Sunday, March 27, 2011

Club Fort Lauderdale...

So I decided to drive down to Lauderdale from Palm Beach last night because I was horny and bored.  I have never been to any of the clubs here so figured I'd give it a try.  Club Fort Lauderdale is a great set up. It's big, lots of hallways, open showers here and there, sauna, steam room, outside pool area.  All good.  After I did a few laps to get my bearings I decided to go into the sauna.  It was not dark so you could see everyone and there were some hot guys hanging out.  Lots of daddies too.  One guy (I'm guessing Cuban) kept pulling up his towel so I could see his massive dick semi hard under his towel.  He eventually got up and walked out and I followed but by the time I got outside I couldn't see where he had gone.  So I walked across to the steam room.  Loved it in there.  Hazy, lots of steam, takes you a minute to adjust.  Found a darker corner and sat down.  Within a few minutes a good looking thin guy was standing near the opening of where I was and a third guy was standing across the way from him.  They both came into the alcove where I was and sat down.  We started touching each others chest (me and the slim guy) and when the third guy touched the slim guy he got shy.  I asked the slim guy if he wanted to go back to my room and he said sure.  We walked back to my room and dropped our towels.  His dick was another big one.  Yum.  But he dropped to his knees first and started blowing me for a good long time while he jerked off.  He kept looking up at me and eventually asked if I wanted him to stop.  I said no.  He kept going and I started playing with his nipples.  When I did that he stopped and stood up with his eyes closed so I knew he liked it.  I kept my hands on his nipples and got on my knees and started blowing him.  He groaned "fuck yeah" and he took a hit of poppers.  I blew him for a while and then he pulled back and pulled me to my feet and got back down to work on my dick.  We went back and forth for a while and then he leaned over and started kissing me while he jerked off hard.  He started breathing hard so I knew he was going to cum.  I leaned in to suck his dick and he let me for a second and then pulled back and said "I'm gonna cum."  I leaned forward to take it and he said "I'm poz."  I leaned forward again and now he shoved his dick in my mouth and shot a load down my throat. It was creamy and such a good way to start the night.  We thanked each other, I told him I was just visiting and he told me it figures!

Back on the prowl, I did a lap and another Spanish guy followed me to a corner.  We started talking and he asked if I wanted to go back to his room.  We did and he pulled off his towel and showed an average dick.  I got on my knees and started blowing him.  He must have been ready to leave for the night and was probably edging all night because he came in less than 3 minutes.  Shot a big load down my throat and then smiled and grabbed his towel and left.  A few minutes later I saw him with his towel as he left fully dressed.  I was right, and lucky I was the one he decided to give his load to.

Back out in the halls.  I stopped in the video room and watched some porn with a few guys and then hit the halls again.  Another hairy daddy type stopped to chat and came back to my room.  He pulled off his towel and I got on my knees and started blowing him.  He had a smaller dick but enjoyed the head.  A few times I stopped and stood up and he just kept playing with my nipples.  Message was clear, he was not going to reciprocate so I finally just got back down on my knees and sucked his dick balls deep (remember it was small) until he creamed my throat.  Grabbed his towel and hit the showers with me.  We rinsed off and then I went back out in the halls.

I passed an open room with two guys in it.  A daddy and his boy, stopped and chatted but there were others that showed up and became too congested.  I walked away and kept circling.  I decided to go back to the steam room.  There was some action, group stuff going on in the dark corner where I was.  So I decided to join in.  I got on my knees and opened my mouth and the dicks started coming.  Because of the steam and being on your knees it's hard to see the faces clearly but you can see the body types and of course the dicks.  I randomly sucked off 3 more guys who pushed their dicks in my mouth, all 3 came.  The last was a HUGE dick.  He kept trying to drive it deep in my throat and I kept gagging.  He was getting irritated but I told him it was just too big for me.  He kept going and pushed the head in over and over.  His dick was really thick so it just wasn't going but it didn't stop him from busting a load in my mouth anyway.  I need to expand my skills on the bigger dicks.  Maybe I should try a cucumber or something.

My night ended with the daddy and boy walking the halls and stopping me to chat.  They asked if I wanted to go back to their room.  I said sure.  When we got in the boy immediately got on his knees and started blowing me.  He did this for a while and the daddy and I were kissing.  The boy got up and laid back on the bed a little and the daddy leaned over and started blowing me now.  I leaned over and started to blow the boy.  As soon as I did, the daddy jumped up and got in position behind me.  He put a huge wad of spit on my hole and on his dick and started trying to push in.  I had sucked dicks until now which was my goal but I certainly wasn't going to refuse this.  So I stopped blowing the boy.  I stood up, took a hit of poppers, laid back on the bed and spread my legs.  The daddy smiled and he pushed in.  The boy got on the bed next to me going back and forth from blowing me to making out with me.  He whispered in my ear that his daddy wanted to cum in me.  I said fuck yeah and the boy stuck his tongue back down my throat.  This went on for about 5 minutes and the daddy kept changing the position of my legs.  He started breathing hard and I knew it was coming.  The boy started making out with me furiously and started jerking me off at the same time.  As the daddy started to cum the boy jumped down and started blowing me like crazy.  He gave an amazing blow job.  Before the daddy was done squirting in my hole,  I started to cum in the boy's mouth and he drained me.  After it was done I thanked them, they both laughed and thanked me and I grabbed my towel, hit the shower and then went back to my room and left.  I could have done more but..... I am supposed to go to Slammers tonight so I didn't want to wear myself out on the first night.  Hoping for even more fun there tonight!

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  1. So hot!!! Can't wait to hear about your trip to Slammer - I was there in October and didn't find it as hot as LA Slammer. Damn I guess I should have gone to Club Ft. Lauderdale! -Dan