Thursday, June 2, 2011

More LA fun....

So yesterday my bud and I were around town doing stuff and he throws out that we should go to one of the bath houses and lie by the pool and we can get a room and he'll fuck me there before we sit by the pool.  So....that's what we did.  I got a locker and he got a room since he has a membership.  We got to the room and got naked, he bent me over the bed and lubed me up.  Then he fucked me for the next 5 minutes until he shot a load in my butt.  We grabbed our towels and headed out by the pool.  There were a lot of older guys, most not much to look at.  There were a few tiny Asian and Spanish boys who I figured were also bottoms looking for some dick.  My bud likes the Spanish boys so I figured he'd make a play for one but he didn't.  Instead we lied by the pool.  A good looking Spanish boy with a hot bod came out and lied not far form us.  He kept looking over, he lied back naked.  He had a nice uncut dick.  He eventually walked back in and my bud said I should follow him.  Told me to take my time since he'd just be sleeping by the pool.  So I walked in and followed the cute Spanish boy with the uncut dick.  Glad I did.  He had been there a while and was going to leave until he saw me come in.  He asked if I liked getting fucked.  I said yep and we started kissing.  He fingered my hole and realized it was already moist and he immediately got hard.    He pushed me back on the bed and lifted my legs over his shoulder.  I asked if he wanted to get blown first and he said no.  He pushed his dick straight in and starting pumping.  I'm thinking he was on a schedule and needed to get off and go.  It took him all of 3 minutes and he shot a load in my butt.  He said it gets him off when there is a sloppy hole to use.  I grabbed my towel and thanked him and headed for the shower.  When I came out his room was being cleaned so he was definitely on a schedule.

I decided to keep walking around and found another Spanish guy with a muscular hot body.  He stopped to talk and then asked if I wanted to go back to his room.  I agreed and we went back.  I got on my knees and blew him a while.  His dick was not that big, and he was only about 5'7", same as me but he had a kicking body.  I was hard as a rock just touching him.  He stood me up and asked if I liked to get fucked.  I said yes and he pushed me on my back.  He started in that position then flipped me over and fucked me doggy style for a bit, then switched to on my side with one leg up and then laid back so I could ride him while sitting on his dick and then went back to me on my back to finish up and get his load.

He thanked me and I thanked him and grabbed my towel again.  I went back out by the pool and got some sun and chatted with my bud and he asked who I fucked around with so I told him.  He told me I should go to another one of the baths when he goes back to work on Friday.  I agreed so more dick is coming!

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