Monday, March 7, 2011

Video booth suck off

I had just a little time to kill this morning in between and appointment and a conference call so I headed over to some video booths not knowing what to expect at 10 AM.  Walked in, got my change and headed down the stairs to the booths.  Did my lap up the first hall, hmmm, nothing to look at, then rounded the corner and headed down the second hall.  Sweet mother of....  hottie at 12 o'clock!  Very cute, had one of the fake mohawks, looked mulatto, had a stud in the spot right under his lip.  And to boot was very friendly and chatty.  He walked into one of the booths and left the door partially open.  I walked up and looked in and he waved me in.  He asked if I wanted to suck him off.  I was waiting for the candid camera.  I have never had someone this friendly and direct before.  I said yes and dropped to my knees.  He pulled out his dick and it was niiiiiccce.  About 8 I guess and med thick.  I started slobbering all over that knob.  I took a hit of poppers and started going at it.  He was telling me it felt good, play with his balls, cup them, slower, deeper, faster.  Oh it was good.  People kept coming by and trying the doorknob because I'm sure other people scouted him out too and saw how cute he was.  But I'm the one sucking his cock bitches!!  :)  Just kidding, I'm not a dick like that.  I just like dick.  Anyway, I blew him for a few more minutes and felt that familiar swell and that was followed by a light groan from him and some of the sweetest cum I've ever tasted.  Oh my GOD was it good.  Nice and thick, nice and sweet.  I could have kept it in my mouth all day but I swallowed it :)  I thanked him, he thanked me I told him I hoped we'd run into each other again sometime and got outside just in time for my conference call.....

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