Sunday, December 26, 2010

twas the day after Christmas

going to get a lot of snow here in the Northeast so lots of people up early running errands and doing last minute stuff before it starts.  the bf went out to do some last minute stuff.  we were up at 6.  i was outside taking stuff down since the wind is supposed to be crazy.  my neighbor was outside too.  he waved and after a few minutes he came down the driveway.  'she's at the grocery store he said'  i knew what he meant and what he wanted so we went inside and i got right on my knees.  here's where we take a twist....  remember he's been getting closer and closer?  well he took his pants completely off this time and took his shirt off.  i was sucking his dick when he asked to see my ass again.  he started talking and saying, 'you like to get fucked huh?'  my heart started beating and i said yeah.  he said 'you wanna get fucked?'  i didn't want to seem too nuts about it so i just said 'sure, yeah'  he still let me suck his dick for a few more minutes while i guess he thought it over.  then he finally said 'ok, don't have much time.  get up.  i'm gonna fuck you.'  i said 'that's hot. is it cool if i take a pic of your dick so i can jerk off to it later?'  he said 'no, i don't want my face.'  now i begged.  i told him i swear i won't take one of your face.  i even said he could look at it right after i take it to be sure it's ok.  he said no two more times but then i think he saw that we were talking and not doing anything and the time was marching on so he said ok...  woohoo!!!  i ran upstairs and got some lube and came back down.  i lubed up my hole and lubed up his dick.  he said 'you have rubbers?'  i acted surprised.  i said 'crap no, the bf and me don't use them'  he paused for a few minutes and i could tell he was realllllllly horny and thinking about the time so he said, 'ok, ok, hurry up'  i just fell back and threw up my legs.  he took no time to get right in there.  he said 'fuck, that's hot.' and he said nothing else after that.  he started the back and forth and stared straight out the window and didn't look down until he was done.   it didn't take him long which confirmed he was crazy horny and yes, he shot his load inside.  then i gave him a face cloth, he cleaned off got dressed and bolted.  a nice late christmas present that this 'straight' hunk from across the street barebacked me.  here's the pic he let me take.  mission accomplished.  hope this means from now on he fucks me instead of me blowing him....


  1. Agree! You lucky pig. Though I'd want much more time drilling you, there's something to be said for a super quick fuck.