Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year neighbor

Yep, he came back again.  Damn I love having a straight neighbor who knows the value of having a cocksucker or fuckhole across the street.  Some of you have emailed me and asked what he looks like.  Well, if you watch Ghost Hunters the guy with the shaved head and the goatee is named Jason Hawes.  He actually looks a lot like that.  Anyway, I was alone, had just gotten home and was in the driveway taking stuff from my trunk when I heard a whistle, not a sexy whistle, more like a 'hey you' whistle.  I turned around and he was in his driveway and he waved.  I waved and he walked down the driveway.  Right after he did this one of my neighbors from down the street was driving by and stopped at the top of the driveway to say hi.  So we both walked up and talked with the other neighbor for a bit.  After he drove away, my neighbor from across the street looked at me and said 'so, you alone for a bit?'  I said yeah and he said 'good.  wanna go in for a bit.'  I said hell yeah and we walked down the driveway.  He helped me take the last few things out of the trunk and we walked in.  It dawned on me he's always thinking.  If anyone was watching it would look like he had been talking to me and then helped me carry some stuff inside.

Little does everyone else know that once we get inside I get a load, ha ha.  Same as usual, even though he finally broke down and fucked me last time, this was a blow job visit.  He dropped his pants and said 'suck me off?'  I got on my knees and started blowing him.  I stopped got up and ran into the bathroom for a sec to grab some poppers.  I came back and he said 'what is that for?  is it drugs or something?  why do you always snort that?'  Now I'm happy enough just blowing this guy and swallowing his load and am grateful for the last session when he fucked me raw (because I um...had no rubbers he he) but is it just me or does it seem like he's getting more and more curious.  My heart started beating faster and I told him that it just gives me a quick high, makes me light-headed and I do a better job sucking.  He said 'oh' and I asked if he wanted to try.  He was hesitant but I told him they're not addictive or anything, they just make your head feel light.  He said ok and asked what he was supposed to do.  I told him to block one nostril and breathe in for a couple of seconds with the other over the top of the bottle and then do the same with the other nostril.  I took a hit first and got back on his dick.  As I blew him he took a hit.  He put the bottle on the counter and said 'holy shit.'  At first I was afraid for a second but then after a couple of seconds more he grabbed the back of my head hard and started to skull fuck me.  He started being loud saying 'fuck yeah, suck my dick you faggot.  you like that dick?'  He had never said stuff like that before so I was really turned on.  Between me moving my head forward and him plowing his dick down my throat we got a good rhythm going.  It didn't take long before I felt that familiar swell in my mouth.  He started moaning and saying 'yeah suck my dick.  you gonna swallow my load fag?'  I was crazy turned on.  A few seconds later he shot a nice big load down my throat.  He kept plowing my mouth even after the flavor was gone so I was thinking he wanted to go for round two but just as quick as I thought it, he stopped and pulled out.  He usually just pulls up his pants and goes but this time he breathed out hard and said something like 'wooooooo' and then sat down.  I asked if he was ok and he said 'yeah, that shit is intense.'  I laughed and told him I was sorry if he didn't like it.  He said he did like it and asked if I was going to be around next weekend.  I told him I was going to be traveling and he told me he would watch for me.  He liked that we did this more frequently and as long as we could keep it quiet he wanted to keep doing it.  I agreed and I am soooooo gonna get him to fuck me again!

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