Sunday, January 16, 2011

Busy afternoon

So I took my buds advice and went looking for fun.  I found a couple of guys on so I figured I cold hook up with both.  One was literally right across the street.  He said he couldn't host in his apartment because his roommate was home but he would meet me in the stairwell up to the roof and we could do it there.  I walked all the way up the steps and sure enough, he was sitting there in shorts and a tank top.  Cute, maybe 5'9" muscular and hairy but I wouldn't really call him a bear.  he had no underwear on and pulled his dick out the side of his shorts and I leaned down on the steps and started blowing him.  While I was blowing him he said 'I think this is more private at night, there are people in that building eating outside so not sure we can fuck'  I told him no problem, if he was cool just getting blown that would be cool with me.  He said hell yeah and I got back to it.  Didn't take long and he groaned and shot a huge load down my throat.  After I swallowed every drop he told me he and his roommate don't take people back if the other is there but that his roommate is gone tomorrow so if I want to come back and get fucked ;)

OK, we said we'd buddy each other (which I already did) and I headed off for load number two from bbrt. He was a bit of a bear/daddy mix.  He said 'wow, you're a hot guy'  I told him I was there for one thing only, to be bred.  He smiled, we took our clothes off.  He pushed me to my knees and I started sucking him until he got hard.  Once that was established he pulled me up and pushed me back on the bed and spread my legs.  He pulled out some elbow grease and lubed my hole and then his dick.  I took a hit of poppers and then he slid in.  He started slow with my legs over his shoulders and then started to pick up the pace.  It literally took him less than 5 minutes and he shot a load in me.  He apologized and I asked for what.  He said 'I don't usually cum that fast.'  I told him I was there to take his load and I did, so not a problem!  We shook hands, I got dressed and he walked me out.  Next!


  1. damn hot. would love to find u on bbrt n prep u for ur budd.

  2. Thanks man. my bbrt screen name is budboy07 and I'm always up for it man!