and as he did he high-fived his friend and they both said fuck yeah again.  This ritual was repeated again with Frat boy two at the hole plowing me.  After he came I stood up and their cum (and everyone else's) was dripping down my leg so back to the shower again....  I rinsed off and cleaned out my hole.  A few wads of cum squirted out and I watched them go down the drain and thought about what a loss it was :(  Oh well...  I still have all those frozen loads in my freezer.