Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cold hands, hot dick

It's been a while since my neighbor stopped by (you can tell from my posts!)  I guess he's been busy but so have I so it's all good.  Well that changed yesterday.  I guess he was alone last night and I think he was watching my house because he knew my bf had gone out.  I heard a knock at the back door around 8 and was thinking it must have been my family, they're the only ones that use the back door really.  I get to the door and see him standing there with a smile.  I was stoked because I was so horny, it's been a while since I got any play.  Gotten to that point where we don't even say anything anymore.  He just came in and walked around the corner into the den and said 'you got any porn'?  Since I only have gay porn and I wanted his dick in my mouth as quick as I could, I scrambled to pull up some straight porn on the internet and then flash it from the PC to the TV in the den.  He already had his dick out and was stroking when I walked back in.  Like I said, no need to say what he wants anymore.  I just got down on my knees and started sucking his cock.

He groaned a little as I started and then he started talking (he's getting more verbal the more we do this).  He started saying 'yeah suck that dick' 'yeah you want that, huh' 'show me how you want it' 'suck it like you mean it'.  I took a it of poppers and started going to town on his dick.  He asked 'what are those for?'  My heart jumped.  I thought to myself this was a good sign if he's interested in experimenting.  What else would it lead to?  So I told him it just makes you light-headed and makes me get more horny.  He asked if he could try some.  I said sure, just block a nostril and breathe in through the other for a couple of seconds and then switch them and do the same.  He did and within a couple of seconds said 'whoa, that shit is weird'  He swayed a bit and I thought he needed to sit but he said he was fine.  'Just keep sucking my dick' so I knew it was working.  :)  So I did as told.  I sucked on his dick like the greediest pig I could and he was loving it.  My head was going back and forth like crazy and I felt his dick getting tight in my mouth and he started to groan.  I knew it was coming and oh did it ever.  He flooded my throat with a sweet flow of jizz and I swallowed every drop.  Same as usual when I was done, he said 'thanks man, pulled up his pants and walked to the door'  He looked back, gave a wink and said 'see you soon bro'.  I HOPE that his wanting to try the poppers is a sign that he wants to keep experimenting.  If it kills me I am going to get that man to pump his load in my hole.

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