Saturday, April 16, 2011

At long last

Well it didn't work out with the couple on my way home this week.  They were packing for vaca and we agreed when they were back made more sense.  But, the weekend instead brought a new treat.  I've chatted with a guy on bbrt for over a year.  We have become friendly but we just never hooked up.  It never seemed to work out.  We agreed to set a goal and just make it happen by March 15.  Well that came and went and I was traveling and he was studying, always something.  So I was online last night and he instant messages me and we start talking.  Long story short I told him I'd text him today.  I did.  He was free and while I was in his neck of the woods we met up at a local sex club and did the deed.  He is tall, 6'4" has a mohawk, real one, not a fauxhawk.  It suits him.  Has some ink in a few places.  He was walking up the sidewalk while I was parking.  I got out and said hi since I recognized him right away.  It took him a second to realize who I was since we had never actually met in person.  We walked into the sex club together, I got a room.  He gets in free with a student ID.  He went to his locker and stripped down.  I went to my room and did the same.  We met up in the hall.  NOTHING else to see.  It is a Saturday afternoon after all.  There were a few other guys there but nothing to get excited about.  Didn't matter anyway.  We were there for one reason.

He asked which room I was in and I led him back.  We walked in closed the door and the towels dropped and the kissing started.  For the next hour we were in the room doing everything possible with me as a bottom and him as a top.  I say that because he's a versatile top and does occasionally like to get fucked but he was all top today.  We kissed standing up and then he picked me up and stood me on the bed so I would be bending down to kiss him.  Then he got on the bed and we both rolled around kissing and rubbing each other.  He smiled when he put his finger in my hole and realized it was already lubed.  I had come prepared.  Now we were both on our knees kissing and he grabbed my head and forced it down on his dick, all the way down to the end.  I gagged but he kept it there.  I gagged again and he let me up and then pushed me back down again.  Then he let me up and asked 'you want that in your hole'  I didn't even say anything, I just rolled onto my back and lifted my legs.  He grabbed them and put them on his shoulders, spit in his hand and greased up his dick.  I took a hit of poppers and he slid in.  He started slow for a few minutes and then picked up the tempo.  He is a HARD fuck once he gets going.  You could easily hear his balls slapping against my ass as he pounded it.  There wasn't much going on in the entire place so I'm sure everyone could hear it as well which was kind of a turn on.  We started with me on my back so we could make out.  Then he shifted me to my side and held one leg up while he plowed me sideways.  Then he told me to flip over and lay flat.  He liked this position and when I tell you he fucked hard, this is where I felt it the most.  He POUNDED me.  I was biting the pillow and groaning every time he rammed his dick in me.  He kept leaning over and whispering stuff in my ear like 'you know you like it'  'come on, you can take more than that' 'this won't be the last time we do this'  Then he stopped and leaned back (he kept starting and stopping so he wouldn't cum too fast).  He leaned back on his knees and told me to sit on his dick.  So we did that position for a bit me riding him and kissing him in between thrusts.  Then he looked at me and called me a cumpig and told me how hot I was.  I asked if it had been worth the wait and he smiled and nodded.  He asked if I thought it had been worth the wait and I smiled and nodded.

We kissed some more and then he told me to lay flat again.  He pounded me again for a few minutes and then lifted my ass until I was in doggy position and we did that for a bit.  He asked me what I wanted next and I said his cum.  He asked what position I wanted to be in to get it.  I flipped back on my back and he grabbed my ankles and drove his dick in.  This time he pounded just as hard this way as he had when I was laying flat.  He was starting to breathe heavy and then he winced and groaned and I felt his dick spasm inside me and I knew he was cumming.  It was hot.  Then he collapsed on me for a minute and kissed some more but his rest soon turned to attention on my dick.  He wanted me to cum and he started to suck my cock.  He went all the way down and back up slowly at first and then picked up the pace.  I have a habit of being too quiet and not telling a guy what I like so when he was hitting my buttons and getting me close I would just put my head back but then when he changed his plan I didn't say anything.  I need to be better about that.  Eventually I guided his head in the motion I wanted and he stuck to it.  I started to arch my back and groan and he started sucking like a fiend.  I moaned and shot a big old load in his mouth.  He gagged and spit up twice while I was cumming in his mouth, but he went back and licked it up :)  Then he collapsed next to me and we talked for a while and kissed a bit more.  After about 10 minutes of hanging out and talking I did a time check and we got up and hit the showers. We left the club together.  He walked me back to my car, leaned down and kissed me and we agreed to keep in touch.

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  1. I guess good things do come to those who wait in this case it sure did.