Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wrap up 2011

Almost the end of the year.  I have been in NYC a few more times since my last post and I had some fun.  One of the weeks I went back to Paddles for a different party posted on BBRT.  It was for men of color and their admirers.  Have to be honest, there was not that much there that I saw but I still got fucked by 3 different guys.  The best was a beefy tall black guy but he had a BIG FAT dick.  That felt the best and he bent me over the sling in the back corner and just railed me for about 10 minutes.  Sex draws a crowd in a place like that so a bunch of other guys started swirling around and I got to sample a few dicks with my mouth while the black hose filled me up :)

Last week I also got a couple of guys off of bbrt to come to my hotel room and we had a little party.  One was a hung Asian guy, have never had sex with an Asian guy before.  He had a great cock.  I guess I'll have to try that again ;) The other guy was a flight attendant from overseas and NYC is his main route.  He came dressed in leather under his clothes so that was kind of hot too.  The Asian guy had the bigger dick so he stayed at my ass and the flight attendant tended to my pig nature by calling me names while the other guy fucked me, spitting in my mouth, making out with me and shoving his dick in my mouth while I got fucked.  I like flight attendants!  He was a real pig.  So hot.  ;)

I head to LA for New Years so hopefully will get a few more loads before the 31st.  I don't think I'll beat last year's load count at this point unless I go on a rampage in LA!  One of my New Year's resolutions is to get more pics and video for you guys.  I am trying to be better at  it and I know watching is more fun than reading ;)  Have a great year end everyone!  Hope you all get some action, whether it's give or take and if you're anywhere around me or if you want to hook and you remember that I travel a lot hit me up and let's see if we can make it work!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Been too long!

Been sooo busy that haven't had a chance to catch up guys.  Sorry about that.  I have a few things to add of course ;)

First was a trip in upstate New York and have to once again thank looking4ewe on bbrt for telling me about Scruff because in upstate NY there is not that much on bbrt.  But...I did get a visit on one of my nights up there from one of the 4 people on bbrt that logged on every day.  He came by the hotel and I think his pics were from 10 years earlier.  But no worries he was an average looking guy and was just looking for a load to drop.  Who was I to refuse?  We started with him rimming my hole and jerking off for a while and then we both took a long hit of poppers and he slid his dick in my hole.  He pumped me probably for no more than 3 minutes and shot a load.  He thanked me, grabbed his clothes and started getting dressed.  The poppers hadn't even worn off yet and I was sitting there thinking 'what the hell happened?'  He left and I knew there was nothing else to look at on bbrt so I turned to Scruff.  There were a bunch of guys on within 10 miles and I chatted with some and found a match with a guy who was looking to fuck and wanted to do it raw.  30 minutes later he was at my hotel room door and we got down to business.  I got on my knees and blew him for a while and then he decided it was time.   I got on the bed and spread my legs and he got on the bed too and slid his dick in.  He commented that he could feel the first load in there and he started off slow sliding in and out while we kissed.  Very slobbery kisser, was hot.  Then he picked up steam and started piston fucking me.  He gripped the top of my shoulders and pushed me hard down on the bed and held me at the same time pounding his dick into me until he added his jizz.  He shot a big load in and when he pulled out he wiggled his way up to my mouth so I could clean his dick off.  After we were done he asked if he could shower.  He cleaned off and got dressed and left.  All in all not a bad trip to upstate NY considering I wasn't expecting to get anything.

The next week (3 weeks ago) I was in NYC and I got together with a fuckbud for the one night I was there.  What I love is that he is a doctor.  Late 20s, young doctor and he barebacks.  So fucking hot.  He likes me to be waiting so he texts me while he's on his way and he texted me again when he got to the lobby of my hotel.  He told me to leave the door ajar and wait naked on the bed in the dark.  I did, he walked in and undressed in the hallway.  He came into the bedroom and slid on top of me and we started making out.  He told me it was good to see me and he was going to enjoy fucking me again.  He doesn't like being blown much, he likes the main act - which is fine with me!  He's also a popper junkie, another weird thing for a doctor.  So he flipped me on my stomach and put a pillow under me to lift my ass up.  He lubed my hole and his dick and slid in.  He took a hit if poppers and started fucking.  He was steady just in and out and every now and again would stop to take a hit of poppers and the put them under my nose too.  He must have taken a good 15 hits during the 20 minutes he was in my hotel room.  Crazy!  I had a headache by the time he left :) but.....he did give me a load so I have no complaints.  He showered and we chatted for a bit and then he hit the road.

The next week (2 weeks ago) I was busy every day, with people I work with every night but was determined to get laid.  So I went to one of the listed parties on bbrt.  It was at Paddles on a Wednesday night, hosted by Hunteur from bbrt.  I had never been and when I walked in, he wrote my clothes check number down and gave me a free pass for the next time I came and wrote "handsome" on the free pass as the reason.   Aww shucks....  I have to admit it wasn't that crowded but there was bb action going on for sure.  I walked the place to get my bearings and then started looking for action.  In the main room you walk into there is a little dark hall off to the right before you head into the room.  There was a small group there so I stopped to get warmed up.  I sucked a little dick here and there but no loads.  Was about 11 PM so I'm sure guys were holding off until they were ready to leave.  More time passed and at about midnight I was standing next to a guy watching him mercilessly fuck another guy.  Watched him for about 5 minutes and then he stopped.  The guy being fucked stood up and walked away to look for the next dick.  The top looked at me and motioned for me to bend over the bench.  I did as told and he started fucking me.  I got a few guys who came over so I started randomly sucking cock while getting fucked.  Ended up going back and forth between 3 guys sucking dick.  The top fucked fast and furious and about 5 minutes later one of the guys I was blowing shot a load in my mouth.  I thanked him and kept going on the other two.  The top started to groan and he swelled up and shot a load in my hole.  As soon as he pulled out, one of the guys I had been blowing quickly moved from his position near my mouth and slid his dick up my hole.  He started pumping me while I was bent over the bench blowing the other guy.  He didn't last long and shot a load in me too.  I stood up and stopped sucking the last guy.  I wanted to check out the scene again and see what was around.  I did a lap and ended up back in exactly the same spot watching a black guy with a big dick stroking his cock.  Since my warm up was over I just smiled at him and grabbed his dick and bent over the bench again.  No words needed.  He got into position and slid in me.  He felt sooooo good.  He started real slow and I loved feeling every inch push in and then pull out again.  He started picking up the pace and there were new dicks to suck.  I carried on the same pattern blowing dicks pushed in my face while getting fucked.  The black guy went for about 5 more minutes and then he shot a load in me.    I did another lap and it was about 1 AM now. Guys were leaving and there were only a few of us left.  I saw a new guy just arriving and I waited around for him to get undressed.  We met in the dark hall and he sat me in the chair and started blowing me.  Next thing I knew he straddled the chair and sat on my dick and started riding me.  I wanted to get fucked again but it felt so good so I let him go to town.  After a while making out and him riding my dick I shot a load in his ass.  Then he got off me and asked if I was poz or neg.  I told him I was poz and he said 'awesome, so am I'  We all know after I cum my drive drops way down unless I'm crazy horny so that was the end for me.  As I got dressed another black guy arrived and said 'you're not leaving now are you?'  I wish I hadn't cum because I would have wanted to get fucked by him but I knew I was done for a while and I had to work the next day so I left.... regret it.....

Last week I was back in NYC and all I got was a guy from Scruff to come over and get blown.  I got some good practice because it took him FOREVER to cum.  He was in my room for 45 minutes with me starting and stopping, jaw getting tired, hurting but I was determined to get his load and....I did.  :)   This was his dick (a pic he sent me) and it finally shot in my mouth :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sore ass.....

In NYC on business and was checking out the scene on Scruff.  I had chatted with a really hot tattooed Latino guy a few days earlier who wanted to hook up.  I so was into him.  But when I got to the city he was 8 miles away and didn't want to travel.  Wanted me to come out to his place.  And I wasn't looking to travel either so.... I doubled my chances by staying on Scruff but also checking out bbrt.  I had a few guys who wanted to hook up on bbrt but I ended up getting one guy (who I thought would be the first of a couple) to stop by at 7:30.  He was visiting from San Fran and his screen name referred to his fat cock.  Well, it was no joke...  The pic I have on here from back in LA with the guy who had the biggest dick I had ever taken was not far off from this guy.  He was a bit gun shy about pics so I don't have any but he stayed in my hotel room for 90 minutes and bred me 3 times.  He fucked me RAGGED.  I mean I hurt and still do this morning.

When he got to my room we started by getting naked and just touching each other.  I got down and started blowing him.  He told me to get it hard by blowing him.  I did as told.  He tried to make me deep throat and I couldn't get his dick that far into my mouth.  It was stretching my mouth to capacity.  I was hard as a rock thinking about it getting in my hole.  We moved onto the bed and started kissing.  He straddled my chest and put his dick back in my mouth.  I blew him some more and then he turned around and we 69'd for a while too.  He started fingering my hole and talking about how hot my butt was and how tight the hole was.  I told him it would stretch.

The time finally came.  He put me on my back and lifted my legs up.  Then he put some pillows under my head and my lower back to prop up my butt for him.  He lubed my hole and then told me to lube his dick and jerk him off for a bit.  I did and then he finally said he wanted to fuck.  He got up to my asshole and I took a loooooong hit of poppers and he eased his way in.  He told me to take it slow but I begged him (cuz of the poppers) to push it in.  He smirked and did.  It felt so good.  Stretched my hole wide and he started pushing in and out real slow.  He eventually started picking up the pace and we got into a good rhythm.  He kept starting and stopping to make it last.  Fucked on my back, on my side, on my stomach, back on my side, back on my back.  He would get going hard and then slow down.  He kept making me pick up my legs, put my arms around him, flex for him, tell him how good it felt, tell him I was going to take his load.  He was asking if I was his boy.  If I was going to take more than one load.  I said hell yeah.  He kept starting and stopping.  I asked if he was really going to cum more than once and he said yeah.  He asked if I could get fucked after I came.  I told him usually so he wanted me to cum.  I was on my back and he was pushing slowly in and out.  I jerked off and came on my stomach.  He pulled out for a second and scopped up my cum to stroke his dick and then pushed back in.  I begged for his load.  He told me to keep begging.  I did and then he picked up the pace and I felt my ass getting tighter.  I could feel his dick swelling and I knew it was coming.  He groaned and shot a load in my hole.  When he was done he pulled out and kissed me then he straddled me again and put his dick in my mouth to clean off.  I tasted more of the cum as it dribbled in my mouth.

We laid next to each other and talked for a bit and watched some tv.  About 10 minutes later he turned me on my stomach and started fingering my cummy, slippery hole.  He made me jerk him off again and blow him for a few minutes and then he got between my legs and pushed my face into the pillow.  He pushed his cock back in me and this time he went for deep, full strokes.  I was gasping and half screaming.  He did it over and over, thrusting deep.  He told me this time he was going to rape my hole.  He told me I was good at taking cock but he wanted to know I could take it deep.  He told me he knew it was going to hurt but I had to do it.  I had to take it because it was what he wanted.  He made me agree and then made me beg for it.  For the next 20 minutes he pounded and I mean POUNDED my hole.  I was biting the pillow and was groaning in pain.  He told me to think about getting another load, put the pain out of my mind.  That taking a dick as big as his required pain for a tight hole.  He wanted to breed me again but I had to tell him to keep fucking me and I didn't care if it hurt.  I did as he told.  He told me to beg again.  I begged him for his load.  He told me it was going to take longer this time and it was going to hurt.  i told him it was ok.  That it was what I was for and I wanted it.  This turned him on and he eventually got to the point where I felt my ass tightening again and he shot another load in me.  When he was done he whispered in my ear 'good boy' and then he pulled out and gave me a massage for about 10 minutes.  Then he flipped me on my back and said he was going to fuck me once more.  I told him ok and he pushed back in.  This time was like piston fucking.  Fast and furious, a mix of all the way in deep and quick pulses into my hole.  It only took him about 5 minutes because he didn't stop this time and he shot his third and final load in me.

He pulled out and again told me to clean it off and taste his and my cum on his cock.  I did as told.  Then he rinsed off and got dressed.  He gave me all his contact information and told me next time he'd be in NYC he'd let me know and also told me if I was going to be in San Fran to let him know.  After he left, about 5 minutes later I had to run to the toilet.  Huge amount of cum squirted out of my butt.  My ass is twitching today and I am sore.  I signed off after he left.  I couldn't take anything else after that total destruction of my hole.  But I'll say this.  I LOVE BIG DICK.  I NEED MORE ACTION LIKE THAT!!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shorty bear

Another success from Scruff....  met a guy who had a head shot on Scruff and we did little back and forth before agreeing to meet up.  Thanks to GPS, found out he was on my way home.  Was already on the road in traffic so just asked for address and we were good to go.   When I got to his apartment he was in a tank and shorts coming back from the gym.  I told him I didn't care if he showered.  He was the same height as me 5'7" but probably 40 pounds heavier than me.  He was also hairy.  A short, chubby hairy bear.  Bears need love too... As soon as I got naked he pulled off his shorts.  His dick was an average size and was already hard.  I sucked his dick a bit and he kept telling me how hot I was.  He asked me to get on the bed and he got on the bed between my legs and started sucking my dick like there's no tomorrow.  Problem is his teeth.  Kept scraping my dick and was making me lose the mood so I asked if he wanted to fuck.  He asked if I wanted him to blow me some more and I felt bad but lied and told him I didn't have much time.  I had asked if he had poppers before heading over.  He said yeah and pulled them out now.  They were so old they had lost most of their effect.  Didn't do much actually.  He did get his dick in my hole and started fucking me with my legs over his shoulder.   It didn't take him very long before he told me he was going to cum and asked where I wanted it.  I told him to shoot it right in my hole and he did.  I had a quick rinse in the shower and got dressed.   He told me he wanted to do it again.  I'm so bad with telling people thanks but not thanks so I said to hit me up.  Now every time I'm on Scruff he asks when we're going to hook up again!  :( I'm sure it will die down over time.  Still counts as a load and too bad it was a one time only because he literally is on my way home and I'd stop there constantly if it had been good!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


In addition to my fuck bud pumping a load in me every day, which would have been enough to keep my hole busy for the week (I'll add his loads in my tally).....went to Slammers in Fort Lauderdale and got some dick.  It wasn't as active as the spree I went on in March but I can't complain.

It took only a few minutes for the action to start with me seeing a short hard bodied older guy standing in the doorway to a little fuck room.  As I passed, I looked back and he smiled and stepped inside.  Naturally, I followed.  It was a glory hole room with a large hole between our stall and the next one, big enough to back your butt up to and get fucked.  I crossed my fingers!  The guy started rubbing my crotch and I did the same and unzipped his shorts.  I got on my knees and he leaned against the wall and I started blowing him.  He stayed standing for a few minutes and then moved from the wall (in front of the glory hole) to the bench in the room and sat down.  He told me it felt good and I just kept going fast and steady.  His dick was an average size so I got the entire thing up and down with each thrust of my head.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone at the hole looking in.  I was hoping for his dick to come through but I think he just wanted to watch.  So I focused on what I was doing and a few minutes later the guy told me he was going to cum and I got a nice mouthful.  On to the next....

I saw a tall muscular guy with his shirt off and a few times smiled and he looked but nothing happened....  until.... we met up in the dark playroom in back.  When I saw him I made a beeline and grabbed at his crotch.  I could feel a huge dick through his jeans.  I asked if he wanted to go to a room.  He followed and we got into a small nook with a door and he unzipped his jeans.  Wow....  big dick.  He forcefully pushed me to my knees and pushed his dick right into my face.  I wasted no time and started sucking cock....  He kept grabbing the back of my head and forcing as hard as he could.  He wanted to be deep throated.  We all know my skill level so I kept choking and I couldn't get his dick past my gag reflex.  After about 5 minutes of trying he started to pull up his jeans.  I asked him to fuck me and he didn't want to fuck.  He just wanted head.   Well, no load but I'm glad I got that baby maker in my mouth.  I only wish it had paid a visit to my hole...  On to the next.

Now I'm getting horny, been about an hour of pacing, grabbing, random sucking (me sucking or someone sucking me) and it's about time I get fucked.  So I go on a mission.  I stop in the small alcove with the bench that bottoms bend over and get fucked.  There are so many guys packed in this space I can't even get inside the doorway.  I tried both sides and paced the building a few times and kept coming back but no luck.  So I gave up there and decided on another plan.  To the dark playroom... Dante's playroom it's called.  Can either be empty or packed and it was both depending on when I swung by in my travels.  This trip into the room had it pretty packed.  Little light so you make out body shapes and that's about it.  I saw what looked like a nice chest and a tighter build so I moved in and rubbed the chest.  Yep, was nice.  Hairy and hot.  I moved my hand down and started rubbing the crotch.  The favor was returned and we both unzipped.  I got down and started sucking.  Did this for a few minutes and he pulled back and lifted me up.  I thought he wanted to blow me but instead his hand slipped down my back and found my hole.  He slipped his finger into my hole and then just rubbed the outside and I kept puckering.  Message received....I turned towards the bleacher benches and dropped my shorts to the floor and bent over.  He came up behind me and lubed his dick and my hole.  He had an average length dick but nice thickness.  He slipped it in and I took a hot of poppers and it was off to the races.  A brand new bottle of poppers.  Always so good and made me crazy horny.   He was pumping me and I was already thinking of more dick after he was done.  He pumped for I'm not sure how long.  A few around us rubbed his nipples, my nipples, my ass, and egged us on or others in the room going at it.  After a few more minutes I heard him starting to pant and he shot his load in me.   Finally!!  After he pulled out I waited there for a few minutes but outside of a few gropes, nothing...think the room was full of bottoms. So I pulled up my shorts and decided to pace some more.  As I left the playroom I saw the area across from the playroom.  It's 3 tiers of long, dark vinyl covered steps but almost like couches because they're cushioned.  They have ducts hanging down and there's fences there so meant to be something alluring.  I never went up there last time I was in so I decided to try.  I walked up and boy am I glad I did.  I got to the top step and there was a lot going on from left to right.  I found another hairy, slim guy with his shirt off and I rubbed his chest and ran down to his crotch.  He immediately dropped his pants and my shorts came off.  No need for sucking, this must be a fucking corner.  He pushed me back on the cushioned step and held my legs up.  He slipped his dick in my already lubed and cummy hole and started fucking. I notice in Slammer that action draws action.  So because there were a good 7 or 8 of us across the top getting fucked it attracted more guys who just knelt down and stuck out their butts an more guys who want to give bottoms their dicks.  A little bit like last time now as the number of guys that had come up the steps was enough to block out what little light there was.  So I just took a long long hit of poppers and as soon as I did the first guy came in me.  But true to orgy free for all in this section as soon as he pulled out there was another guy that had been standing and stroking that took the opportunity and got into position and slipped his dick in.  He pumped and pumped and I saw on both sides of me other cum sluts giving up their holes to a stream of tops.  Once again, we couldn't really see.   It was about getting fucked.  After the second guy shot his load came a third and a fourth.  Both just pumped like horny 18 year olds on spring break and were high or being part of an orgy.  No worries on my part.  What I'm for boys.....  but the 5th guy while fucking me was jerking me off, using cum and lube from my hole.  Made it real slick.  Felt great but I didn't want to cum.  He kept going back even though I pushed his dick away several times and right before he came in me I shot a load all over myself.  That's what he wanted and then he shot his load in me.  A few other guys kneeling around us leaned in and licked the cum off my stomach.  A 6th guy started fucking me and I was tightening up already.  I knew it's because I had cum and my intensity level drops a lot after I cum so I stayed with it and let him use my hole but after he came I was a little bummed because I didn't want more.  On the plus side I found a new spot where gang fucks happen in the Slammer and I will be back!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Are those balls real?

So the heat in Miami is all around.  Temperature and men.  Damn there are some fine specimens in Miami Beach....  Anyway, as a welcome I logged onto bbrt when I checked in and started the prowl.  Started off a bit rough.  Guys who were chatting but nothing really turning out.  One guy was partying and wanted to swing by in 15 minutes.  I don't judge.  If you want to pnp, it's your business but I find a top who is partying can not keep it hard so I tend not to hook.  They also lose track of time and 15 minutes turns into 3 hours, so I passed.  I got a hot hot hot black guy who wanted to come by.  He was interested but it was taking him forever to respond so I figured something was up.  Yup, about a half hour of back and forth and he asks if I like 3somes.  I say yes and then he tells me another vers top (who I had also been chatting with but told me he was tired) wanted this black guy to fuck him too so he wanted to know if they could both stop by and he could fuck the both of us.  I wasn't in the mood to fight over who gets the load so I told him it was cool and the two of them could hook up.  Then....after I made plans with someone else the vers top stood up the black guy and he really, really wanted to come by.  Sorry bro, I should have been your first choice!

It gets worse.  I chat with a guy on bbrt who unlocks.  Nice looking, dick is labeled as "huge"  9x7.  In about 5 mins we agree to meet.  He only hosts.  I take a cab to his place and he is tall which I like and blonde German which is hot also.  We get naked, he pushes me on my knees and I start blowing him.  After a few minutes of that he stands me up and bends me over the bed.  His dick is indeed fat, but if it was 6 inches long I'd be surprised.  Why do people lie?  Grrr....  Anyway, he tries to put it in for all of 30 seconds and says I'm too tight.  I told him it would go in.  I get on my back and he tries for 10 more seconds and says I'm too tight.  What????  Then he says sorry for making you come all the way down here.  Um.....ok.  I get dressed and leave.  Instead of cabbing it back to the hotel I decide to walk and check out the scene.  A lot of cute boys out but outside of some glances and smiles nothing happens.  I get back to the hotel and log back onto bbrt.  I am so horned now and I NEED to get fucked.  I chat with another guy who typically hosts but he agrees to meet.  We text, he tells me when he's close and I go down to meet him because he can't get in the hotel without a key at this time of night (a bit past midnight now).  He sees me, pulls up in his car and tells me to get in.   Hmmm, ok.  Where are we going?  Back to his place.  You drove all the way here to pick me up and bring me back to your place?  Um, ok.

Now is when the night gets better..... He is an older guy, real nice as we drive and talk.  We finally get to his apartment in a quieter section of Miami Beach and we walk in.  His room mate is home.  He leads me back to his bedroom an then asks if I want his room mate to join.  I AM HORNY.  Yes please.....  His room mate is a latin guy, nice bod.  We go into my new friends room and get naked.  When the older guy takes off his shorts I see his uncut average dick that I saw in his profile but his balls are HUGE.  I mean HUGE.  I have seen video of guys that do ball pumping and stuff and then when they cum it's like a fountain.  This guy must be in that club.  Made his dick look real small because they were so big and swollen.  The latin guy has a nice long fat, curved dick and we get started.  The older guy loves to rim so after I suck his cock for a few minutes and his bud plays with my nipples, he lays me back on the bed and hoists my legs and begins to feast.  He eats my hole for what seems likes hours.  I make out with his bud and suck his bud's dick, etc.  Goes on and on until his bud finally says 'fuck him'.  So the older guy stands up, holds my legs wide, my ass is so sloppy from spit that he doesn't need lube.  He gives me some poppers and then starts to push his way in.  It is resistant for about 5 seconds then we both hear a slurp sound and feel a pop and his dick slides right in.  I am on my back while the older guy fucks me and his room mate has his dick in my mouth.  Every now and again he pulls it out and leans down to kiss me.  A couple of times he held his head a bit higher and let some spit drool out of his mouth.  I opened my mouth wide and he let it fall in and then leaned down and kissed me some more.  The older guy is pumping me good now and after a few minutes he says "i'm gonna cum, you like big loads?  you want it?"  I say fuck yeah and he shoots like a fountain.  Just like those videos online.  It's so much that it's squirting out before he finishes.  I dump a mess all over his sheets and they are both saying 'fuck yeah, fuck yeah.'

Round two.....  The latin guy now gets in position with my hole very well lubed now and he slides his fat dick in and it glides in so easily from all then cum it's amazing.  Now I know why these guys team up like this.  The older guy eggs on the latin guy to fuck me harder and harder.  It does not take long.  I can see the foreplay and the cum fountain is what really gets the latin guy off.  After he is in me and starts plowing me it only takes him a few minutes before he cums.  After I'm good and bred by both of them I ask to use the bathroom before I get dressed.  You would have thought I had an enema with the amount of liquid that came out of my hole....  It was intense.  I cleaned up, got dressed and the older guy drove me back to my hotel.  Finally.... it took most of the night but I got bred and I got bred goooooood...

Now tomorrow my fuckbud joins me for the rest of my stay so at least I know I'll get fucked every day for the rest of the week :)  Sweet!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Florida here I come

Let's see what action awaits in the Sunshine State...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Scruff hook

I need to start this off by giving credit to a bud - looking4ewe on bbrt.  He turned me on to Scruff and told me if anything panned out, that he wanted a shout out.  There you go man!!  ;)   So..... you know how it works.  It uses the gps in the phone to find guys close to you.  You chat, you maybe hook up.  Have done more chatting in my neighborhood until....the guy with the dick below and I started chatting.  He was horny and wanted head.  Very discreet.  No problem man.  I drove to his place, he was in his bedroom on the bed stroking.  I came in and he was as quiet as a mouse.  He breathed heavy but that was about it.  I just bobbed my head up and down on that dick until I got a nice tasty load.  Fucking sweet one too.  YAY for oral!  I still don't swallow enough but I am glad to finally add a new one on here.  Been a while AND to give props to my bud for introducing me to Scruff ;)  On to the next1  Sluuuuuuuuuurrrrrpppp.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

NYC ahhhh

Business trip in NY this past week.  Two nights, two breedings.  On the first night I got a fuckbud from bbrt to come by.  He is a hot latin top with an uncut cock.  He has brown skin, nice tats on his upper chest. So horny always.  Great kisser.  He got to my room and came in and we immediately started kissing.  It had been a long time since we saw each other.  We both got naked, and I got on my knees and started sucking his dick to get it hard.  But......nothing gets him harder than eating some hole so he stood me up and pushed me back on the bed.  I inched to the edge and lifted up my legs.  He dove in and ate me for a good long time.  When he was nice and hard he stood up and gave me my poppers and then slowly pushed his dick in.  He loves getting a hole wet from spit and not using lube which is fine by me.  He slipped in slowly while my heart started to beat from the poppers and I got light headed.  I pulled his hips in so he was as deep as he could go.  He started pumping my hole and leaning over to kiss me at the same time.  Love that.  He was asking me 'you like my dick?'  'you like my dick in your hole?'  I was saying fuck yeah and he started going harder.  He split my legs out real wide and pumped deep.  Oh man it felt so good.  Back down to kiss me some more, swapping some spit.  He was smiling as he pumped me and I finally started begging for it because I was so horny.  Please, please, please.  He smiled more and said 'oh yeah?  really?  you want my cum?  you want it in your hole?'  I said fuck yes!!!  Please breed me.  He smiled again and kept pumping.  Took another few minutes and then he said 'you ready?  here it comes baby.'  and the load squirted in.  After he pulled out I jumped off the bed and got on my knees and opened my mouth wide.  He walked over to me and put his dick in my mouth.  I could taste my ass and some of his cum.  Fuck it was so good.  Now that I'll be spending more time in NYC for this project I will be seeing him more :)  I will take pics of his dick in me next time.  Slurp!!!

The next day I was again on bbrt and got the eye of a guy visiting on business like me.  He was from Philly and was in a hotel on the next block.  He sent me a pic on my email and we agreed to fuck.  He was thin but a good looking guy.  When he got to the room we kissed and started getting undressed.  When he was naked I started playing with his nips which drove him wild.  Awesome to know :)  and as his dick got hard I realized why he was so thin.  All his body wait was in his penis.  A good 9 inches and fat.  I said 'fuck' when I saw his hard dick and he laughed.  He got down and started to blow me and he was another that loved to eat hole.  He turned me around and started going to town on my hole.  He devoted a good 10-15 minutes slobbering up my hole and then it was time to fuck.  I asked what way he liked it.  He told me any position I wanted so I got on the bed on my back and put my legs up.  Love it missionary like a slut :)  As he started to push in he asked if I wanted lube.  I said yup and he lubed up his dick and then my hole.  I took a loooooooong hit of poppers and got light headed and then he pushed his way in.  'Damn you're tight' he said.  I laughed and said 'your dick is kind of big too man'  but it worked its way in and I opened up as he pushed in farther.  He started the pumping action and I sure as hell felt it.  He asked if it was hurting.  Um, like I'd say yeah....  I said no, just keep fucking me.  Please don't stop.  He did and he got into a good motion.  I started playing with his nips which drove him nuts and he started pumping even harder.  It was hurting but that fine line between pleasure and pain and I knew what was around the corner so no way I was going to stop.   A few minutes later he started panting heavy and I could feel his cock swelling.  It swelled A LOT.  I swear it felt like the head doubled in size though I know it probably didn't.  He leaned down and moaned LOUD as he shot into my hole.  He kept moaning and his dick kept twitching.  After he finally stopped he said 'sorry, I forgot to tell you I'm loud.'  I told him I didn't care and asked how long it had been since he had cum because it felt like a lot.  He said about 5 days.  He started to pull out and my ass clamped down on his dick.  He laughed and I told him it wanted to keep him in :)  He pulled out slowly and when he got to the edge it jetted out followed by a squirt of cum.  Big wad right on the bed.  We both laughed.  I got up and he asked 'you're not going to waste it are you?'  I smiled and leaned over and licked it off the bed.  He said 'mmmm' and then went to the bathroom to wash up.  After he left I felt an immediate need to go to the bathroom.  Doesn't usually happen but I sat down and I can't tell you how much cum squirted out.  It was so hot.  I wish I had taken a vid of it coming out like I did after I took the loads in Atlanta.  I def def def want this guy's dick again next time we're both in NYC.  FUCK!!!  

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grindr to the rescue...

I signed up for Grindr on my Iphone only about a month ago and I really haven't used it that much.  I have found way more guys in my area than are on bbrt but most are just chatting and it's not typically bb action they're looking for.  Haven't really hooked up with anyone from Grindr until last Wednesday....  I was at a hotel in White Plains and I was just done working out in the gym and just had dinner.  I was a little horny.  It was getting late.  I had to work the next day.  So, I figured I'd grab my poppers and a face cloth, watch some bb porn and jerk off.  Something reminded me about Grindr and I grabbed my phone and logged in.  Surprise, there was a guy labeled as 98 feet away.  In his label he noted he was in the same hotel as me.  Before I said anything he sent me a message and said hi.  He was just back from the gym and was kind of horny.  We changed some quick back and forth and decided he'd come to my room for some safe fun.  He said he was drug and disease free.  I said the same.  5 minutes later he was knocking on my door.  His pic was only a chest shot so I wasn't sure what he'd look like.  He had blonde (that white blonde) hair a bit on the longer side and great blue eyes.  He was the same height as me.  He came in still in his workout clothes.  I told him a little sweaty was fine, not to bother to shower.

We started off by standing and making out.  He was cautious at first, lips to lips and rubbing my back and my crotch.  I took off my tank top and my shorts and he smiled.  He had come over for a blow job and when I got naked he got on his knees and started blowing me instead.  He sucked me off for a few minutes and then stood up and took off his sneakers, shorts and tank and got on the bed.  I got on the bed to join him and started sucking his dick.  He was very verbal.  He told me when it was good, he told me when to do something different.  I blew him for a while and kept stopping so we could make out some more before going back to servicing his dick.  His dick had a big time upward curve and he was hard as a rock, literally.  It was the hardest cock I have ever touched.  I sucked him off some more and he leaned over and jerked me off while I blew him.  He was pre-cumming a lot so I was getting a good taste with every suck.  Then he asked if I liked to get rimmed.  I told him I did but that I should probably clean up first since I wasn't expecting that.  He stayed on the bed while I jumped in the showered, soaped up and shoved my fingers furiously in and out of my hole to clean it up.  I got back and went back to sucking him for a few minutes.  Then he pushed me back and repositioned so he could lift up my butt and eat me out.  He did this for a long time and would stop so we could make out.  He was loving it.  Then he flipped me over on my stomach and went back to eating me out.  He did it for a bit longer and then laid on top of me and rubbed his dick in my crack, up and down.  He asked if it felt good and I started seeing the sign on the wall.  I said yeah.  I heard him spit into his hand and he greased up his dick and pressed the head against my hole.  Then he went back to rubbing the length of his dick up and down my crack again.  He spit in his hand again and greased up his pole once more.  I grabbed my poppers and took a hit.  He asked if he could have a little and I said sure.  He took a hit and spit in his hand again and greased up his dick and pushed the head against my hole.  He pushed it in a little and I didn't say anything.  He pushed in a little more and I didn't say anything.  He knew and I knew.  So he pushed it all the way in and started pumping me slowly.  The curve on his dick was fierce.  I felt it digging against the top of my insides as he pushed in.  He asked if I'd play with his nipples.  I said sure so he flipped me on my back and pushed back inside.  I grabbed both his nipples and started rubbing, twisting and squeezing them.  He groaned and smiled.  In a second it was clear he was hoping to bb, he wanted it.  He knew I was a pig and we both knew he was going to cum in my hole.  He leaned over and made out with me a bit and then lifted up.  I looked at him and opened my mouth and he smiled again and spit in my mouth.  Now he started fucking me harder since he was becoming more aware how much I'd do.  It didn't take long after that for him to groan, say 'oh fuck, here it comes' and to shoot a nice load in my ass.  He leaned over and kissed me again.  Then he pulled out and stood up.  I asked if he wanted to shower and he said he's clean up when he went up to his room.  When he got back to his room, he sent me another note with his contact info and told me to stay in touch.  Funny how some guys will say safe only and once you get into it, the male hormones take over and the need to cum in a hole takes over.  Love it....

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bear sighting

Another guy I have chatted with several times on bbrt hit me up unexpectedly on Wednesday.  He asked how long I was around on business for the week.  I told him until Friday and so he asked if I was free Thursday night.  I said yes.  He had meetings and wouldn't be leaving until about 7 so would be some time after that.  I said it was perfect so I wouldn't have to rush.  I finished up at the office, went back to my hotel, worked out and then went back to my room and cleaned out my hole with some Fleet enemas.  I hit the shower and then got on bbrt to double check no changes.  Just as I was checking he sent me a text saying he was about to leave.  I texted him back the room number and he was on his way.  He texted me again when he was close.  I put on a tank and a pair of shorts.  15 minutes later he was knocking at my door.  I opened it and saw a close cut bearded bear standing at my door.  He came in, my height, chunky and he came right up to me and started making out.  He stepped back to get his clothes off and I did the same.  He said 'very very nice boy'  I said thanks and told him I liked what I saw too.  He was real hairy top to bottom.  He pushed me back on the bed and I remembered him telling me he was aggressive.  He lived up to that.

He was rough when he pushed me back and lifted my legs up.  He dove in to start eating my hole.  He did that for a bit and then let me down and came further up the bed so his dick was in my face.  He said 'open your mouth'  He stuck his dick in, would pull it out every now and again and slap me in the face with it.  He was jerking me off at the same time.  Then he shifted his position and got on top of me so we could 69.  He leaned over and started sucking my dick and then started pumping his dick down my throat and then rammed it down pressing with the full force of his body.  I was gagging and he kept telling me 'stop it boy, take that dick' and every time I was about to try and push him off he would pull up a little so I could catch my breath and then he'd ram back down again.  This lesson went on for a bit and it was another way he showed that he was in control.  He got off of me and went back to my hole and ate me out a bit more.  Then he grabbed the lube and lubed my hole and his dick.  I asked for the poppers and he gave them to me but said I couldn't take a hit yet.  He wanted me to be clear headed when his dick first went into my hole.  So I was holding the poppers waiting for permission to take a hit. He slid his dick in.  His dick was an average size, nice thickness.  Not huge but felt good.  He started pumping me and then he hoisted my butt up so he was standing and going to pump straight down.  He told me he was going to fuck me hard and then he told me to take the poppers.  I did as told and then he started.  He wasn't kidding.  He started pounding as he pushed straight down.  He asked 'this what you want boy?'  I said yes.  He told me to say it out loud so I said I wanted it.  He said 'why do you want it?' I said because it felt good.  He said 'no, it's because you're a pig, isn't it boy?'  I said yes.  He said 'I'm not the first guy to be in this hole am I boy?'  I said no.  He asked 'what does that make you boy?'  All the time he is plowing me.  I didn't say anything back right away and took another hit of poppers.  He said 'it's because you're a cumdump whore, isn't it boy?'  I said yes.  He said it's ok.  'at least you know what you're for and it's good you let my dick in there raw, and other guys in there raw.  you understand boy?'  I said yes.  'good boy' he said.  'tell me it's what you're for boy'  I did as told.  Now he let me down and got back on the bed so I was lying flat and he was pumping me with my legs over his shoulders.  He leaned over to kiss me and stayed close to my face and said 'you gonna take my load boy?'  I said yes please.  He told me to beg for it. I did and he asked me 'why I wanted it.'  I told him it was because I was a cumdump and I needed it.  He told me it was poz and asked if I still wanted it.  I told him yes please and he smiled and started shooting his load in me.  He moaned loud as he pumped it in and then he leaned down and stuck his tongue down my throat while he squirted the last few spurts in.  When he was done he pulled his dick straight out instead of doing it slowly.  He went in the bathroom and cleaned off and then came out and started chatting with me as he got dressed.  It was like he went in the bathroom and his twin came back out.  Nicest nicest guy as we chatted after.  I told him I liked the aggressive side during sex, he told me he remembered and smiled.  He gave me another kiss and told me to be good and stay in touch and he left.  Oh bear.....

Monday, July 11, 2011

Long time talk turned finally into action

There is a guy I have been chatting with for months while I've been traveling near NYC for work.  Never seemed to work.  His office is right near my hotel but it was always either he couldn't stay later or my meetings ran long, blah, blah, blah....until today.  He said no matter what, he would make it work today.  So I was done about 6:30 and figured he wouldn't hang out since he lives in the city and has a long drive from Westchester county.  He met me at the hotel at 7.  He was my height, about 5'7" a little chubby, not bad just a bit of a gut, hairy, big nipples and some of the most beautiful blue eyes I have seen.  I'm kind of an eyes and smile guy.  I always know I'll like the dick :)  I ripped off my shorts and tank and he stripped down.  We made out for a bit and then he pushed me back on the bed and lifted my legs up to eat my hole. He looooves to eat hole and he feasted on me for a good 15 minutes.  So fucking good.  He stopped every now and again to come up and make out.

Then he climbed on the bed and lifted my legs over his shoulders and made out a bit more.  Thought he was going to go in for the fuck but he dove back down face first between my legs and started eating me out again.  For another 5 minutes or so his tongue was darting in, out and all over my hole.  Loved it.  Then he got up again and leaned in.  His dick was not that big but was a good thickness.  I squeezed his nipples and he slowly pushed his way in.  I took a hit of poppers.  He pushed in more and leaned over to make out while he fucked me.  It didn't take him very long.  He said he was going to cum.  Not before we swapped some spit and then he started squirting in my hole.  I shot a load at the same time.  He pulled out.  Took a look at my hole and told me it was a thing of beauty with his cum dripping out.  I laughed and told him anytime.  We chatted for a bit and agreed to keep in touch and repeat.  I asked if it was worth the wait and he said hell yes and he hopes to do me again soon :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pride fuck

Hey guys!  Been so busy so haven't posted but I wanted to let you guys know about Pride.  Went to Pride a few weeks ago and just getting to posting it now.  Lots of cuties.  And then went to one of the bathhouses after.  Was pretty busy.  There was a wait for rooms about half hour after I got there which meant it would be an active night!  Started almost right away with an older daddy type with some nice tattoos.  He was drawn to mine and asked if I wanted to go back to his room.  I was feeling direct so I told him only if he planned on fucking me.  He laughed and said 'well, what are we waiting for then.'  He was about 6 feet, shaved head (I seem to like those), a little gut which I don't mind, average bod.  When he dropped his towel his dick looked on the small side.  He was a grower.  It was a nice size erect.  I helped get it hard by blowing him while he egged me on.  After a few minutes he stood me up and we made out for a long time and then he pushed me back on the bed.  He got in between my legs and spread them apart.  He leaned down and stuck his tongue down my throat again.  He stopped and looked me in the eyes and asked 'should I grab a rubber?'  I said no.  He smirked and grabbed some lube instead.  He lubed my hole and lubed his dick and then put my legs on his shoulders and pushed his way slowly in.  He smiled a big smiled and said 'that feels so good'.  Then he started to slide in and out slowly and leaned down and stuck his tongue down my throat again while he fucked me.  He asked me how much dick I had gotten and I told him I hadn't been there that long and he was the first.  'You gonna get more dick?' he asked and I said I hoped so.  He said he'd start me off with my first load.  He flipped me over and pushed me flat on the bed and laid on top of me and slipped his dick in again and went deep.  His nuts were slapping against my ass now while he pounded me.  He asked if I liked that and I said yes.  He kept going and at the same time put a couple of fingers in my mouth.  He was a good fuck.  I was loving it.  He asked me how I wanted him to come.  I told him however he wanted.  He told me he wanted to do it in whatever my favorite position was.  So I flipped over onto my back again and he slid his dick in me and started pumping.  Didn't take him long as we started making out again he pulled away and told me he was going to cum.  He shot a load in me and then collapsed on me.  He slid off to the side and we started talking.  He was really chatty.  We chatted for about half an hour and he gave me his number, his card actually.  My room was across the hall from his so I told him I was going to put his card in my shorts and go shower.  I did and he followed me to the shower and then I toweled off and started checking out the scene again.

There was an active scene including a guy I have fooled around with before from bbrt.  We met the first time at an orgy hosted by Dawson.  It was a good time.  He was at the baths looking to get fucked too.  Plenty to go around tonight.  We chatted for a while and walked around together looking for fun.  After a while I branched off because he brought someone back to his room.  Alone on the prowl I decided to hit up the steam room.   Some guys in there so I figured it was time for some oral.  A guy tried to suck me off but I knew once I came I'd be done so I politely declined and found a nice latin dick in the corner to go down on.  He wasn't huge (which is good because we know I'm still not the best cocksucker) but he had a lot of precum which tasted so good.  I took a hit of poppers and that combined with the heat in the room and the steam, not being able to see, made me light headed and real horny.  I went to town on his cock with my mouth and my hand and didn't stop until he shot a load in my mouth.  So good.  He thanked me and got up and went out to the shower.  I looked for another dick but there wasn't really that much in the room.  So time to prowl again.

I went back to laps and I ducked into one of the stalls near the video room with a glory hole and a dick came through within a few seconds.  I decided to go for it and not look.  I got on my knees and started to suck the guy off.  Nice size dick.  I could smell it had already had some action that night which made it kind of hot.  I worked the knob and kept it going until I got another load to gobble down.  Then I got up and left the stall and went back to laps so I wouldn't know who I had sucked off.  I felt like some anonymous dick.  Did some more laps and down the back set of rooms the back hall is pitch black.  I stumbled across a bunch of guys.  You couldn't make anything out just that there was dick being sucked and ass being fucked.  So I made my way into the group.  There were guys on their knees and one started blowing me.  This time I decided it was cool.  At the same time a bunch of hands were grabbing at me and I could see shadows of what was happening.  While the guy blew me I leaned over and made out with someone I couldn't see.  He pushed my head down and bent me over to suck him off.  I couldn't bend enough with the other guy blowing me so I had to get him to stop and then I got on my knees and started to blow the other guy.  I felt another hand feeling its way down my back and eventually it found my butt and felt it was wet.  Then a pair of hands pulled my waist up so I was bent over now and sucking off the first guy.  I felt a body behind me and a second guy slid his dick in my hole.  This brought my memory back to Fort Lauderdale and being bent over the bench and not seeing the guys fucking me.  It was pitch black in the hall and this was a pure orgy.  Raw animal sex, fuck fest.  The guy I was blowing said he wanted to cum in my ass.  So he was going to have to wait for the first guy to finish.  The first guy didn't take that long.  He groaned and shot a load in me.  Took no time, pulled out and the second guy pulled his dick out of my mouth and stuck it in my ass I guess before someone else did.  He was ready too.  It took him not even a minute and he came.  Then he pulled out and moved his way through the crowd to leave.  There were at least 20 guys in the blackness from what I could gather.  After the second guy pulled out, a guy with a bigger dick stuck his in.  I took another hit of poppers and he did his deed.  I can't describe any of the guys because I couldn't see anything.  After the third guy with the big dick there were two more and then a sixth guy who was fat (because I could feel his gut pushing against me) was having trouble getting in so I stopped and moved my way out of the play hall.  I went back to the showers and rinsed off.

I was headed back to my room to get dressed and leave until I saw a CUTE boy with a baseball hat and he lured me into his room.  Ahhhh, he had a friend too.  It was like walking into a dorm room.  They were college aged it looked like.  I was in heaven.  We exchanged names and handshakes and then started making out.  One hand found its way to my ass and one asked if I had already been fucked.  When I said yes he asked 'you like it raw?'  I said yeah again and they both said 'fuck yeah'  A few seconds later I was bent over again with one dick in my mouth and the  other in my ass.  I love young guy cum so I badly wanted him to squirt in my mouth but I knew after our conversation that they both wanted to cum in my ass.  The first boy rode me for a while as I sucked his friend off.  They kept egging each other on and telling me how good it felt.  Frat boy one was ready and he shot his load and as he did he high-fived his friend and they both said fuck yeah again.  This ritual was repeated again with Frat boy two at the hole plowing me.  After he came I stood up and their cum (and everyone else's) was dripping down my leg so back to the shower again....  I rinsed off and cleaned out my hole.  A few wads of cum squirted out and I watched them go down the drain and thought about what a loss it was :(  Oh well...  I still have all those frozen loads in my freezer.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New milestone

100,000 views.  Man you guys are good for my ego.  Glad you enjoy my pig escapades....

Sunday, June 5, 2011

What a send off

OK, to wrap up my trip (cuz I can't take any more right now after this....)  I hooked up with a guy from bbrt.  This is by far the BIGGEST dick I have ever taken.  I drove to his place and we started off kissing.  He was thin.  I'm guessing his dick is almost half his body weight.  It's 10 x 7 for real.....  While we were kissing he played with my butt through my shorts and I rubbed his dick.  I knew it felt big but when we got naked I couldn't help but say 'holy shit'.  He laughed and asked joking 'think you can take it?'  and I looked back dead serious and said I had no idea.  It was huge.  He put me on all fours on his bed and ate my hole for a while.  Then he got on the bed and decided doggy was the best to start off.  He asked if I had any poppers yet.  I said no and took the longest hit I have ever taken.  I was soooo light headed but he slipped in.  He said 'damn you're tight' but oddly enough it didn't hurt.  It felt incredible.  He fucked me doggy for a while and then flipped me over on my back.  He put my legs over is shoulders and started pumping deep.  When he went all the way in it did hurt, I'm not going to lie, but I didn't tell him to stop.  I just took another hit of poppers.  After about 5 minutes of being plowed by Moby Dick I begged for his load before I psyched myself out and started to tighten up.  He told me to stop playing with my dick so I wouldn't cum and he said he wanted to fuck me longer.  So another 5 minutes went by.  I asked again please please give me your load.  He obliged the second round of begging and screamed 'fuuuuuckkkk' as he shot a load in me.  As soon as he pulled out I felt it dripping out of my ass.  I toweled off what I could and put on my underwear to collect anything else so I wouldn't make a mess on the floor of his apartment.  We decided to buddy each other.  He told me he was surprised as tight as I was that I didn't jump when he stuck it in.  I told him I was horny!!!

OK, so by way of reference I told him I needed a photo for comparison sake.  My dick is a respectable 7 inches cut and is med thick.  A nice dick to suck, good mouthful, it's above average.  Good right?  This is a picture of his dick next to mine.  I look like a child's dick next to his monster.  Holy fuck it was hot....

Ahhh memories....

Love when you clean out a computer and come across stuff.  This is an older video of a daddy breeding me in my hotel room in Chicago a couple of years back but I realize I never shared it with you!  Here you go ;)

LA continues....

I went out looking for dick from bbrt on Friday night.  There was a guy that I thought was playing games but he did end up coming through at the last minute.  And....I already had another fuckbud (first from my buddylinks on bbrt for those that know my profile there) lined up because he wanted to see me.

So I headed out to the first guys place, he told me to wear a jock and come in the door, strip down to the jock and go into the bedroom.  He was only a mile away so it didn't take long.  I got to his place, he buzzed me in, I got to his apartment, walked in and stripped down as instructed.  I walked into the bedroom and he was lying back on the bed stroking his dick.  I got on the bed and he pushed my head straight down.  I started sucking his cock and he was groaning happily.  He pulled my head up so we could kiss and then pushed me back down to his dick.  This repetition continued for a bit until he asked if my hole was hungry.  He was a doggy style kind of guy and pulled my ass into his face first and ate it for a few minutes before pushing me back and taking position behind me.  He slid his dick in and just started riding my ass slow leaning over and whispering in my ear stuff like 'that dick feel good?' 'you like that?' 'your hole feels good' and 'i'm going to breed your hole'.  Every now and again he'd twist my head sideways so we could make while he fucked me.  He was cute with a shaved head, average body, smooth and an average.  Was a good way to get in the zone because my next fuckbud has a huge dick and I knew I needed to be a bit looser.  After a few more minutes he came in my ass.  I spun around and cleaned off his cock and then got up and got dressed to go.  We shook hands and he told me if I wanted to hook again before I left to let him know.

I headed out and texted my fuckbud that I was on the way.  I got there about 15 minutes later.  He answered the door and told me his roommate was home so we couldn't be too crazy.  We walked to his bedroom and closed the door.  I always forget how hot he is, even more in person.  He is a light skinned black man with a hot body, some tattoos and a BIG dick.  It's 9.5 and it's a nice thickness.  He has done some porn and what I like is he's a really nice guy in addition to being a great lover.  We started off by kissing for at least 10 minutes.  When he saw I had a jock on he asked me to keep it on, he loves that which I guess I never knew.  I worked my way down his body and blew him for a while or as much of it as I could get in my mouth.  Then he stood me up and we kissed some more.  Then he pushed me back down on his bed and worked his way down my body.  He stopped to blow me for a bit which was awesome and then he hoisted my legs up and began eating my hole.  Because there was a load of cum in there he kept stopping and coming up to kiss me and make out with the cum he was licking out of my hole.  He stood up and lubed up his dick, and then he put my legs over his shoulders and started to slide his dick in.  I took a loooooong hit of poppers and that opened it up for him to slide in.  He started going slow and we kissed while he was fucking me.  He would kiss and spit in my mouth.  He's a pig too which is hot, on top of everything else.  He fucked me this way for a while then lifted one leg up and fucked me sideways for a bit and then back to both legs over his shoulders.  I was so horny that I said I was going to cum.  He told me to go for it and I did.  He bent down to catch what he could in his mouth and then pulled out for a second to finish me off by blowing me and getting the rest.  Then he slid his dick back in and made out with me with my own cum.  While he did this he groaned and shot a load in me.  I felt it twitch and it was a big load.  Back down to eating my hole and then making out with his load in our mouths.  He flipped me over and pushed back in doggy style and just went back and forth slowly for a few minutes and then picked up steam.  He told me what a great ass I had and I told him what a great dick he had.  He fucked me doggy for a few more minutes and then shot another load in me.  He went back to eating my hole and making out again.  He asked if I could stand one more and I said yes.  He did me flat on my stomach and him pounding down into me for another 5 minutes and he shot a third load in me.  That one he said I could keep and he didn't eat it.  We lied next to each other and talked for a good hour to catch up.  Outside of being a hot fuck he's a super sweet guy and I'm looking forward to getting his dick again!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

More LA fun....

So yesterday my bud and I were around town doing stuff and he throws out that we should go to one of the bath houses and lie by the pool and we can get a room and he'll fuck me there before we sit by the pool.  So....that's what we did.  I got a locker and he got a room since he has a membership.  We got to the room and got naked, he bent me over the bed and lubed me up.  Then he fucked me for the next 5 minutes until he shot a load in my butt.  We grabbed our towels and headed out by the pool.  There were a lot of older guys, most not much to look at.  There were a few tiny Asian and Spanish boys who I figured were also bottoms looking for some dick.  My bud likes the Spanish boys so I figured he'd make a play for one but he didn't.  Instead we lied by the pool.  A good looking Spanish boy with a hot bod came out and lied not far form us.  He kept looking over, he lied back naked.  He had a nice uncut dick.  He eventually walked back in and my bud said I should follow him.  Told me to take my time since he'd just be sleeping by the pool.  So I walked in and followed the cute Spanish boy with the uncut dick.  Glad I did.  He had been there a while and was going to leave until he saw me come in.  He asked if I liked getting fucked.  I said yep and we started kissing.  He fingered my hole and realized it was already moist and he immediately got hard.    He pushed me back on the bed and lifted my legs over his shoulder.  I asked if he wanted to get blown first and he said no.  He pushed his dick straight in and starting pumping.  I'm thinking he was on a schedule and needed to get off and go.  It took him all of 3 minutes and he shot a load in my butt.  He said it gets him off when there is a sloppy hole to use.  I grabbed my towel and thanked him and headed for the shower.  When I came out his room was being cleaned so he was definitely on a schedule.

I decided to keep walking around and found another Spanish guy with a muscular hot body.  He stopped to talk and then asked if I wanted to go back to his room.  I agreed and we went back.  I got on my knees and blew him a while.  His dick was not that big, and he was only about 5'7", same as me but he had a kicking body.  I was hard as a rock just touching him.  He stood me up and asked if I liked to get fucked.  I said yes and he pushed me on my back.  He started in that position then flipped me over and fucked me doggy style for a bit, then switched to on my side with one leg up and then laid back so I could ride him while sitting on his dick and then went back to me on my back to finish up and get his load.

He thanked me and I thanked him and grabbed my towel again.  I went back out by the pool and got some sun and chatted with my bud and he asked who I fucked around with so I told him.  He told me I should go to another one of the baths when he goes back to work on Friday.  I agreed so more dick is coming!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day weekend fun

Always so much fun to be in LA.  My fuckbud friend is hosting me for the week which is awesome and always means a guarantee of dick ;)  So on Sunday we hung out, I slept after the long flight, he slept with me.  We showered and went back to bed and I woke up with him fingering my hole.  He smiled and told me I had been there long enough without getting fucked so I turned around and starting blowing him.  After a few minutes as his cock got hard he said 'oh fuck, you've been practicing.  that feels so fucking good.'  He told me to turn around and he spit on his hand and fingered me again and then did it again.  His dick was still slobbery from me blowing him and he put my legs on his shoulders and wiggled his dick slowly into my hole.  He leaned back and grabbed some poppers off the bureau and gave them to me.  I took a hit and he said 'there you go, good boy' as he felt my hole loosen up after getting nice and light-headed.  He started a good rhythm plowing my hole while talking to me.  'you like that?  we gonna get you some more dick while you're here?  poor little hole is hungry huh?  you gonna take my babies in there?'  He fucked me for another 5-10 minutes and then asked if I wanted it and I said yeah and he shot a load in my hole and then laid down on top of me saying how he missed my ass.  We went back to sleep for a few so we'd be ready for the bars later.  We went to dinner and then we went to a bar near his house to watch some of the go go boys.  Hotties (well, most of them).  He fed some fives into a couple of the jocks and then we headed out to another bar.  We were there for a couple of hours.  He saw some friends we chatted with.  We watched more go go dancers and then the dance floor got wet.  It was a foam party and the foam started pouring over the dance floor.  Most of the people dancing had already checked their clothes (except undies) since you know you're going to get wet.  We watched everyone for a while.  Then he told me we should head out and go to Slammers to get me some dick.  I smiled and off we went.

We got to Slammers and it was busy, nice holiday weekend kind of busy.  We went in and the action started right away.  A guy walked by and grabbed my ass and my bud told him I was a bottom.  The guy grabbed my hand and brought me into one of the rooms and I took off my shorts.  He dropped his pants and had a nice sized dick with a fierce upward curve to it.  I sucked it for a few minutes and then he stood me up and pushed me back down onto the bench.  He lifted my legs and started to push his dick in.  There was a knock at the door.  He leaned back and opened it and there was my bud with another guy.  The other guy was another top.  He stepped into the room and the door was closed again.  The second guy dropped his pants and the first guy went back to fucking me.  The second guy stroked his dick while watching the first guy fuck me.  The way I was against the back of the bench I couldn't do anything except get fucked which was ok but I wouldn't have minded sucking a dick while getting plowed.  There was another knock at the door and the second guy opened it and there was my bud again with another guy.  The third guy walked in and the room was now full (one of the small rooms).  The second guy was average build, kind of hairy, good looking and was stroking his dick.  The third guy that walked in was an average guy too but when he dropped his pants he had a nice dick!  Nice length and fat.  The second guy dropped to his knees and started sucking the third guy while the first guy fucked me.  After a few minutes the first guy started to groan and the other two guys egged him on while he shot a load in my ass.  When he pulled out the second guy switched to his cock and cleaned it off.  Then he got up and snowballed the left over cum he cleaned off into my mouth.  After that was done he took position and slid in my ass while the first guy put his pants back on.  The third guy decided to get behind the second guy and slid his dick in him.  So we had a little chain going on and the second guy leaned over and kissed me while pumping me and getting pumped at the same time.  It didn't take the second guy long to cum and he shot a load in me.  When he pulled out he said he was going to stay and watch the third guy fuck me.  The third guy took position, took a hit of poppers, gave me some poppers and then pushed his dick in and started fucking me.  The second guy played with his nipples and then made out with me, then made out with the other guy, then sucked my dick, back to nipples, etc.  Was hot.  The third guy didn't take long either (probably because it was already almost 3 AM and I'm guessing these guys wanted to cum and go home).  When the third guy came in me, the second guy cleaned his dick off too and then cleaned up my hole and got up to make out with me.  The third guy got his pants back on while this was going on and then left.  The second guy made out with me a little more and then put his pants on and left.  My bud came back and asked if I was ready to go.  I told him yeah I was tired.  Still hadn't adjusted from the East coast time zone.  When we walked back to the car he told me not to get too tired because he was letting guys suck his dick but he was going to fuck me again when we got back to his place because he hadn't cum yet.  We got back to his place, he bent me over the bed, slipped right in since my hole had a few loads in it already (including his from earlier in the day) and it didn't take him long.  He shot his second load into me and then pushed me onto the bed and came up behind me.  He put his arms around me and we fell asleep.  

Friday, May 27, 2011

LA here I come

Hey guys.  Been sooooooo busy lately that haven't been getting any.  Complete BS!!!   Ha ha... Anyway, I am off to LA for a week on vacation so am expecting some fun!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

friend video

I've never posted video that's not of me but this was an interesting one that a kid sent me of himself and the uncanny thing is he looks a lot like me.  So this ain't me fellas but for those of you that have never seen my face, this gives you and idea of what I look like ;)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Harder please....

Been a long dry spell..... but we all know I look for dick more when I travel for work.  I was back in NY and decided I couldn't stand the itch anymore and needed some cock in me so I checked out craigslist and found a bb top who was looking.  We exchanged notes and pics and decided to hook up.  I drove into the city to Chelsea and got to his apartment and rang the buzzer.  Went up and he opened the door.  He was about 6 feet, middle eastern, dark eyes and hair, DARK.  Very hot features.  We went into the bedroom and got naked.  He was kind of hairy but you could see he had a nice bod, covered by hair.  I ripped off my clothes and he smiled and said 'mmmm nice.'  He pulled off his pants and he had a nice, big, fat cock with a big vein down the side.  Don't know why that turns me on but it does!!!  I didn't waste time.  I got on my knees and started sucking his cock.  He asked me if I liked watersports.  I said I did but didn't do it a lot.  He asked if I liked to drink from the tap.  I told him I had only done it a couple of times.  He told me I'd be trying again today.  He told me to open my mouth wide and I can't tell you the control this guy had.  He kept a very slow steady stream coming out of his dick.  It was enough to taste and fill your mouth slowly and swallow before getting more.  It was awesome.  He pissed in my mouth for a good 60 seconds.  He told me it was nice and to start blowing him which I did happily.  His dick had started to get hard as he was pissing but I think the pissing kept it from full erection.  Now that it was a pure blowjob he started getting harder.

I used my hand to twist and jerk off his dick while I blew him and the other hand played with his balls.  He liked this and tried to force his dick down my throat.  I kept gagging so I still need practice here.  WE still did it for a few minutes more and he kept trying....and I kept gagging.  Eventually he decided it was time to fuck so he stood me up and then pushed me on my back on his bed and got down on his knees and spent a good 15 minutes eating my hole.  I knew this guy wasn't kidding when he said long sessions.  He was one of the best rimmers I have ever had eat my hole.  He got it sooo wet and sloppy that we did not need any lube...  He stood up and put my legs over his shoulders and mounted me.  He slipped his dick in and was very slow.  All the way in. All the way out.  Very slow and controlled.  It felt so fucking good.  I am not used to a top spending this much time with me on every step of sex!  It was awesome.  He leaned over and we made out while he slowly fucked me.  He swapped a l lot of spit as we made out pulling away and having the long strands of spit hanging between his mouth and mine and then he'd come back down and make out some more.  After a while he started to pick up the pace and I heard his balls slapping against my ass as we fucked.  He stopped every few minutes to change positions.  On back, on side, doggy, me on top, doggy, and we ended up with me on my back again.  He liked to kiss as much as I did.  He started to pick up the pace again and asked me if I was ready to take his load.  I said yes!!!  He told me he was poz and was going to breed me.  I told him I wanted it.  He smiled and started piston fucking me and I thought based on what he said he was close but he kept fucking me for another 5 minutes or so and then the look on his face told me he was ready and he kind of closed his eyes and groaned and shot a load in my hole.  I felt the vein twitching with every squirt.  So fucking hot. When he pulled out he asked me to clean off his dick which I did and I was about to sit up when he pushed me back down.  He put his arms under my thighs and lifted my ass to his face like a buffet and told me 'push it out.'  He spent another 5 minutes felching his load out of my hole and then making out with me again.  Soo sooo sooooo fucking hot.  One of the best experiences ever.  Jerking off thinking about it now!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

So horny today!!!

Oh man, don't know what it is.  I need to be fucked...HARD...damn why are there not more guys in my area!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sex party in NYC

On Thursday night I took a drive into Manhattan and went to a sex party listed on bbrt.  Have to confess it wasn't that great but I was there so I tried to make the best of it.  Almost every guy was out of shape even though the party listed height/weight proportionate.  Oh well, I guess buyer beware!  Anyway, I figured I was there so might as well get some.  There was one good looking latin guy wearing a jock and he was getting fucked by a hung black guy when I came in.  It was a small apartment and the play space was one area where the bed was and the small room it was in and an alcove on the other side of the apartment where people were allowed to smoke.  Guys kept walking back and forth between the two and spent most time standing and doing nothing.  There was an older guy who was kind of pear shaped but had a fat dick so I decided I'd start blowing him to do something.  I resigned myself to just being there for sex and doing it.  I was good until I stood up and he leaned in and tried to kiss me.  He had awful bad breath.  I can't stand a lot but that kills me.  I immediately lost interest and he was licking me, etc.  I had to stop him and go into the bathroom and clean his saliva off me because I could smell it.  Gross.  So now I'm back to the what to do, what to do....

Guys were trickling in every 15 mins or so and it got up to about 20 guys.  Now we had a little more selection.  A number of guys sucked me off but I always stopped them so I wouldn't cum.  I wanted to play longer.  I ended up trying to get the black guy with the huge dick alone but the other guys there that were bottoms were all after his dick too.  He also was a little chunky but I didn't care since his dick was the best in the place.  Didn't end up working out.  Another cute bottom had since come in and cornered the black guy in the back alcove and started sucking his dick.  After about 15 minutes he gave up his ass and the black guy drilled him until he came.  Then they both got dressed and left.  I turned my attention to a few more dicks to suck to feel out the group.  There was a shorter latin daddy that was ok at best but he had a short fat dick.  He kneeled down and started blowing me while I sat in a chair.  After a while he spit on his fingers and started to finger my hole.  The more I let him, the more he did it.  I think we both knew where this was going so I stood up and bent over the chair and he slipped his dick in from behind. He was shorter than me so I had to squat down a bit.  He drilled me doggy style for a few minutes and then I think he was so horny and had been edging a while because it didn't take him long to cum.  I was ok with that because now my hole was lubed for what I hoped would be more dick.  I thanked him, he thanked me and I went back to being a wallflower and rubbing my dick.  One annoying thing was an older fat daddy and a black sub were on the bed the entire 2 hours I was there.  Never moved, even when they were just lying there and doing nothing.  So anyone else who attempted to get on the bed was stuck in one corner of it against the wall.  A few guys did manage some fucking there though.

I noticed I had overlooked a daddy, very hairy who seemed to have a nice dick.  I sat back down in the chair near the bed and my latin daddy who bred me got back on his knees and started blowing me.  I leaned over and grabbed the hairy daddy's nipples and he immediately sat upright.  I knew I hit the right button.  He whispered 'harder' so I started to really tug on them and he was totally getting off on it.  After a while I leaned one hand down between his legs and felt his dick.  Surprise!  Was big!  I leaned over and asked if he liked to fuck.  He said 'get on the bed on your back'.  I politely stopped my latin daddy from blowing me so I could get up and take position on the bed.  The daddy fingered my hole a bit and then stuck his fingers in my mouth so I could taste the cum that was already in there.  Then he slipped in and I immediately started to play with his nips.  The coolest thing ever, it was like his nipples were a remote control for his dick.  The harder I twisted them the faster and deeper he pounded me.  When I let up he slowed down.  I could as a bottom control it.  It was like having a personal fuck machine.  This went on for about 10 minutes and he asked me if I wanted to be bred.  I said yeah and he told me to go to town on his nipples.  Yes sir!  I actually was worried I was hurting him I was pulling them so hard, but it worked.  He fucked harder and harder and I felt his dick stiffening to the point where he groaned and shot a load in my hole.  I felt his dick twitching as he filled me up and at the last second he leaned over and rammed his tongue down my throat too.  So hot.

When he pulled out another guy immediately jumped on his dick to suck it clean.  The latin daddy came back and pushed his way on the bed to start blowing me again.  He did this in a different way now, deepthroating and with a finger up my ass which always pushed me to the brink.  About 5 minutes later I grabbed the back of his head and pushed it straight down on me and shot at least 10 pulses of cum down his throat.  He was an expert because his head was as far down as it could go and he was still able to swallow and use his tongue to massage my cock with each shot coming out.  I have never felt anyone milk me so well before.  Was awesome.   I thanked him again, he thanked me again and told me it was a huge load.  I laughed and told him I had been horny for days.

I went to the bathroom and rinsed off, went and got my clothes and left.  Problem is when I got back to the hotel room I logged into bbrt looking for more cock.  Didn't find any but I feel like I am getting to a point where I need to have dick in me so often now!  NEED TO BE FUCKED!!!!  

Saturday, April 16, 2011

At long last

Well it didn't work out with the couple on my way home this week.  They were packing for vaca and we agreed when they were back made more sense.  But, the weekend instead brought a new treat.  I've chatted with a guy on bbrt for over a year.  We have become friendly but we just never hooked up.  It never seemed to work out.  We agreed to set a goal and just make it happen by March 15.  Well that came and went and I was traveling and he was studying, always something.  So I was online last night and he instant messages me and we start talking.  Long story short I told him I'd text him today.  I did.  He was free and while I was in his neck of the woods we met up at a local sex club and did the deed.  He is tall, 6'4" has a mohawk, real one, not a fauxhawk.  It suits him.  Has some ink in a few places.  He was walking up the sidewalk while I was parking.  I got out and said hi since I recognized him right away.  It took him a second to realize who I was since we had never actually met in person.  We walked into the sex club together, I got a room.  He gets in free with a student ID.  He went to his locker and stripped down.  I went to my room and did the same.  We met up in the hall.  NOTHING else to see.  It is a Saturday afternoon after all.  There were a few other guys there but nothing to get excited about.  Didn't matter anyway.  We were there for one reason.

He asked which room I was in and I led him back.  We walked in closed the door and the towels dropped and the kissing started.  For the next hour we were in the room doing everything possible with me as a bottom and him as a top.  I say that because he's a versatile top and does occasionally like to get fucked but he was all top today.  We kissed standing up and then he picked me up and stood me on the bed so I would be bending down to kiss him.  Then he got on the bed and we both rolled around kissing and rubbing each other.  He smiled when he put his finger in my hole and realized it was already lubed.  I had come prepared.  Now we were both on our knees kissing and he grabbed my head and forced it down on his dick, all the way down to the end.  I gagged but he kept it there.  I gagged again and he let me up and then pushed me back down again.  Then he let me up and asked 'you want that in your hole'  I didn't even say anything, I just rolled onto my back and lifted my legs.  He grabbed them and put them on his shoulders, spit in his hand and greased up his dick.  I took a hit of poppers and he slid in.  He started slow for a few minutes and then picked up the tempo.  He is a HARD fuck once he gets going.  You could easily hear his balls slapping against my ass as he pounded it.  There wasn't much going on in the entire place so I'm sure everyone could hear it as well which was kind of a turn on.  We started with me on my back so we could make out.  Then he shifted me to my side and held one leg up while he plowed me sideways.  Then he told me to flip over and lay flat.  He liked this position and when I tell you he fucked hard, this is where I felt it the most.  He POUNDED me.  I was biting the pillow and groaning every time he rammed his dick in me.  He kept leaning over and whispering stuff in my ear like 'you know you like it'  'come on, you can take more than that' 'this won't be the last time we do this'  Then he stopped and leaned back (he kept starting and stopping so he wouldn't cum too fast).  He leaned back on his knees and told me to sit on his dick.  So we did that position for a bit me riding him and kissing him in between thrusts.  Then he looked at me and called me a cumpig and told me how hot I was.  I asked if it had been worth the wait and he smiled and nodded.  He asked if I thought it had been worth the wait and I smiled and nodded.

We kissed some more and then he told me to lay flat again.  He pounded me again for a few minutes and then lifted my ass until I was in doggy position and we did that for a bit.  He asked me what I wanted next and I said his cum.  He asked what position I wanted to be in to get it.  I flipped back on my back and he grabbed my ankles and drove his dick in.  This time he pounded just as hard this way as he had when I was laying flat.  He was starting to breathe heavy and then he winced and groaned and I felt his dick spasm inside me and I knew he was cumming.  It was hot.  Then he collapsed on me for a minute and kissed some more but his rest soon turned to attention on my dick.  He wanted me to cum and he started to suck my cock.  He went all the way down and back up slowly at first and then picked up the pace.  I have a habit of being too quiet and not telling a guy what I like so when he was hitting my buttons and getting me close I would just put my head back but then when he changed his plan I didn't say anything.  I need to be better about that.  Eventually I guided his head in the motion I wanted and he stuck to it.  I started to arch my back and groan and he started sucking like a fiend.  I moaned and shot a big old load in his mouth.  He gagged and spit up twice while I was cumming in his mouth, but he went back and licked it up :)  Then he collapsed next to me and we talked for a while and kissed a bit more.  After about 10 minutes of hanging out and talking I did a time check and we got up and hit the showers. We left the club together.  He walked me back to my car, leaned down and kissed me and we agreed to keep in touch.