Friday, March 18, 2011

At the booths

Another day I had some extra time.  What to do, what to do?  How about a stop at the booths to suck some dick?  Hell yeah!  But wasn't it an extra special trip.  I walked in, got my change and walked downstairs to the booths.  I did my lap around to check out the scenery.  Not too much going on so I planted myself against a wall and watched the guys do their laps every now and again.  Seemed like once every 5 minutes a new guy would come in and either do a lap or go into a booth to jerk off.  I was getting tired of waiting and thought about leaving and then finally a good looking, tall, linebacker type build guy walked in and did a lap.  He stopped down the wall from me and hung out a while.  We exchanged looks a few times and then some other guys, older troll types, tried to get him to follow them into a booth.  He kept looking over at me.  I knew I had a date for the next 10 minutes if the other guys would go away.  We finally got a break and he walked not into one of the small booths but into one of the larger VIP booths.  I listened close and he didn't lock the door so I quickly moved down opened the door and he gave me the nod and I walked in.

I walked up to him, he was about 6'3" broad shoulders, short dirty blond hair and light eyes.  He had a nice chest and was definitely built like a linebacker.  I reached down and felt his crotch and he smiled.  I started to unzip and he let me while he pulled off his own shirt.  Nice chest and moderately hairy.  I got an instant hard on.  I got down on my knees and started blowing him once I got his dick out.  Nice length and good thickness but it got bigger as I started bowing him.  Probably 8 inches and a good thickness because I couldn't deep throat it at all (remember I am not as skilled as I'd like to be in this area) so I can usually judge length and girth by if I can get it deep in my mouth or not.  Still, he liked me working his knob and I used my hand to make up for not being able to go all the way down.  He was definitely enjoying it and every few minutes someone would try the door knob and try and get in.  He moved back and sat on the bench and I followed him on my knees and got back to work on his cock.  I worked his knob for a long while as he watched porn on the TV (straight porn).  I don't really care what he watched since his dick was in my mouth!  This went on for a while longer and then he whispered 'you like to get fucked?'  I said yeah and he said 'I have some lube but I don't have any rubbers.  Is that ok?'  Um.....yeeeesssss.  I got up and pulled down my pants and bent over the bench.  He turned me around so he could see the TV so instead I bent over and grabbed my ankles.  He had to squat a little since I'm short and he was not :)  But.....he lubed up my hole and his dick and slid right in.  Fuck it felt so good.  He moaned and said 'fuck yeah' as he started plowing me.  He grabbed the sides of my ass, grabbing a fistful of bubble butt in each hand.  He started going faster.  I tried to lift up and he pushed my head back down so I put my hands on the floor to steady myself bent over while he fucked me.  He was going in balls deep and I was loving it.  I could hear his balls slapping against my ass and he was moaning softly with each push.  It was awesome.  The guys trying to door knob became more frequent so I know everyone outside could hear his balls slapping against me too.  He started breathing hard and I felt that familiar tightening, knowing it was swelling and all of a sudden he grunted LOUDLY but I didn't care.  He shot a nice load deep in my gut.  He thrust another 6 or 7 times and then stopped breathing heavy with his dick still inside me.  He asked me if I wanted to cum and I laughed since there was a wad already squirted on the floor at my feet.  He didn't realize I had been so horny that after he shot in me I grabbed my dick and within 20 seconds shot my load on the floor.  He pulled out, grabbed some kleenex from his pocket, cleaned up, thanked me and left.  I pulled up my pants too and followed out so I could get a glimpse of him and his car in the parking lot.  New York license plate.  Arrrrgggghhh, I hope he is not just visiting.  I would not mind being bred by that daddy bear again!

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