Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day weekend fun

Always so much fun to be in LA.  My fuckbud friend is hosting me for the week which is awesome and always means a guarantee of dick ;)  So on Sunday we hung out, I slept after the long flight, he slept with me.  We showered and went back to bed and I woke up with him fingering my hole.  He smiled and told me I had been there long enough without getting fucked so I turned around and starting blowing him.  After a few minutes as his cock got hard he said 'oh fuck, you've been practicing.  that feels so fucking good.'  He told me to turn around and he spit on his hand and fingered me again and then did it again.  His dick was still slobbery from me blowing him and he put my legs on his shoulders and wiggled his dick slowly into my hole.  He leaned back and grabbed some poppers off the bureau and gave them to me.  I took a hit and he said 'there you go, good boy' as he felt my hole loosen up after getting nice and light-headed.  He started a good rhythm plowing my hole while talking to me.  'you like that?  we gonna get you some more dick while you're here?  poor little hole is hungry huh?  you gonna take my babies in there?'  He fucked me for another 5-10 minutes and then asked if I wanted it and I said yeah and he shot a load in my hole and then laid down on top of me saying how he missed my ass.  We went back to sleep for a few so we'd be ready for the bars later.  We went to dinner and then we went to a bar near his house to watch some of the go go boys.  Hotties (well, most of them).  He fed some fives into a couple of the jocks and then we headed out to another bar.  We were there for a couple of hours.  He saw some friends we chatted with.  We watched more go go dancers and then the dance floor got wet.  It was a foam party and the foam started pouring over the dance floor.  Most of the people dancing had already checked their clothes (except undies) since you know you're going to get wet.  We watched everyone for a while.  Then he told me we should head out and go to Slammers to get me some dick.  I smiled and off we went.

We got to Slammers and it was busy, nice holiday weekend kind of busy.  We went in and the action started right away.  A guy walked by and grabbed my ass and my bud told him I was a bottom.  The guy grabbed my hand and brought me into one of the rooms and I took off my shorts.  He dropped his pants and had a nice sized dick with a fierce upward curve to it.  I sucked it for a few minutes and then he stood me up and pushed me back down onto the bench.  He lifted my legs and started to push his dick in.  There was a knock at the door.  He leaned back and opened it and there was my bud with another guy.  The other guy was another top.  He stepped into the room and the door was closed again.  The second guy dropped his pants and the first guy went back to fucking me.  The second guy stroked his dick while watching the first guy fuck me.  The way I was against the back of the bench I couldn't do anything except get fucked which was ok but I wouldn't have minded sucking a dick while getting plowed.  There was another knock at the door and the second guy opened it and there was my bud again with another guy.  The third guy walked in and the room was now full (one of the small rooms).  The second guy was average build, kind of hairy, good looking and was stroking his dick.  The third guy that walked in was an average guy too but when he dropped his pants he had a nice dick!  Nice length and fat.  The second guy dropped to his knees and started sucking the third guy while the first guy fucked me.  After a few minutes the first guy started to groan and the other two guys egged him on while he shot a load in my ass.  When he pulled out the second guy switched to his cock and cleaned it off.  Then he got up and snowballed the left over cum he cleaned off into my mouth.  After that was done he took position and slid in my ass while the first guy put his pants back on.  The third guy decided to get behind the second guy and slid his dick in him.  So we had a little chain going on and the second guy leaned over and kissed me while pumping me and getting pumped at the same time.  It didn't take the second guy long to cum and he shot a load in me.  When he pulled out he said he was going to stay and watch the third guy fuck me.  The third guy took position, took a hit of poppers, gave me some poppers and then pushed his dick in and started fucking me.  The second guy played with his nipples and then made out with me, then made out with the other guy, then sucked my dick, back to nipples, etc.  Was hot.  The third guy didn't take long either (probably because it was already almost 3 AM and I'm guessing these guys wanted to cum and go home).  When the third guy came in me, the second guy cleaned his dick off too and then cleaned up my hole and got up to make out with me.  The third guy got his pants back on while this was going on and then left.  The second guy made out with me a little more and then put his pants on and left.  My bud came back and asked if I was ready to go.  I told him yeah I was tired.  Still hadn't adjusted from the East coast time zone.  When we walked back to the car he told me not to get too tired because he was letting guys suck his dick but he was going to fuck me again when we got back to his place because he hadn't cum yet.  We got back to his place, he bent me over the bed, slipped right in since my hole had a few loads in it already (including his from earlier in the day) and it didn't take him long.  He shot his second load into me and then pushed me onto the bed and came up behind me.  He put his arms around me and we fell asleep.  

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