Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 tally

From a bottom's perspective....

So ending the year I took 162 loads.....123 in my ass the way all men should fuck.  There should be no thing such as a condom.  We are more sophisticated animals but should fuck like them.  Cum should be swapped every time sex happens.  It's what we're all for.  By the way, it's how we all got here...

and 29 loads in my mouth because cum is soooo tasty that you need to drink some every now and again...


  1. VERY hot tally! (How are you doing with the load collection in the freezer, by the way? I'm up to 80+ right now - seriously need to have a party when I get to 100!) -Dan

  2. Hey Dan, still at the 50. It's a small tupperware container so don't think there's room for much more! You're at 80 and counting? Nice! You definitely beat me dude!