Sunday, January 30, 2011

New milestone

Passed the 50,000 view mark.  Pretty sweet that so many guys have had a look at the blog.  

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Off to the baths again

I had a craving to get dicked and as we know I live in the sticks so.....a quick 45 minute drive on Friday night brought me to the nearest baths to my house.  Got my room, got naked, put my towel on, grabbed my bottle of poppers and headed out to walk the floor.  It was actually a pretty active night.  Always hit or miss there but pleasantly surprised with what was there last night.  Action started early.  I stopped in the steam room and wandered through the steam straining to find something good.  I stumbled on a guy who was sitting in a corner stroking his dick.  Latin man, uncut, thick.  I bent down and started blowing him.  He groaned instantly and his hard on got a little harder in less than 10 seconds.  His dick wasn't that long but it was thick so it was real nice to suck.  As if he knew what my plan was for the night, he leaned over and asked if I wanted to go back to his room.  I said sure and we headed off.  I followed him in and we both hung up our towels and he laid back on the bed.  I went back to work blowing him and that went on for a few minutes until he asked if I liked to get fucked.  I said yes and he pulled me up and grabbed some lube.  He fingered the lube into my hole and lubed up his dick and then started to push inside.  The best part of sex is when it's a no questions asked fuck.  He didn't ask about rubbers or anything.  He just slipped in raw, and I didn't say anything so he knew I was into it.  Love that!!  I was on the edge of the bed with head towards the wall and pillow off to my side.  He grabbed my legs and instead of over his shoulders he held them out as wide as he could hold them.  I was doing a split in mid air with his help and he started plowing me slow and started picking up the speed bit by bit.  He started talking and mixing English and Spanish.  'You like that puta?'  I said yeah and he said a couple of other things that I didn't pick up but I am guessing they had to do with the fact that his raw dick was in me and  pretty soon his cum would be too.  He had picked up the pace and was going full force, anyone walking by could hear his balls slapping against my ass.  No change up, just the one position.  His goal was I'm guessing just to cum and about a minute later he did.  He shot a load in my ass and as he was still squirting he pulled out and a stream shot across my chest and into my face and then he straddled me and stuck his dick in my mouth.  One last small squirt came out in my mouth and I got a taste.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, Latin cum.  Yum yum.

When he was cleaned off he asked if I wanted to hang out.  I said sure and then he let out that he was there with friends and they were sharing the room.  I asked if he wanted me to go.  He said no, when they came back they'd probably want to fuck me too.  Awww yeah boy........ I picked the right guy out of the gates tonight.  He had two friends that came back.  The first was another Latin guy who was about the same length as the guy who just fucked me but not as thick.  Didn't matter to me, he came in and we chatted.  His friend told him he had fucked me and it was good.  So my new friend told me to get on all fours and he mounted me from behind.  We both watched ourselves fuck in the mirror on the wall while the first guy egged us on.  He rode me for what seemed like an eternity.  It really had to have been on and off for half an hour.  He was like a machine but he knew what he was doing too.  He was sticking fingers in my ass while his dick was pumping then he'd pull them out and stick them in my mouth so I could taste the cum he was squishing out.  His bud got on the front of the bed and stuck his dick in my mouth while his bud fucked me.  Then a knock on the door.  Friend number 2 was here.  The first guy pulled his dick out of my mouth and answered the door.  Friend 2 was a black guy.  He came in a dropped his towel.  He had a big dick.  Not holy shit big, but wow...big.  He took the place of the first guy and stuck his dick in my mouth while friend 1 finished up pumping my ass and finally gave me the money shot.

After he pulled out the black guy flipped me over on my back and threw my legs over his shoulders.  I had two loads in my ass, no need for lube.  I took a hit of poppers and then he slid in.  It stretched me but I was horny so I just moaned.  He told one of the others to open the door so others could see.  They did and then the two Latin guys got on each side of him while he fucked me.  He was fucking me and looking at himself in the mirror and he could also check the door out that way.  Guys were coming by and peeking in and within a few minutes there was a crowd.  The black guy kept nodding guys in and before you knew it there were 4 more guys in the room with us.  2 of them got on their knees and started sucking the dicks of the others in the room but one was standing stroking his dick so the black guy slowly pulled out and nodded for the guy to step in.  This guy was a football player build, rugged, hairy, nice cock.  He slipped in and the orgy seemed to have started.  One of the cocksuckers saw the black guys dick and practically jumped at him to start sucking him off.  The latin guys were giving up their dicks to anyone looking to suck.  My new friend was fucking me and after a few minutes he groaned loud and shot a load in me.  Everyone egged him on and when he pulled out a squirt of cum shot out of my ass after his dick.   The other cocksucker kneeled behind my but and started rimming me while some more cum dripped out.  The black guy decided it was time.  He pulled his dick out of the cocksuckers mouth and got back in place at my hole and started fucking me.  They were all egging him on and more guys had shown up at the door.  A few were waved away by the latin guys but a couple more got the nod and came in.  Standing room only now and both these guys were stroking their dicks.  The line was forming.  My black friend didn't want to hold the line up so he started piston fucking me and I started to moan because his dick was big and I felt it.  But, when you're being egged on like that it's almost like the pain is secondary and you want the guys watching to see that you can take it.  And take it I did.  After another few minutes of brutal pounding, the black guy shot his load in my ass.  So fucking goo, I felt it squirt in me.  Love that feeling.  He pulled out and moved to my mouth and it was like an assembly line, the next guy moved up and slid in.  Average dick, slim bod, he was the only one who actually said something about his cum.  He said he was poz and I didn't react.  That made him start fucking hard and after a few minutes he shot his load in my hole.  He pulled out and traded places with the black guy who was now clean and number 6 moved into place.  He also had an average dick, small frame and he fucked like a rabbit, small quick bursts and it didn't take him longer than a couple of minutes.  It was probably the adrenaline of the group that made him cum so fast.  Now all the guys were standing around stroking each other and one of the cocksuckers bent over the bed and it was round two for my football build friend.  He mounted this new bottom and at the same time a wad of cum dropped out of my ass.  I stood up as it dripped down my legs.  I decided to go shower and as I walked to the shower another wad squirted out onto the carpet on my way.  I know it is a sex club but I felt bad thinking about who was going to have to clean that.

I got to the shower and fingered my hole and felt a little more come out.  I finished washing and put my towel on and hit the floor again.  The room with my friends was now closed door so I went back to laps. I went into the sauna and there were some guys in there.  It was dark and I felt a nice size dick with my hands in the corner so I bent over the bench near the guy and he knew what I wanted.  He stood up behind me and slid his dick in my hole.  The other guys in the sauna were instantly on us like bees on honey.  Hands probing while the guy fucked me and one guy found his way underneath me and got my dick in his mouth.  He started blowing me and I tried to get him to stop but he wouldn't.  I was real horny still and because of that I knew I'd cum fast.  I did.  It was only about 2 minutes and I shot a load in the cocksucker's mouth.  About a minute after that the guy fucking me shot his load in my hole.  I thanked him and headed back to the shower.  I washed off again and then headed to my room.  I like to bottom without getting off because I haven't mastered control of that function yet.  Unless it's a full moon or something, once I cum my sex drive dies for a while.  That's just what happened.  But, I guess 7 loads is better than none before I got my rocks off ;)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You have a cup of sugar for me?

Yep, my neighbor came by again today.  I was alone when I got home from work and so was he.  I went out to get the mail and he met me outside and asked me what was going on.  I told him I was alone for a bit and he smiled.  He followed me down the driveway, we walked inside and he pulled out his dick.  I did my job and got on my knees and polished his knob like I have done several times now.  It's getting better.  I get hard as a rock now when I get his dick in my mouth.  I am trying out my new techniques too and using my hands more.  He groaned so I think he liked the half jerk off and half blow job.  It didn't take him long before he shot a load in my mouth.  I asked if he liked it and he said yep.  He wiped off his dick and started talking football as he zipped up.  I would looooove to be between his leg while he watches the game!

In other news, I spoke to a guy who had an ad on craigslist.  He's looking for someone to blow him on a reg basis and I agreed.  I told him I want to get better at sucking cock and he said he will help me out with that.  Sometimes he'll do it gentle and sometimes he will skull fuck me.  I can't wait to start my lessons!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Farewell LA

so even though we planned on video I got nothing!  Oh well, all that happened the last night was more of me practicing deep throating on my bud (he is very patient - but who isn't when someone is blowing them?) and then after the warm up he fucked me again and then brought me to the airport to fly home.  Since I didn't have any video I thought what could I do?  It dawned on me that I swallowed and got fucked while I was in LA but I hadn't cum at all myself.  So....I decided to beat off today, VERY HORNY and share the load with you ;)  Enjoy!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Busy afternoon

So I took my buds advice and went looking for fun.  I found a couple of guys on so I figured I cold hook up with both.  One was literally right across the street.  He said he couldn't host in his apartment because his roommate was home but he would meet me in the stairwell up to the roof and we could do it there.  I walked all the way up the steps and sure enough, he was sitting there in shorts and a tank top.  Cute, maybe 5'9" muscular and hairy but I wouldn't really call him a bear.  he had no underwear on and pulled his dick out the side of his shorts and I leaned down on the steps and started blowing him.  While I was blowing him he said 'I think this is more private at night, there are people in that building eating outside so not sure we can fuck'  I told him no problem, if he was cool just getting blown that would be cool with me.  He said hell yeah and I got back to it.  Didn't take long and he groaned and shot a huge load down my throat.  After I swallowed every drop he told me he and his roommate don't take people back if the other is there but that his roommate is gone tomorrow so if I want to come back and get fucked ;)

OK, we said we'd buddy each other (which I already did) and I headed off for load number two from bbrt. He was a bit of a bear/daddy mix.  He said 'wow, you're a hot guy'  I told him I was there for one thing only, to be bred.  He smiled, we took our clothes off.  He pushed me to my knees and I started sucking him until he got hard.  Once that was established he pulled me up and pushed me back on the bed and spread my legs.  He pulled out some elbow grease and lubed my hole and then his dick.  I took a hit of poppers and then he slid in.  He started slow with my legs over his shoulders and then started to pick up the pace.  It literally took him less than 5 minutes and he shot a load in me.  He apologized and I asked for what.  He said 'I don't usually cum that fast.'  I told him I was there to take his load and I did, so not a problem!  We shook hands, I got dressed and he walked me out.  Next!

The fun continues....

So my bud got up and showered.  I told him I felt like I wanted to shower too after being on a plane for 6 hours to get here.  When he was done I jumped in and cleaned up.  I got out and got dressed and his brother was home.  Said hi and we chatted.  His brother asked what I was going to do that night and I said I didn't know.  My bud had to work so he said to go have fun or something.  I was kind of tired so wasn't sure.  In the afternoon he wanted to have a nap before going to work but he called me into his room before he got on the bed and said 'time for a fuck.  that will help me sleep' and he smiled.  I said I wasn't sure if I was clean.  He said 'Didn't you already shower?  Why didn't you use the douche and clean your hole?'  I told him I didn't know if he wanted to fuck after me blowing him.  He told me to go douche and he also said to keep my ass ready the entire time I was here.  I jumped back in the shower and cleaned out.  Came back in the bedroom and we started kissing.  He's almost a foot taller than me which drives me nuts.  I love how he holds me and then he held my face and said 'how do you wanna take it'  I told him any way he wanted to give it.  He smirked and told me to bend over the bed.  I did and he lubed me up and fingered me for a few minutes.  He said 'oh fuck yeah, I remember this hole' then he tossed a bottle of poppers on the bed in front of me.  I took a hit and as I did he slid his dick in me and groaned.  He started fucking me slowly and loosening up my hole.  He did this for a few minutes and he took a hot of poppers also.  He said 'now you can turn on your back.'  I did and he pulled me to the edge of the bed and pushed his dick back inside.  He started fucking me at a slow and deep pace and then pulled his dick all the way out and pushed it all the way back in.  Then all the way out, and all the way back in.  He did this maybe 15 times and then pushed in and tok another hit of poppers and started going faster.  he told me to push back on the bed and he got on it too.  He lifted my ass of the bed and straddled over me holding my legs up and pounding down into my hole.  I started moaning.  His brother laughed from the other room and say jokingly 'hey!  keep it down in there' and then laughed.  My bud was pushing his weight down on me as he pounded me from above.  It was so fucking good.  Last position, he let my ass down, I took another hit of poppers and he got on his knees behind me and held one leg over his shoulder and the other held out wide.  He started going faster now and said 'this what you came here for?  you want me to breed you all weekend?'  I said fuck yeah, please, please.  He smiled and said 'don't worry, you're gonna get plenty of cum.  remember this is just the first day.'    Right after he said this he shot a load in me and groaned.  Then he collapsed on me and we made out while his dick was still in me.  God I love getting fucked by this guy!  He jumped back in the shower and came back into the bedroom and we both napped for about an hour.  He got up and had a bite to eat, I stayed in bed.  He was in the kitchen talking with his brother and when he was done eating brushed his teeth and came back to the bedroom to kiss me.  He said 'make yourself at home.  my brother is here if you wanna hang out.  if you wanna go out and get fucked, there's a sex club a few blocks over.  but, i'm gonna fuck you again when I get home from work ok?'  I smiled and said yeah.  He said ok, see you at 2 (AM) and I fell back asleep for a few hours.  When I woke up I went into the living room and the door was open so I knew his brother was probably outside smoking.  He was and came back in and we sat and watched tv.  I had a bite to eat and then his brother fell asleep on the couch.  He had an early morning, some commercial he was going to be in.  So I went back to the bedroom to log on and see what was going on and I actually fell asleep while online.  I woke up with a kiss at about quarter past 2 in the morning and it was my bud.  He said 'you sleep ok?'  I said yeah and he said 'time to get up, time to get fucked again.'  I was waking up and he told me to bend over the end of the bed (where my feet were) and I did.  He lubed my up again and took a hit of poppers.  He told me to look to my left and I was looking at him fucking me in the mirrored doors of his closet.  I tried to take some video with my camera but it was too dark and didn't come out good.  He told me there would be more time for that the next couple of days.  This was a quick "I need to come before bed" fuck.  He went full force.  I was face down in the sheets biting the comforter so I wouldn't moan loud.  It only took him a couple of minutes and he shot another load in my hole.  He leaned down and kissed the back of my neck.  He climbed up on the bed and grabbed a face cloth to clean the lube off his dick and got in bed.  He patted the bed next to him telling me to come up and I got up and laid on his chest while we fell asleep.  I'm still on East coast time so I was up before him (a few hours before).  I just hung out in the living room until he got up.  He had some coffee.  We talked about dinner plans tonight and then he showered and said he had to go back to work. I said this early?  He laughed and said 'were you hoping we would fuck all morning?'  I said yeah and he leaned down and kissed me.  He said 'you will be getting fucked again tonight after dinner, don't worry that sweet ass of yours, but while I'm at work why don't you find some more dick?  You're in West Hollywood and with your bod, you won't have trouble.'  I smile, he kissed me again and told me he'd see me later.  Now, I wanted to post before I forgot everything but I'm thinking it might be time to find some more dick!

LA fuckbud

Well, arrived safe and sound.  Took a car from the airport to my bud's apartment in West Hollywood.  The door was open, walked in, dropped my suitcase, said hey to the cats and walked into his bedroom where he was sleeping on the bed diagonally.  I leaned on the bed and he opened his eyes and smiled.  He grabbed around my back and pulled me into him and we started kissing.  After a couple of minutes he asked if I was going to take my clothes off or what.  I smiled, got naked and got on top of him.  We kissed more and he reached back and slowly played with my hole running his fingers around the outside and then every now and again sticking a tip in.  I pulled his shorts off and got to work on his dick.  I was sucking it, using my hand at the same time to jerk him off.  He liked it and when I went down he put his hand on the back of my head and tried to push me further.  I couldn't and I came up for air.  He said 'nope, you wanted to learn to suck dick and you're gonna.  you're gonna deep throat me.'  I told him I couldn't, I wasn't good at it and he told me I was going to get good at it.  For the next 20 minutes I sucked his dick and every now and again he would put his hand on the back of my head and push my head down.  He gave me instructions 'don't fight, just relax, let it in.'  I was asking how I'd breathe with his dick down my throat and he said it was only for a second and then when I came back up I would get more air.  We kept trying and after a couple of minutes he was able to get his dick (which is about 9 inches and thick by the way) past that spot in my throat.  As soon as he did I gagged and pulled up.  He said patiently 'good job, try again'  I did and gagged again but it did go down.  I asked if I could have a hit of poppers.  He said 'not this time. you need to learn to do it without poppers and then once you know how the poppers will just make you greedy for it and it will be easier.'  So I got back to work.  We kept going back and forth and his dick was all slippery.  He told me that was the best part because it was the mucous from the back of my throat.  He told me to keep doing it slowly.  And son of a bitch.  He was right.  It was starting to get easier.  Because I was relaxed and I wanted it I kept going down and getting it past that spot and into the deeper part of my throat taking his dick down to where the shaft hit his body.  I tried to go faster and he stopped me.  He told me to just keep doing it slow.  I did and I realized I was learning when to breathe in too and hold my breath so I could take it.  He groaned deep now every time I got it down.  This went on for another 5 or 10 minutes, not sure and he told me to go a little faster and use my hand too.  He said 'good boy, that's perfect' and as I was going down and getting his dick in my throat he groaned and without warning shot a load of cum in my throat.  I groaned and gagged and spit up cum all over his dick.  He pushed my head back down on his dick and I did my best to swallow in between coughs.  When he finished shooting he let me up and I coughed and coughed.  I said sorry for spitting up the cum on him and he laughed.  He grabbed a facecloth and wiped it off.  He said 'don't worry about it.  That was good, next lesson will be how to swallow.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year neighbor

Yep, he came back again.  Damn I love having a straight neighbor who knows the value of having a cocksucker or fuckhole across the street.  Some of you have emailed me and asked what he looks like.  Well, if you watch Ghost Hunters the guy with the shaved head and the goatee is named Jason Hawes.  He actually looks a lot like that.  Anyway, I was alone, had just gotten home and was in the driveway taking stuff from my trunk when I heard a whistle, not a sexy whistle, more like a 'hey you' whistle.  I turned around and he was in his driveway and he waved.  I waved and he walked down the driveway.  Right after he did this one of my neighbors from down the street was driving by and stopped at the top of the driveway to say hi.  So we both walked up and talked with the other neighbor for a bit.  After he drove away, my neighbor from across the street looked at me and said 'so, you alone for a bit?'  I said yeah and he said 'good.  wanna go in for a bit.'  I said hell yeah and we walked down the driveway.  He helped me take the last few things out of the trunk and we walked in.  It dawned on me he's always thinking.  If anyone was watching it would look like he had been talking to me and then helped me carry some stuff inside.

Little does everyone else know that once we get inside I get a load, ha ha.  Same as usual, even though he finally broke down and fucked me last time, this was a blow job visit.  He dropped his pants and said 'suck me off?'  I got on my knees and started blowing him.  I stopped got up and ran into the bathroom for a sec to grab some poppers.  I came back and he said 'what is that for?  is it drugs or something?  why do you always snort that?'  Now I'm happy enough just blowing this guy and swallowing his load and am grateful for the last session when he fucked me raw (because I um...had no rubbers he he) but is it just me or does it seem like he's getting more and more curious.  My heart started beating faster and I told him that it just gives me a quick high, makes me light-headed and I do a better job sucking.  He said 'oh' and I asked if he wanted to try.  He was hesitant but I told him they're not addictive or anything, they just make your head feel light.  He said ok and asked what he was supposed to do.  I told him to block one nostril and breathe in for a couple of seconds with the other over the top of the bottle and then do the same with the other nostril.  I took a hit first and got back on his dick.  As I blew him he took a hit.  He put the bottle on the counter and said 'holy shit.'  At first I was afraid for a second but then after a couple of seconds more he grabbed the back of my head hard and started to skull fuck me.  He started being loud saying 'fuck yeah, suck my dick you faggot.  you like that dick?'  He had never said stuff like that before so I was really turned on.  Between me moving my head forward and him plowing his dick down my throat we got a good rhythm going.  It didn't take long before I felt that familiar swell in my mouth.  He started moaning and saying 'yeah suck my dick.  you gonna swallow my load fag?'  I was crazy turned on.  A few seconds later he shot a nice big load down my throat.  He kept plowing my mouth even after the flavor was gone so I was thinking he wanted to go for round two but just as quick as I thought it, he stopped and pulled out.  He usually just pulls up his pants and goes but this time he breathed out hard and said something like 'wooooooo' and then sat down.  I asked if he was ok and he said 'yeah, that shit is intense.'  I laughed and told him I was sorry if he didn't like it.  He said he did like it and asked if I was going to be around next weekend.  I told him I was going to be traveling and he told me he would watch for me.  He liked that we did this more frequently and as long as we could keep it quiet he wanted to keep doing it.  I agreed and I am soooooo gonna get him to fuck me again!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Yum yum cum of sum yung boy

Should be on every Chinese food menu.  It was better than I expected.  He is a cute, small (5'7" 125 pound) Portuguese boy.  He peeked out the door when I pulled up because I sent him a text telling him I was there.  I walked up the steps and he opened the door in a t-shirt and his underwear.  I said wow, you're a hot little boytoy.  He said thanks and I grabbed for his crotch.  He pulled down his undies and showed me a med size uncut cock.  Real nice head though.  Twice the thickness of the shaft.  I got on my knees and started sucking him off right away.  My mouth never left his dick again...not even for a second.

He was standing for a couple of minutes and then backed up and sat in a chair while I bobbed my head up and down in his lap.  He was rubbing the back of my head with his hand and he had his foot in between my legs while I kneeled in front of him and he was rubbing my crotch through my jeans.  I started sucking faster and deeper while he rubbed my dick with his foot and he started moaning.  He was moaning so softly and every now and again he let out a 'oh yeah'.  The moans started coming faster so I knew where we were headed and I sooooo wanted it that I went faster and deeper.  His dick was swelled, like I said nice head so every time it passed my tongue I made sure to hit it dead center underneath.  He liked that.  It was also a great length so I could take the entire shaft (I have to admit I am not the best deep throater - I need more practice - anyone wanna offer?  ha ha).  I felt the rock hard shaft and the head swell a little bigger and then he moaned and grabbed the back of my head to hold it still while he came.  None of that, I wanted to milk every drop out of this boy so I kept going even though he was trying to stop me.  He shot a load in my mouth which was one of the sweetest I have ever tasted.  Not the hottest, that is usually latino cum - so warm.  Mmmm mmmm but I am losing track.  It was sweet, almost like it was mixed with just a little piece of butter or something.  I got rock hard when I tasted it.  I waited until no more dripped out.  I got up, grabbed my sunglasses and said anytime bro, you're on my way to work.  Just say the word.  Such a great way to start the year.  19 year old cum is sweeeeeettt.  HOT!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kickoff to 2011

I don't usually post in advance of a hook up but my first cock this year will be tomorrow morning and I'm excited.  It's a 19 year old 5'7" 126 pound soooo damn cute kid who wants to get blown.  He says he's going to cum in my mouth, little does he know I wouldn't have stopped anyway.  I wish I could post his pic (maybe I'll ask) but I will be one happy dawg tomorrow after I get a taste of that sweet boy jizz.  Oh man I'm hard thinking about it.  I hope this turns into a reg thing and I hope I can get him to fuck me at some point!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 tally

From a bottom's perspective....

So ending the year I took 162 loads.....123 in my ass the way all men should fuck.  There should be no thing such as a condom.  We are more sophisticated animals but should fuck like them.  Cum should be swapped every time sex happens.  It's what we're all for.  By the way, it's how we all got here...

and 29 loads in my mouth because cum is soooo tasty that you need to drink some every now and again...

Right under the wire - Happy New Year

So the last two loads of the year came for me at a local video store.  I had read reviews online at and had always wondered about going to this location.  Had been to others but never to this one.  Well it is small, a single hallway with 12 booths and some older annoying queeny types that hold court in the hall.  Loud, commenting on everything.  One made a point of saying to someone else he knew that some guy had been there and either said or did something and he made a comment back 'not on my watch' like this is his job to monitor the video booths where people are trying to get off.  Ugggghhh.  Well he and his friend made several comments about me being young and hot to me and to anyone that walked by.  I almost left but I ignored them and one of them said 'be patient, something cute will come along'  I didn't talk to either of them because I didn't want to get pulled into any kind of conversation with them.  After about half an hour a tall guy who was dressed like a mechanic or something walked in.  He had a zippered dark sweatshirt and dark blue working pants.  The only thing he was missing was the patch on his chest with his name on it.  He was about 6'3", me likey.....  he had a slight chunky build but he was cute, little bald spot.  He walked into one of the only empty booths where an older guy wasn't blocking the doorway and I started to move in that direction and one of the two queeny guys took position in front of the closed door.  After a couple of minutes the guy opened the door and the old queen moved out of the way, pretending he didn't realize anyone was inside.  Luckily his cell phone rang and he left to answer the call.  When he did the guy went back into the booth turned around to look at me across the hall and rubbed his crotch.  I wasn't going to waste time.  I walked in and closed the door.

He pulled his pants down right away but got on his knees to pull my dick out and start blowing me.  He blew me for about 30 seconds and then stood up.  I got down and blew him for a couple of minutes and then stood up.  He got back down and blew me again and then stood up again.  I went to get back on my knees and he motioned for me to sit in the chair.  I did and then started blowing him again.  His dick was an average size.  It was a little sweaty which makes me think he definitely was on lunch or something.  I took a hit of poppers and then went back down on him like a crazy man.  I stopped to stand up and he pushed me back down.  He told me not to stop and I went back to sucking him off.  His dick got a little bigger and I knew it was the swell before the storm.  He leaned over and asked me if I wanted it.  I shook my head yes with his dick still in my mouth and less than a couple of seconds later he shot a load down my throat.  Not a big load but I was so horny I was sucking it hungrily and kept sucking him for about a minute after he came.  Finally I stopped and he looked down at me and asked if I wanted to jerk off.  I said nope, pulled up my pants and he walked out.  I went back into the hall.  I was going to leave when a really hot blond kid walked by the doorway to the booths and looked in.  He kept walking but was going back and forth for the next 10 minutes or so.

I almost gave up hope when the loud queen who had taken the call stopped to talk to the kid but he loudly talked about me being in the booths and that he should go in because I was cute and I should have something else cute to play with.  The kid came in and stood next to me.  He asked what I wanted.  I told him I wanted to blow someone.  He asked if I had singles and I said yes so we walked into a booth.  I touched his chest and it was spectacular and rock hard.  I got an instant erection.  He pulled his pants down and he was already hard.  Probably about 7 cut but thick, thicker than mine.  I got down and sucked him a bit and then he said 'I don't have much time, do you like to get fucked.'  I almost cried.  I said yep, but I don't have lube.  He said 'we can use spit, pull your pants down'.  I did as told, he bent me over a chair that was in there and spit and spit and spit to get me ready.  I asked if he wanted poppers.  He said no but I should take some to loosen me up.  I did and backed up so my butthole was touching the tip of his cock.  He asked if I was ready.  I said yes.  He slid in slowly and then picked up the tempo. I took another hit of poppers and he told me my hole was tight.  He was so fucking hot I couldn't believe my luck here.  I started telling him stuff like yeah fuck me, oh yeah, harder, etc.  He did as asked and pounded deep.  He pushed my stomach down on the chair and kind of laid his body weight onto me while he pounded.  A real loud slap of skin every time he came down.  Everyone outside must have known what was happening but I didn't care.  He started breathing heavy after a couple of minutes and asked if I was ready.  I said fuck yeah and I felt his dick start to throb.  He squirted a good 6 shots in my gut.  It was so awesome and because he was so fucking hot I begged him to let me lick his dick when he pulled out.  He was still dripping but pulled out and pushed it in my mouth.  I nursed it for a couple of minutes until he said he had to go.  He pulled up his pants and walked out before I was done.  A couple of the guys walked by and smiled at me pulling up my pants and being happy about it.  Not a bad first experience there even with the loud queens.  Thank you hot hot hot boy!!!