Sunday, June 5, 2011

LA continues....

I went out looking for dick from bbrt on Friday night.  There was a guy that I thought was playing games but he did end up coming through at the last minute.  And....I already had another fuckbud (first from my buddylinks on bbrt for those that know my profile there) lined up because he wanted to see me.

So I headed out to the first guys place, he told me to wear a jock and come in the door, strip down to the jock and go into the bedroom.  He was only a mile away so it didn't take long.  I got to his place, he buzzed me in, I got to his apartment, walked in and stripped down as instructed.  I walked into the bedroom and he was lying back on the bed stroking his dick.  I got on the bed and he pushed my head straight down.  I started sucking his cock and he was groaning happily.  He pulled my head up so we could kiss and then pushed me back down to his dick.  This repetition continued for a bit until he asked if my hole was hungry.  He was a doggy style kind of guy and pulled my ass into his face first and ate it for a few minutes before pushing me back and taking position behind me.  He slid his dick in and just started riding my ass slow leaning over and whispering in my ear stuff like 'that dick feel good?' 'you like that?' 'your hole feels good' and 'i'm going to breed your hole'.  Every now and again he'd twist my head sideways so we could make while he fucked me.  He was cute with a shaved head, average body, smooth and an average.  Was a good way to get in the zone because my next fuckbud has a huge dick and I knew I needed to be a bit looser.  After a few more minutes he came in my ass.  I spun around and cleaned off his cock and then got up and got dressed to go.  We shook hands and he told me if I wanted to hook again before I left to let him know.

I headed out and texted my fuckbud that I was on the way.  I got there about 15 minutes later.  He answered the door and told me his roommate was home so we couldn't be too crazy.  We walked to his bedroom and closed the door.  I always forget how hot he is, even more in person.  He is a light skinned black man with a hot body, some tattoos and a BIG dick.  It's 9.5 and it's a nice thickness.  He has done some porn and what I like is he's a really nice guy in addition to being a great lover.  We started off by kissing for at least 10 minutes.  When he saw I had a jock on he asked me to keep it on, he loves that which I guess I never knew.  I worked my way down his body and blew him for a while or as much of it as I could get in my mouth.  Then he stood me up and we kissed some more.  Then he pushed me back down on his bed and worked his way down my body.  He stopped to blow me for a bit which was awesome and then he hoisted my legs up and began eating my hole.  Because there was a load of cum in there he kept stopping and coming up to kiss me and make out with the cum he was licking out of my hole.  He stood up and lubed up his dick, and then he put my legs over his shoulders and started to slide his dick in.  I took a loooooong hit of poppers and that opened it up for him to slide in.  He started going slow and we kissed while he was fucking me.  He would kiss and spit in my mouth.  He's a pig too which is hot, on top of everything else.  He fucked me this way for a while then lifted one leg up and fucked me sideways for a bit and then back to both legs over his shoulders.  I was so horny that I said I was going to cum.  He told me to go for it and I did.  He bent down to catch what he could in his mouth and then pulled out for a second to finish me off by blowing me and getting the rest.  Then he slid his dick back in and made out with me with my own cum.  While he did this he groaned and shot a load in me.  I felt it twitch and it was a big load.  Back down to eating my hole and then making out with his load in our mouths.  He flipped me over and pushed back in doggy style and just went back and forth slowly for a few minutes and then picked up steam.  He told me what a great ass I had and I told him what a great dick he had.  He fucked me doggy for a few more minutes and then shot another load in me.  He went back to eating my hole and making out again.  He asked if I could stand one more and I said yes.  He did me flat on my stomach and him pounding down into me for another 5 minutes and he shot a third load in me.  That one he said I could keep and he didn't eat it.  We lied next to each other and talked for a good hour to catch up.  Outside of being a hot fuck he's a super sweet guy and I'm looking forward to getting his dick again!


  1. Great to have top friends who know hot to take care of your needs and you know how to take care of there needs!

  2. thst was incredibly hot:) glad to know your hole is well take care of