Sunday, February 27, 2011

drive to you, drive it in me

So I was super horny and was talking to a fuckbud on bbrt.  He lives near where I work but not where I live so I was on the fence for about 5 minutes until he told me he hadn't cum in a week.  I put on my sneakers and off I drove.  I got to his place and he was kidding.  He pretty much tore my clothes off and he was only in a t-shirt and shorts.  Those were off so fast it was like a magic trick.  He pushed me down to my knees and told me to blow him.  I did as told and worked his knob for a good long time.  He kept stopping me which told me he really was horny and had to keep stopping me so he wouldn't cum. He also wouldn't let me jerk off because he didn't want me to cum.  (we've played before and he knows my interest goes away for about 30 minutes after I cum, unless I'm crazy horny...)  So I kept starting and stopping.  Blow blow blow.  Yum.  Finally he said let's go get on the bed and I followed like a dog in heat.  Good analogy because we started doggie style.  He doesn't like lube so he used the spit left on his cock and he rimmed me for a while and kept spitting in my hole.  Then he rammed a fresh bottle of poppers under my nose and told me to breathe deep.  I did.  Weird feeling with the poppers....  Felt like a warm rush going down my throat.  Never felt like that before.  I'm wondering if it was laced with something but I got sooooo horny about 5 seconds later that I just started grabbing at his dick and saying fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.

So...he did.  :)  He slipped in and started slow for all of about 10 seconds and then started full throttle all the way out and all the way in balls deep.  Fuck, it felt so good.  He was groaning and I knew he was liking it too.  Just like the blowjob thought, we had to keep stopping because he didn't want to cum too fast.  We switched to me on my side with one leg up and him behind me lying on his side and we started again.  He did this one slow, all the way in and all the way out.  When he got tired of this he flipped on his back and told me to sit on top of him.  I straddled his cock ready for the rodeo and bucked up and down until he told me to stop.  I was loving this but the next position was my favorite and I begged him to cum in me.  I was on my back with my legs over his shoulders and he started drilling me deep.  He took a pic with his digital cam which is what you see here and then he started going hard and fast and I knew we were in the home stretch.  He started telling me how hot my hole was, that he was going to breed me good and dump a huge load in me.  He asked me if I wanted it.  I said yes, he told me to beg for it or he wouldn't give it to me so I begged and begged.  Please, please breed my hole.  Fuck my pussy.  Make me pregnant.  Give me your juice.  Please, please cum in me.  Please!!!  and then he leaned over and shoved his tongue down my throat.  He looked in my eyes and up close in my face as he was fucking me he said 'you want it pig?  you my cumpig?'  I said fuck yeah and he closed his eyes and started shooting in my hole.  He was not kidding.  Huge load pumped in me and one of those that I felt as it shot out, man I love that.  He collapsed on top of me with a big old smile and started kissing me.  He thanked me for driving so far to get him off and I told him it was obviously worth it.  Since I drove so far I jumped in the shower, cleaned off and then we watched some TV and got some pizza.  That made it even better for having driven an hour.  An ass full of cum and a pepperoni pizza.  Fuck yeah boys....


  1. Love the nasty dirty fucktalk!!! Very hot! -Dan

  2. You are both very lucky men! I'd swap places with either of you.

  3. Is it a pun when you say pepperoni pizza? Lol