Monday, March 28, 2011

Ohhhhh Myyyyyyy Goooodddd

I was torn on Slammers because some of the guys that I invited told me Club Fort Lauderdale was better.  I decided I'd make my own decision and I ended up going to Slammers.  Definitely not as fancy as Club Fort Lauderdale, just lots of halls and dark areas to get laid.....and get laid I did.  What sucks is they take your phone so I have no pics.  I was told the guys are not as hot.  That wasn't my experience and it was a Sunday night.  It was a better crowd than I got at Club Fort Lauderdale on Saturday night.  I won't say Club Fort Lauderdale sucks because it didn't I had a great time.  Slammers was less walking and looking and flat out sex from start to finish.  There were so many that I can't describe them all.  I did keep tally though.  I was there for 3 hours and can tell you 11 guys sucked my dick throughout the night (I wouldn't cum though because I wanted to keep going), I sucked 14 cocks, 4 of those came in my mouth (this is a big deal because I have never sucked so much dick in my life and we know I'm trying to be better at it - but my throat is sooooore today), and I got fucked by 17 guys and 11 of them shot loads in my hole.  It was running down my legs and squirted out in several instances.  The pic here is when I got back to the hotel.  That's what my hole that was fucked by 17 guys looks like :)

I can give you the first guy who fucked me (this was after I got sucked by two guys after I arrived and realized I needed to start servicing instead of being serviced).  A guy had a nice chest, big arms, little gut and was standing on the opposite side of a room from me and looking over.  I walked into the room and he followed me in.  This was a smart move because when he got hard his dick was BIG.  It was at least 8+ and thick.  Figured it was perfect to loosen me up for the rest of the night and little did I know how right I would be.  He was a big kisser like me and we both liked that, I blew his dick for a while and he kept trying to get it past that spot in my throat so it could slide down and I could deep throat him.  Wasn't happening with a dick his size....  Anyway, he stood me up and turned me around to see my hole, he got down and started rimming me.  He started to slide his dick in me doggie.  I took a hit of poppers and the fun began.  He did me doggie for a while and then stopped and told me to flip on my back so he could kiss me.  I did and we did this for a long while.  He then told me "I don't like quickies, you like long play?"  I said yes and he smiled.  He continued to fuck me on my side, he laid down and I straddled him, back to doggie, holding me up while he was standing with my legs around his waist, back to sucking his cock.  He fucked me seven ways from Sunday.  For 40 minutes of my 3 hours I was with him just plowing my hole, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes short and quick, sometimes long and deep.  There was a viewing hole in the top of the door so we got random visitors the whole time stopping to look.  He finally asked if I wanted to be bred.  I said yes please.  He told me to get on my back again and spread my legs.  I did and he slipped in and then he leaned over and kissed me and asked again if I wanted to be bred.  I said yes please, please again and that's all it took.  He shot a nice load in my hole.  He pulled out and laid on me.  We kissed for a while, he asked if I was from around there.  I said no, just visiting and he told me he should kidnap me and bring me back to his place to fuck all night.  I laughed and said it sounded good to me.  He did give me his name and number though for the next time I come down to Lauderdale.  Yum yum, gimme more.....

After that, I remember certain guys and let me tell you why.  Most of the cocksucking I did was in the dark room Plato's Den or something like that.  Dark, hard to see.  You can make out basic shapes but can't really see faces or anything.  That's where I was on my knees and sucked most of the dick.  3 of the 4 loads I swallowed were in that room.  Also in this room I was fucked by 6 of the 17 guys so I couldn't really see their faces, but could kind of see the bods.  The other guys I hooked up with in rooms were a Cuban guy who had a nice muscular chest and abs with an average size dick.  He made up for size by thrust.  He put his weight into it and was the hardest fuck I had all night.  I mean, he fucking PLOOOOOWED my ass, hard.  His load was the first that started dripping down my legs.

Another muscle daddy type was a room fuck.  He was oddly similar to the first guy but when he was about to cum he pulled out and started jerking off.  I jumped on my knees quick and got his dick in my mouth.  He whispered "I'm poz" before he started cumming and when I didn't stop he knew it was ok and let his load down my throat.

There was another area that was a small area where you walk in and there is a long bench where 3 or 4 guys usually stand and bend over taking dick.  I decided I'd try the anonymous scene and I took my shorts off, kept my poppers under my nose and got mounted by the rest of the guys that fucked me and gave me loads (except for one).  I didn't see faces, all I felt was cock and cum when they shot loads.  It was so fucking awesome.

The last guy was again similar in shape and size to the first.  I found him in the dark room where I sucked all the dicks.  I could tell he had a nice chest and started rubbing his crotch.  He started rubbing mine and then stuck his hand down the back of my shorts and felt my butt.  When he felt it wet he leaned over and asked if I wanted to go to a room.  I said yep and off we went.  He FEASTED on my hole and was eating everything I pushed out.  He snowballed some and just made out with sometimes too but when he was satisfied he decided to fuck me.  It was again on my back with my legs spread wide and he just plowed good and steady until he shot a load in my hole but when he was done he pulled out and leaned over and started blowing me.  I was so horned up at this point that I let him go.  I told him I was going to cum and he started going faster and it was a delayed reaction because of edging for so long but about 10 seconds after I told him, my dick started pulsing violently and I shot a huge load in his mouth.  He gagged and some spit back down on me.  But he was good enough to go back and clean it up.  He also asked if I was local and when I said no he said figures but I told him I hoped I'd see him again.  All in all, oh man, one of the best nights I have ever had as a pig.  FUCK YEAH!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Club Fort Lauderdale...

So I decided to drive down to Lauderdale from Palm Beach last night because I was horny and bored.  I have never been to any of the clubs here so figured I'd give it a try.  Club Fort Lauderdale is a great set up. It's big, lots of hallways, open showers here and there, sauna, steam room, outside pool area.  All good.  After I did a few laps to get my bearings I decided to go into the sauna.  It was not dark so you could see everyone and there were some hot guys hanging out.  Lots of daddies too.  One guy (I'm guessing Cuban) kept pulling up his towel so I could see his massive dick semi hard under his towel.  He eventually got up and walked out and I followed but by the time I got outside I couldn't see where he had gone.  So I walked across to the steam room.  Loved it in there.  Hazy, lots of steam, takes you a minute to adjust.  Found a darker corner and sat down.  Within a few minutes a good looking thin guy was standing near the opening of where I was and a third guy was standing across the way from him.  They both came into the alcove where I was and sat down.  We started touching each others chest (me and the slim guy) and when the third guy touched the slim guy he got shy.  I asked the slim guy if he wanted to go back to my room and he said sure.  We walked back to my room and dropped our towels.  His dick was another big one.  Yum.  But he dropped to his knees first and started blowing me for a good long time while he jerked off.  He kept looking up at me and eventually asked if I wanted him to stop.  I said no.  He kept going and I started playing with his nipples.  When I did that he stopped and stood up with his eyes closed so I knew he liked it.  I kept my hands on his nipples and got on my knees and started blowing him.  He groaned "fuck yeah" and he took a hit of poppers.  I blew him for a while and then he pulled back and pulled me to my feet and got back down to work on my dick.  We went back and forth for a while and then he leaned over and started kissing me while he jerked off hard.  He started breathing hard so I knew he was going to cum.  I leaned in to suck his dick and he let me for a second and then pulled back and said "I'm gonna cum."  I leaned forward to take it and he said "I'm poz."  I leaned forward again and now he shoved his dick in my mouth and shot a load down my throat. It was creamy and such a good way to start the night.  We thanked each other, I told him I was just visiting and he told me it figures!

Back on the prowl, I did a lap and another Spanish guy followed me to a corner.  We started talking and he asked if I wanted to go back to his room.  We did and he pulled off his towel and showed an average dick.  I got on my knees and started blowing him.  He must have been ready to leave for the night and was probably edging all night because he came in less than 3 minutes.  Shot a big load down my throat and then smiled and grabbed his towel and left.  A few minutes later I saw him with his towel as he left fully dressed.  I was right, and lucky I was the one he decided to give his load to.

Back out in the halls.  I stopped in the video room and watched some porn with a few guys and then hit the halls again.  Another hairy daddy type stopped to chat and came back to my room.  He pulled off his towel and I got on my knees and started blowing him.  He had a smaller dick but enjoyed the head.  A few times I stopped and stood up and he just kept playing with my nipples.  Message was clear, he was not going to reciprocate so I finally just got back down on my knees and sucked his dick balls deep (remember it was small) until he creamed my throat.  Grabbed his towel and hit the showers with me.  We rinsed off and then I went back out in the halls.

I passed an open room with two guys in it.  A daddy and his boy, stopped and chatted but there were others that showed up and became too congested.  I walked away and kept circling.  I decided to go back to the steam room.  There was some action, group stuff going on in the dark corner where I was.  So I decided to join in.  I got on my knees and opened my mouth and the dicks started coming.  Because of the steam and being on your knees it's hard to see the faces clearly but you can see the body types and of course the dicks.  I randomly sucked off 3 more guys who pushed their dicks in my mouth, all 3 came.  The last was a HUGE dick.  He kept trying to drive it deep in my throat and I kept gagging.  He was getting irritated but I told him it was just too big for me.  He kept going and pushed the head in over and over.  His dick was really thick so it just wasn't going but it didn't stop him from busting a load in my mouth anyway.  I need to expand my skills on the bigger dicks.  Maybe I should try a cucumber or something.

My night ended with the daddy and boy walking the halls and stopping me to chat.  They asked if I wanted to go back to their room.  I said sure.  When we got in the boy immediately got on his knees and started blowing me.  He did this for a while and the daddy and I were kissing.  The boy got up and laid back on the bed a little and the daddy leaned over and started blowing me now.  I leaned over and started to blow the boy.  As soon as I did, the daddy jumped up and got in position behind me.  He put a huge wad of spit on my hole and on his dick and started trying to push in.  I had sucked dicks until now which was my goal but I certainly wasn't going to refuse this.  So I stopped blowing the boy.  I stood up, took a hit of poppers, laid back on the bed and spread my legs.  The daddy smiled and he pushed in.  The boy got on the bed next to me going back and forth from blowing me to making out with me.  He whispered in my ear that his daddy wanted to cum in me.  I said fuck yeah and the boy stuck his tongue back down my throat.  This went on for about 5 minutes and the daddy kept changing the position of my legs.  He started breathing hard and I knew it was coming.  The boy started making out with me furiously and started jerking me off at the same time.  As the daddy started to cum the boy jumped down and started blowing me like crazy.  He gave an amazing blow job.  Before the daddy was done squirting in my hole,  I started to cum in the boy's mouth and he drained me.  After it was done I thanked them, they both laughed and thanked me and I grabbed my towel, hit the shower and then went back to my room and left.  I could have done more but..... I am supposed to go to Slammers tonight so I didn't want to wear myself out on the first night.  Hoping for even more fun there tonight!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Topped 100 followers.  Humbling.  Hope this year is as active as last year so you all get a good show (and my hole gets what it wants!)

Friday, March 18, 2011

At the booths

Another day I had some extra time.  What to do, what to do?  How about a stop at the booths to suck some dick?  Hell yeah!  But wasn't it an extra special trip.  I walked in, got my change and walked downstairs to the booths.  I did my lap around to check out the scenery.  Not too much going on so I planted myself against a wall and watched the guys do their laps every now and again.  Seemed like once every 5 minutes a new guy would come in and either do a lap or go into a booth to jerk off.  I was getting tired of waiting and thought about leaving and then finally a good looking, tall, linebacker type build guy walked in and did a lap.  He stopped down the wall from me and hung out a while.  We exchanged looks a few times and then some other guys, older troll types, tried to get him to follow them into a booth.  He kept looking over at me.  I knew I had a date for the next 10 minutes if the other guys would go away.  We finally got a break and he walked not into one of the small booths but into one of the larger VIP booths.  I listened close and he didn't lock the door so I quickly moved down opened the door and he gave me the nod and I walked in.

I walked up to him, he was about 6'3" broad shoulders, short dirty blond hair and light eyes.  He had a nice chest and was definitely built like a linebacker.  I reached down and felt his crotch and he smiled.  I started to unzip and he let me while he pulled off his own shirt.  Nice chest and moderately hairy.  I got an instant hard on.  I got down on my knees and started blowing him once I got his dick out.  Nice length and good thickness but it got bigger as I started bowing him.  Probably 8 inches and a good thickness because I couldn't deep throat it at all (remember I am not as skilled as I'd like to be in this area) so I can usually judge length and girth by if I can get it deep in my mouth or not.  Still, he liked me working his knob and I used my hand to make up for not being able to go all the way down.  He was definitely enjoying it and every few minutes someone would try the door knob and try and get in.  He moved back and sat on the bench and I followed him on my knees and got back to work on his cock.  I worked his knob for a long while as he watched porn on the TV (straight porn).  I don't really care what he watched since his dick was in my mouth!  This went on for a while longer and then he whispered 'you like to get fucked?'  I said yeah and he said 'I have some lube but I don't have any rubbers.  Is that ok?'  Um.....yeeeesssss.  I got up and pulled down my pants and bent over the bench.  He turned me around so he could see the TV so instead I bent over and grabbed my ankles.  He had to squat a little since I'm short and he was not :)  But.....he lubed up my hole and his dick and slid right in.  Fuck it felt so good.  He moaned and said 'fuck yeah' as he started plowing me.  He grabbed the sides of my ass, grabbing a fistful of bubble butt in each hand.  He started going faster.  I tried to lift up and he pushed my head back down so I put my hands on the floor to steady myself bent over while he fucked me.  He was going in balls deep and I was loving it.  I could hear his balls slapping against my ass and he was moaning softly with each push.  It was awesome.  The guys trying to door knob became more frequent so I know everyone outside could hear his balls slapping against me too.  He started breathing hard and I felt that familiar tightening, knowing it was swelling and all of a sudden he grunted LOUDLY but I didn't care.  He shot a nice load deep in my gut.  He thrust another 6 or 7 times and then stopped breathing heavy with his dick still inside me.  He asked me if I wanted to cum and I laughed since there was a wad already squirted on the floor at my feet.  He didn't realize I had been so horny that after he shot in me I grabbed my dick and within 20 seconds shot my load on the floor.  He pulled out, grabbed some kleenex from his pocket, cleaned up, thanked me and left.  I pulled up my pants too and followed out so I could get a glimpse of him and his car in the parking lot.  New York license plate.  Arrrrgggghhh, I hope he is not just visiting.  I would not mind being bred by that daddy bear again!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another milestone

Passed 60,000 views.  That's pretty humbling.  It's cool that so many guys have read about a hungry hole ha ha.  More to come also since I have some travel coming up for work.  I'll try and squeeze in some random fucks before then too so I keep the momentum going.  Almost at 100 followers also.  That's pretty sweet it.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Video booth suck off

I had just a little time to kill this morning in between and appointment and a conference call so I headed over to some video booths not knowing what to expect at 10 AM.  Walked in, got my change and headed down the stairs to the booths.  Did my lap up the first hall, hmmm, nothing to look at, then rounded the corner and headed down the second hall.  Sweet mother of....  hottie at 12 o'clock!  Very cute, had one of the fake mohawks, looked mulatto, had a stud in the spot right under his lip.  And to boot was very friendly and chatty.  He walked into one of the booths and left the door partially open.  I walked up and looked in and he waved me in.  He asked if I wanted to suck him off.  I was waiting for the candid camera.  I have never had someone this friendly and direct before.  I said yes and dropped to my knees.  He pulled out his dick and it was niiiiiccce.  About 8 I guess and med thick.  I started slobbering all over that knob.  I took a hit of poppers and started going at it.  He was telling me it felt good, play with his balls, cup them, slower, deeper, faster.  Oh it was good.  People kept coming by and trying the doorknob because I'm sure other people scouted him out too and saw how cute he was.  But I'm the one sucking his cock bitches!!  :)  Just kidding, I'm not a dick like that.  I just like dick.  Anyway, I blew him for a few more minutes and felt that familiar swell and that was followed by a light groan from him and some of the sweetest cum I've ever tasted.  Oh my GOD was it good.  Nice and thick, nice and sweet.  I could have kept it in my mouth all day but I swallowed it :)  I thanked him, he thanked me I told him I hoped we'd run into each other again sometime and got outside just in time for my conference call.....

Thursday, March 3, 2011


For those of you that read and know of my random hookups with my neighbor, get this!!  On my way home from work today I spotted his car pulled off in one of the rest areas off the highway.  Hot damn!!  He is more of a horndog pig then I thought.  Now what to do.  I don't want to call him on it because that might halt what we do now...but I am at a loss.  This shows me a whole new side of his fooling around with men and tells me I'm probably not the only guy who sucks his dick when he's horny....  hmmmm  :)