Sunday, January 16, 2011

LA fuckbud

Well, arrived safe and sound.  Took a car from the airport to my bud's apartment in West Hollywood.  The door was open, walked in, dropped my suitcase, said hey to the cats and walked into his bedroom where he was sleeping on the bed diagonally.  I leaned on the bed and he opened his eyes and smiled.  He grabbed around my back and pulled me into him and we started kissing.  After a couple of minutes he asked if I was going to take my clothes off or what.  I smiled, got naked and got on top of him.  We kissed more and he reached back and slowly played with my hole running his fingers around the outside and then every now and again sticking a tip in.  I pulled his shorts off and got to work on his dick.  I was sucking it, using my hand at the same time to jerk him off.  He liked it and when I went down he put his hand on the back of my head and tried to push me further.  I couldn't and I came up for air.  He said 'nope, you wanted to learn to suck dick and you're gonna.  you're gonna deep throat me.'  I told him I couldn't, I wasn't good at it and he told me I was going to get good at it.  For the next 20 minutes I sucked his dick and every now and again he would put his hand on the back of my head and push my head down.  He gave me instructions 'don't fight, just relax, let it in.'  I was asking how I'd breathe with his dick down my throat and he said it was only for a second and then when I came back up I would get more air.  We kept trying and after a couple of minutes he was able to get his dick (which is about 9 inches and thick by the way) past that spot in my throat.  As soon as he did I gagged and pulled up.  He said patiently 'good job, try again'  I did and gagged again but it did go down.  I asked if I could have a hit of poppers.  He said 'not this time. you need to learn to do it without poppers and then once you know how the poppers will just make you greedy for it and it will be easier.'  So I got back to work.  We kept going back and forth and his dick was all slippery.  He told me that was the best part because it was the mucous from the back of my throat.  He told me to keep doing it slowly.  And son of a bitch.  He was right.  It was starting to get easier.  Because I was relaxed and I wanted it I kept going down and getting it past that spot and into the deeper part of my throat taking his dick down to where the shaft hit his body.  I tried to go faster and he stopped me.  He told me to just keep doing it slow.  I did and I realized I was learning when to breathe in too and hold my breath so I could take it.  He groaned deep now every time I got it down.  This went on for another 5 or 10 minutes, not sure and he told me to go a little faster and use my hand too.  He said 'good boy, that's perfect' and as I was going down and getting his dick in my throat he groaned and without warning shot a load of cum in my throat.  I groaned and gagged and spit up cum all over his dick.  He pushed my head back down on his dick and I did my best to swallow in between coughs.  When he finished shooting he let me up and I coughed and coughed.  I said sorry for spitting up the cum on him and he laughed.  He grabbed a facecloth and wiped it off.  He said 'don't worry about it.  That was good, next lesson will be how to swallow.


  1. Damn, don't tell me we were in L.A. at the same time! I was there from the 30th to the 11th; I was in WeHo for the first 5 days. -Dan

  2. Ha, no worries Dan, I was there from the 15th thru the 18th. You still get to breed me next time I come to NYC!