Friday, May 27, 2011

LA here I come

Hey guys.  Been sooooooo busy lately that haven't been getting any.  Complete BS!!!   Ha ha... Anyway, I am off to LA for a week on vacation so am expecting some fun!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

friend video

I've never posted video that's not of me but this was an interesting one that a kid sent me of himself and the uncanny thing is he looks a lot like me.  So this ain't me fellas but for those of you that have never seen my face, this gives you and idea of what I look like ;)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Harder please....

Been a long dry spell..... but we all know I look for dick more when I travel for work.  I was back in NY and decided I couldn't stand the itch anymore and needed some cock in me so I checked out craigslist and found a bb top who was looking.  We exchanged notes and pics and decided to hook up.  I drove into the city to Chelsea and got to his apartment and rang the buzzer.  Went up and he opened the door.  He was about 6 feet, middle eastern, dark eyes and hair, DARK.  Very hot features.  We went into the bedroom and got naked.  He was kind of hairy but you could see he had a nice bod, covered by hair.  I ripped off my clothes and he smiled and said 'mmmm nice.'  He pulled off his pants and he had a nice, big, fat cock with a big vein down the side.  Don't know why that turns me on but it does!!!  I didn't waste time.  I got on my knees and started sucking his cock.  He asked me if I liked watersports.  I said I did but didn't do it a lot.  He asked if I liked to drink from the tap.  I told him I had only done it a couple of times.  He told me I'd be trying again today.  He told me to open my mouth wide and I can't tell you the control this guy had.  He kept a very slow steady stream coming out of his dick.  It was enough to taste and fill your mouth slowly and swallow before getting more.  It was awesome.  He pissed in my mouth for a good 60 seconds.  He told me it was nice and to start blowing him which I did happily.  His dick had started to get hard as he was pissing but I think the pissing kept it from full erection.  Now that it was a pure blowjob he started getting harder.

I used my hand to twist and jerk off his dick while I blew him and the other hand played with his balls.  He liked this and tried to force his dick down my throat.  I kept gagging so I still need practice here.  WE still did it for a few minutes more and he kept trying....and I kept gagging.  Eventually he decided it was time to fuck so he stood me up and then pushed me on my back on his bed and got down on his knees and spent a good 15 minutes eating my hole.  I knew this guy wasn't kidding when he said long sessions.  He was one of the best rimmers I have ever had eat my hole.  He got it sooo wet and sloppy that we did not need any lube...  He stood up and put my legs over his shoulders and mounted me.  He slipped his dick in and was very slow.  All the way in. All the way out.  Very slow and controlled.  It felt so fucking good.  I am not used to a top spending this much time with me on every step of sex!  It was awesome.  He leaned over and we made out while he slowly fucked me.  He swapped a l lot of spit as we made out pulling away and having the long strands of spit hanging between his mouth and mine and then he'd come back down and make out some more.  After a while he started to pick up the pace and I heard his balls slapping against my ass as we fucked.  He stopped every few minutes to change positions.  On back, on side, doggy, me on top, doggy, and we ended up with me on my back again.  He liked to kiss as much as I did.  He started to pick up the pace again and asked me if I was ready to take his load.  I said yes!!!  He told me he was poz and was going to breed me.  I told him I wanted it.  He smiled and started piston fucking me and I thought based on what he said he was close but he kept fucking me for another 5 minutes or so and then the look on his face told me he was ready and he kind of closed his eyes and groaned and shot a load in my hole.  I felt the vein twitching with every squirt.  So fucking hot. When he pulled out he asked me to clean off his dick which I did and I was about to sit up when he pushed me back down.  He put his arms under my thighs and lifted my ass to his face like a buffet and told me 'push it out.'  He spent another 5 minutes felching his load out of my hole and then making out with me again.  Soo sooo sooooo fucking hot.  One of the best experiences ever.  Jerking off thinking about it now!!!