Saturday, January 1, 2011

Right under the wire - Happy New Year

So the last two loads of the year came for me at a local video store.  I had read reviews online at and had always wondered about going to this location.  Had been to others but never to this one.  Well it is small, a single hallway with 12 booths and some older annoying queeny types that hold court in the hall.  Loud, commenting on everything.  One made a point of saying to someone else he knew that some guy had been there and either said or did something and he made a comment back 'not on my watch' like this is his job to monitor the video booths where people are trying to get off.  Ugggghhh.  Well he and his friend made several comments about me being young and hot to me and to anyone that walked by.  I almost left but I ignored them and one of them said 'be patient, something cute will come along'  I didn't talk to either of them because I didn't want to get pulled into any kind of conversation with them.  After about half an hour a tall guy who was dressed like a mechanic or something walked in.  He had a zippered dark sweatshirt and dark blue working pants.  The only thing he was missing was the patch on his chest with his name on it.  He was about 6'3", me likey.....  he had a slight chunky build but he was cute, little bald spot.  He walked into one of the only empty booths where an older guy wasn't blocking the doorway and I started to move in that direction and one of the two queeny guys took position in front of the closed door.  After a couple of minutes the guy opened the door and the old queen moved out of the way, pretending he didn't realize anyone was inside.  Luckily his cell phone rang and he left to answer the call.  When he did the guy went back into the booth turned around to look at me across the hall and rubbed his crotch.  I wasn't going to waste time.  I walked in and closed the door.

He pulled his pants down right away but got on his knees to pull my dick out and start blowing me.  He blew me for about 30 seconds and then stood up.  I got down and blew him for a couple of minutes and then stood up.  He got back down and blew me again and then stood up again.  I went to get back on my knees and he motioned for me to sit in the chair.  I did and then started blowing him again.  His dick was an average size.  It was a little sweaty which makes me think he definitely was on lunch or something.  I took a hit of poppers and then went back down on him like a crazy man.  I stopped to stand up and he pushed me back down.  He told me not to stop and I went back to sucking him off.  His dick got a little bigger and I knew it was the swell before the storm.  He leaned over and asked me if I wanted it.  I shook my head yes with his dick still in my mouth and less than a couple of seconds later he shot a load down my throat.  Not a big load but I was so horny I was sucking it hungrily and kept sucking him for about a minute after he came.  Finally I stopped and he looked down at me and asked if I wanted to jerk off.  I said nope, pulled up my pants and he walked out.  I went back into the hall.  I was going to leave when a really hot blond kid walked by the doorway to the booths and looked in.  He kept walking but was going back and forth for the next 10 minutes or so.

I almost gave up hope when the loud queen who had taken the call stopped to talk to the kid but he loudly talked about me being in the booths and that he should go in because I was cute and I should have something else cute to play with.  The kid came in and stood next to me.  He asked what I wanted.  I told him I wanted to blow someone.  He asked if I had singles and I said yes so we walked into a booth.  I touched his chest and it was spectacular and rock hard.  I got an instant erection.  He pulled his pants down and he was already hard.  Probably about 7 cut but thick, thicker than mine.  I got down and sucked him a bit and then he said 'I don't have much time, do you like to get fucked.'  I almost cried.  I said yep, but I don't have lube.  He said 'we can use spit, pull your pants down'.  I did as told, he bent me over a chair that was in there and spit and spit and spit to get me ready.  I asked if he wanted poppers.  He said no but I should take some to loosen me up.  I did and backed up so my butthole was touching the tip of his cock.  He asked if I was ready.  I said yes.  He slid in slowly and then picked up the tempo. I took another hit of poppers and he told me my hole was tight.  He was so fucking hot I couldn't believe my luck here.  I started telling him stuff like yeah fuck me, oh yeah, harder, etc.  He did as asked and pounded deep.  He pushed my stomach down on the chair and kind of laid his body weight onto me while he pounded.  A real loud slap of skin every time he came down.  Everyone outside must have known what was happening but I didn't care.  He started breathing heavy after a couple of minutes and asked if I was ready.  I said fuck yeah and I felt his dick start to throb.  He squirted a good 6 shots in my gut.  It was so awesome and because he was so fucking hot I begged him to let me lick his dick when he pulled out.  He was still dripping but pulled out and pushed it in my mouth.  I nursed it for a couple of minutes until he said he had to go.  He pulled up his pants and walked out before I was done.  A couple of the guys walked by and smiled at me pulling up my pants and being happy about it.  Not a bad first experience there even with the loud queens.  Thank you hot hot hot boy!!!

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