Monday, April 11, 2011

Don'tcha love hotel sex?

I know I do.  Always nice to meet a fellow traveler and do the deed.  So I was working out after dinner and there was one other guy in the gym (which was surprisingly good for a hotel gym).  I was at the free weights and he was on one of the elliptical machines and kept looking over.   He finally got off the machine and decided he should do some free weights too.  Glad he did.  He came over and started working out.  He did some dumbbell work and then decided to do some flat bench.  He kept looking over and then he decided to add some weight.  Good way to ask if I could spot him.  I said sure and stood at the top of the bench while he laid back down.  He looked up and smiled and raised his eyebrows.  I smiled back down at him and then the deal was sealed when he moved up the bench a bit and looked up my shorts.  he smiled again and I laughed.  I asked if he saw something he liked and he said 'I only saw the front.  I'd like a look at the back.'  I told him he could get a better look if we went back to my room.  Gym time was over!

We walked back to my room in our shorts and him in a t-shirt and me in a tank top.  The door had barely closed behind him and he was pulling his clothes off.  He had a nice chest, some hair and defined.  His legs were really hairy (yum) and he took off his shorts.  he had a jock strap on and he was already hard.  This guy was horny!  I like it.  I took off my tank and he said 'mmmmm' and then I took my shorts and underwear off in one pull.  Then I turned around and bent over the bed.  I asked if that was what he was hoping to see.  He said 'yes sir.  please tell me you like to get fucked.'  I turned around and smirked.  He said 'hell yeah!!  do you have rubbers?'  I said no, but I have lube.  I pulled it out of my bag and handed it to him and then bent over the bed.  No more questions.  He knew bb was cool and I knew he was going to go for it.  He lubed up his dick and then my hole and mounted me doggy while I bent over the bed.  He slid in and said 'oh fuck that's good.  do you want me to cum inside?'  I asked him what he thought and he said 'yippee kai aye dude.'  (Sorry if that's spelled wrong!)  That was the last word as he started pounding my hole.  He only did me doggy while I buried my face in the bed.  He had one speed - med fast.  His dick was a nice thickness and I needed a load.  It had been a while, if you read the blog!  He kept on going and then spoke up and said 'oh fuck, here it come' and then moaned loudly as he shot a load in me.  He pulled out and I asked if he wanted to clean up.  He said he'd just shower when he got back to his room.  He asked how long I was here for and I told him until Thursday.  He leaves Friday so is hoping we'll see each other again.  I told him if he needed a cum dump while he was at the hotel to just let me know.  He said he would.

In other news, a couple that lives in Connecticut that I have spoken with on bbrt is planning on breeding me Thursday.  I am going to stop in on my way home.  They're hoping we can make it a weekly ritual while I am working here.  My ass is game boys!!

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