Sunday, June 5, 2011

What a send off

OK, to wrap up my trip (cuz I can't take any more right now after this....)  I hooked up with a guy from bbrt.  This is by far the BIGGEST dick I have ever taken.  I drove to his place and we started off kissing.  He was thin.  I'm guessing his dick is almost half his body weight.  It's 10 x 7 for real.....  While we were kissing he played with my butt through my shorts and I rubbed his dick.  I knew it felt big but when we got naked I couldn't help but say 'holy shit'.  He laughed and asked joking 'think you can take it?'  and I looked back dead serious and said I had no idea.  It was huge.  He put me on all fours on his bed and ate my hole for a while.  Then he got on the bed and decided doggy was the best to start off.  He asked if I had any poppers yet.  I said no and took the longest hit I have ever taken.  I was soooo light headed but he slipped in.  He said 'damn you're tight' but oddly enough it didn't hurt.  It felt incredible.  He fucked me doggy for a while and then flipped me over on my back.  He put my legs over is shoulders and started pumping deep.  When he went all the way in it did hurt, I'm not going to lie, but I didn't tell him to stop.  I just took another hit of poppers.  After about 5 minutes of being plowed by Moby Dick I begged for his load before I psyched myself out and started to tighten up.  He told me to stop playing with my dick so I wouldn't cum and he said he wanted to fuck me longer.  So another 5 minutes went by.  I asked again please please give me your load.  He obliged the second round of begging and screamed 'fuuuuuckkkk' as he shot a load in me.  As soon as he pulled out I felt it dripping out of my ass.  I toweled off what I could and put on my underwear to collect anything else so I wouldn't make a mess on the floor of his apartment.  We decided to buddy each other.  He told me he was surprised as tight as I was that I didn't jump when he stuck it in.  I told him I was horny!!!

OK, so by way of reference I told him I needed a photo for comparison sake.  My dick is a respectable 7 inches cut and is med thick.  A nice dick to suck, good mouthful, it's above average.  Good right?  This is a picture of his dick next to mine.  I look like a child's dick next to his monster.  Holy fuck it was hot....