Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New milestone

100,000 views.  Man you guys are good for my ego.  Glad you enjoy my pig escapades....

Sunday, June 5, 2011

What a send off

OK, to wrap up my trip (cuz I can't take any more right now after this....)  I hooked up with a guy from bbrt.  This is by far the BIGGEST dick I have ever taken.  I drove to his place and we started off kissing.  He was thin.  I'm guessing his dick is almost half his body weight.  It's 10 x 7 for real.....  While we were kissing he played with my butt through my shorts and I rubbed his dick.  I knew it felt big but when we got naked I couldn't help but say 'holy shit'.  He laughed and asked joking 'think you can take it?'  and I looked back dead serious and said I had no idea.  It was huge.  He put me on all fours on his bed and ate my hole for a while.  Then he got on the bed and decided doggy was the best to start off.  He asked if I had any poppers yet.  I said no and took the longest hit I have ever taken.  I was soooo light headed but he slipped in.  He said 'damn you're tight' but oddly enough it didn't hurt.  It felt incredible.  He fucked me doggy for a while and then flipped me over on my back.  He put my legs over is shoulders and started pumping deep.  When he went all the way in it did hurt, I'm not going to lie, but I didn't tell him to stop.  I just took another hit of poppers.  After about 5 minutes of being plowed by Moby Dick I begged for his load before I psyched myself out and started to tighten up.  He told me to stop playing with my dick so I wouldn't cum and he said he wanted to fuck me longer.  So another 5 minutes went by.  I asked again please please give me your load.  He obliged the second round of begging and screamed 'fuuuuuckkkk' as he shot a load in me.  As soon as he pulled out I felt it dripping out of my ass.  I toweled off what I could and put on my underwear to collect anything else so I wouldn't make a mess on the floor of his apartment.  We decided to buddy each other.  He told me he was surprised as tight as I was that I didn't jump when he stuck it in.  I told him I was horny!!!

OK, so by way of reference I told him I needed a photo for comparison sake.  My dick is a respectable 7 inches cut and is med thick.  A nice dick to suck, good mouthful, it's above average.  Good right?  This is a picture of his dick next to mine.  I look like a child's dick next to his monster.  Holy fuck it was hot....

Ahhh memories....

Love when you clean out a computer and come across stuff.  This is an older video of a daddy breeding me in my hotel room in Chicago a couple of years back but I realize I never shared it with you!  Here you go ;)

LA continues....

I went out looking for dick from bbrt on Friday night.  There was a guy that I thought was playing games but he did end up coming through at the last minute.  And....I already had another fuckbud (first from my buddylinks on bbrt for those that know my profile there) lined up because he wanted to see me.

So I headed out to the first guys place, he told me to wear a jock and come in the door, strip down to the jock and go into the bedroom.  He was only a mile away so it didn't take long.  I got to his place, he buzzed me in, I got to his apartment, walked in and stripped down as instructed.  I walked into the bedroom and he was lying back on the bed stroking his dick.  I got on the bed and he pushed my head straight down.  I started sucking his cock and he was groaning happily.  He pulled my head up so we could kiss and then pushed me back down to his dick.  This repetition continued for a bit until he asked if my hole was hungry.  He was a doggy style kind of guy and pulled my ass into his face first and ate it for a few minutes before pushing me back and taking position behind me.  He slid his dick in and just started riding my ass slow leaning over and whispering in my ear stuff like 'that dick feel good?' 'you like that?' 'your hole feels good' and 'i'm going to breed your hole'.  Every now and again he'd twist my head sideways so we could make while he fucked me.  He was cute with a shaved head, average body, smooth and an average.  Was a good way to get in the zone because my next fuckbud has a huge dick and I knew I needed to be a bit looser.  After a few more minutes he came in my ass.  I spun around and cleaned off his cock and then got up and got dressed to go.  We shook hands and he told me if I wanted to hook again before I left to let him know.

I headed out and texted my fuckbud that I was on the way.  I got there about 15 minutes later.  He answered the door and told me his roommate was home so we couldn't be too crazy.  We walked to his bedroom and closed the door.  I always forget how hot he is, even more in person.  He is a light skinned black man with a hot body, some tattoos and a BIG dick.  It's 9.5 and it's a nice thickness.  He has done some porn and what I like is he's a really nice guy in addition to being a great lover.  We started off by kissing for at least 10 minutes.  When he saw I had a jock on he asked me to keep it on, he loves that which I guess I never knew.  I worked my way down his body and blew him for a while or as much of it as I could get in my mouth.  Then he stood me up and we kissed some more.  Then he pushed me back down on his bed and worked his way down my body.  He stopped to blow me for a bit which was awesome and then he hoisted my legs up and began eating my hole.  Because there was a load of cum in there he kept stopping and coming up to kiss me and make out with the cum he was licking out of my hole.  He stood up and lubed up his dick, and then he put my legs over his shoulders and started to slide his dick in.  I took a loooooong hit of poppers and that opened it up for him to slide in.  He started going slow and we kissed while he was fucking me.  He would kiss and spit in my mouth.  He's a pig too which is hot, on top of everything else.  He fucked me this way for a while then lifted one leg up and fucked me sideways for a bit and then back to both legs over his shoulders.  I was so horny that I said I was going to cum.  He told me to go for it and I did.  He bent down to catch what he could in his mouth and then pulled out for a second to finish me off by blowing me and getting the rest.  Then he slid his dick back in and made out with me with my own cum.  While he did this he groaned and shot a load in me.  I felt it twitch and it was a big load.  Back down to eating my hole and then making out with his load in our mouths.  He flipped me over and pushed back in doggy style and just went back and forth slowly for a few minutes and then picked up steam.  He told me what a great ass I had and I told him what a great dick he had.  He fucked me doggy for a few more minutes and then shot another load in me.  He went back to eating my hole and making out again.  He asked if I could stand one more and I said yes.  He did me flat on my stomach and him pounding down into me for another 5 minutes and he shot a third load in me.  That one he said I could keep and he didn't eat it.  We lied next to each other and talked for a good hour to catch up.  Outside of being a hot fuck he's a super sweet guy and I'm looking forward to getting his dick again!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

More LA fun....

So yesterday my bud and I were around town doing stuff and he throws out that we should go to one of the bath houses and lie by the pool and we can get a room and he'll fuck me there before we sit by the pool.  So....that's what we did.  I got a locker and he got a room since he has a membership.  We got to the room and got naked, he bent me over the bed and lubed me up.  Then he fucked me for the next 5 minutes until he shot a load in my butt.  We grabbed our towels and headed out by the pool.  There were a lot of older guys, most not much to look at.  There were a few tiny Asian and Spanish boys who I figured were also bottoms looking for some dick.  My bud likes the Spanish boys so I figured he'd make a play for one but he didn't.  Instead we lied by the pool.  A good looking Spanish boy with a hot bod came out and lied not far form us.  He kept looking over, he lied back naked.  He had a nice uncut dick.  He eventually walked back in and my bud said I should follow him.  Told me to take my time since he'd just be sleeping by the pool.  So I walked in and followed the cute Spanish boy with the uncut dick.  Glad I did.  He had been there a while and was going to leave until he saw me come in.  He asked if I liked getting fucked.  I said yep and we started kissing.  He fingered my hole and realized it was already moist and he immediately got hard.    He pushed me back on the bed and lifted my legs over his shoulder.  I asked if he wanted to get blown first and he said no.  He pushed his dick straight in and starting pumping.  I'm thinking he was on a schedule and needed to get off and go.  It took him all of 3 minutes and he shot a load in my butt.  He said it gets him off when there is a sloppy hole to use.  I grabbed my towel and thanked him and headed for the shower.  When I came out his room was being cleaned so he was definitely on a schedule.

I decided to keep walking around and found another Spanish guy with a muscular hot body.  He stopped to talk and then asked if I wanted to go back to his room.  I agreed and we went back.  I got on my knees and blew him a while.  His dick was not that big, and he was only about 5'7", same as me but he had a kicking body.  I was hard as a rock just touching him.  He stood me up and asked if I liked to get fucked.  I said yes and he pushed me on my back.  He started in that position then flipped me over and fucked me doggy style for a bit, then switched to on my side with one leg up and then laid back so I could ride him while sitting on his dick and then went back to me on my back to finish up and get his load.

He thanked me and I thanked him and grabbed my towel again.  I went back out by the pool and got some sun and chatted with my bud and he asked who I fucked around with so I told him.  He told me I should go to another one of the baths when he goes back to work on Friday.  I agreed so more dick is coming!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day weekend fun

Always so much fun to be in LA.  My fuckbud friend is hosting me for the week which is awesome and always means a guarantee of dick ;)  So on Sunday we hung out, I slept after the long flight, he slept with me.  We showered and went back to bed and I woke up with him fingering my hole.  He smiled and told me I had been there long enough without getting fucked so I turned around and starting blowing him.  After a few minutes as his cock got hard he said 'oh fuck, you've been practicing.  that feels so fucking good.'  He told me to turn around and he spit on his hand and fingered me again and then did it again.  His dick was still slobbery from me blowing him and he put my legs on his shoulders and wiggled his dick slowly into my hole.  He leaned back and grabbed some poppers off the bureau and gave them to me.  I took a hit and he said 'there you go, good boy' as he felt my hole loosen up after getting nice and light-headed.  He started a good rhythm plowing my hole while talking to me.  'you like that?  we gonna get you some more dick while you're here?  poor little hole is hungry huh?  you gonna take my babies in there?'  He fucked me for another 5-10 minutes and then asked if I wanted it and I said yeah and he shot a load in my hole and then laid down on top of me saying how he missed my ass.  We went back to sleep for a few so we'd be ready for the bars later.  We went to dinner and then we went to a bar near his house to watch some of the go go boys.  Hotties (well, most of them).  He fed some fives into a couple of the jocks and then we headed out to another bar.  We were there for a couple of hours.  He saw some friends we chatted with.  We watched more go go dancers and then the dance floor got wet.  It was a foam party and the foam started pouring over the dance floor.  Most of the people dancing had already checked their clothes (except undies) since you know you're going to get wet.  We watched everyone for a while.  Then he told me we should head out and go to Slammers to get me some dick.  I smiled and off we went.

We got to Slammers and it was busy, nice holiday weekend kind of busy.  We went in and the action started right away.  A guy walked by and grabbed my ass and my bud told him I was a bottom.  The guy grabbed my hand and brought me into one of the rooms and I took off my shorts.  He dropped his pants and had a nice sized dick with a fierce upward curve to it.  I sucked it for a few minutes and then he stood me up and pushed me back down onto the bench.  He lifted my legs and started to push his dick in.  There was a knock at the door.  He leaned back and opened it and there was my bud with another guy.  The other guy was another top.  He stepped into the room and the door was closed again.  The second guy dropped his pants and the first guy went back to fucking me.  The second guy stroked his dick while watching the first guy fuck me.  The way I was against the back of the bench I couldn't do anything except get fucked which was ok but I wouldn't have minded sucking a dick while getting plowed.  There was another knock at the door and the second guy opened it and there was my bud again with another guy.  The third guy walked in and the room was now full (one of the small rooms).  The second guy was average build, kind of hairy, good looking and was stroking his dick.  The third guy that walked in was an average guy too but when he dropped his pants he had a nice dick!  Nice length and fat.  The second guy dropped to his knees and started sucking the third guy while the first guy fucked me.  After a few minutes the first guy started to groan and the other two guys egged him on while he shot a load in my ass.  When he pulled out the second guy switched to his cock and cleaned it off.  Then he got up and snowballed the left over cum he cleaned off into my mouth.  After that was done he took position and slid in my ass while the first guy put his pants back on.  The third guy decided to get behind the second guy and slid his dick in him.  So we had a little chain going on and the second guy leaned over and kissed me while pumping me and getting pumped at the same time.  It didn't take the second guy long to cum and he shot a load in me.  When he pulled out he said he was going to stay and watch the third guy fuck me.  The third guy took position, took a hit of poppers, gave me some poppers and then pushed his dick in and started fucking me.  The second guy played with his nipples and then made out with me, then made out with the other guy, then sucked my dick, back to nipples, etc.  Was hot.  The third guy didn't take long either (probably because it was already almost 3 AM and I'm guessing these guys wanted to cum and go home).  When the third guy came in me, the second guy cleaned his dick off too and then cleaned up my hole and got up to make out with me.  The third guy got his pants back on while this was going on and then left.  The second guy made out with me a little more and then put his pants on and left.  My bud came back and asked if I was ready to go.  I told him yeah I was tired.  Still hadn't adjusted from the East coast time zone.  When we walked back to the car he told me not to get too tired because he was letting guys suck his dick but he was going to fuck me again when we got back to his place because he hadn't cum yet.  We got back to his place, he bent me over the bed, slipped right in since my hole had a few loads in it already (including his from earlier in the day) and it didn't take him long.  He shot his second load into me and then pushed me onto the bed and came up behind me.  He put his arms around me and we fell asleep.