Sunday, December 5, 2010

Are you giving me a cavity search officer?

Been a bit since I hooked up with my cop friend who lives a few towns over but I got an email from him yesterday saying he was going to be alone today and he has been horny.  He asked if I'd come over so he could rape my ass.  I asked if he'd be telling me I was a whore when he came in my hole again.  He replied 'you are a whore.  tell me you're going to take my cum.'  I told him I would.  So after I went for a run this morning, I came back and showered, cleaned out the hole and told the bf I was going out for a bit.  I drove to his place and sent a text to tell him I was on my way.  He must have texted me back a good 6 or 7 times on the way 'where are you now' 'how close' ....  I could tell he was REAL horny.  Then he sent me a text asking if I brought poppers with me.  I said yes.  'Good.  Come in through the kitchen, take your clothes off and come into the bedroom.  I'll be naked in bed waiting for you.'  When I got to his house I did like I was told.  I walked into his bedroom and he was sitting in bed stroking his dick and watching some porn.  He told me to put my hole in his face and suck his cock.  He's predictable, this is how he always likes to play.  He loves to start off by rimming my ass and then he pushes me off and fucks me doggy.  Always the same.  He rimmed me for a bit and then asked where the poppers were.  He took a hit and then pushed me off his face and flat on the bed.  He lubed my hole and pushed right in.  Not slow, just straight in.  I yelled OW.  He said 'shut up.  Take some poppers. you know you want this because you're a pig.'

I couldn't deny that part.  I took some poppers and got a bit more comfortable and he started plowing me hard.  He started getting verbal too.  'Yeah, you like that huh?  You my cum pig?  You like my dick.'  Then he grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my head back.  He leaned forward and spit in the side of my face.  He said 'tell me you want it.'  I told him I wanted it.  He said 'like you mean it slut, say it again.'  I told him I really wanted it.  I loved his dick in me.  To please, please fuck me.  He asked me 'are you a whore?'  I nodded and said yeah.  He told me to say it out loud.  I said I was a whore.  He said 'this is what you want, it's what you deserve isn't it?  tell me this is what you're for.  tell me you came here because you're a pig and you want my load.'  I told him I drove here for him to fuck me raw and to cum in my ass because I'm a whore.  He said 'I know you are you fucking pig' and he spit in my face again.  He told me to clean it off my face and to eat it.  I wiped it off with my fingers and stuck it in my mouth.  This whole time he was fucking me hard and then he took another hit of poppers.  'You gonna take my load pig?'  I said yeah.  He said 'beg for it, beg like a bitch.  tell me you want my cum in your pussy.  do it or you don't get it, and you better sound like you mean it.'  I did my best job begging.  Please, please cum in my hole.  I need it so bad, it's all I ever want.  It's your cum I want.  Blow it in my pussy.  it's your pussy, it's here for you to pump your load in.  please, please do it.

As I said that I felt his dick getting thicker in my hole and I knew he was about to blow.  He took another hit of poppers and leaned right on top of my while he pumped deep and fast in my ass.  He leaned in close to my ear and said 'here it comes' and then as he started to cum he whispered in my ear 'you're a fucking whore.  you fucking pig. '  when he was done cumming he got up and threw on some sweat pants.  He said 'you should come back next week.  here.'  and he threw me a towel.  i wiped off and got dressed.  he said 'you got all your stuff?  cool, catch you later.'  he led me out the door, i got in my car and left.  he loves the pump and dump scene and no small chat.  i'm not partner material for him, i'm just a hole to drop a load in.  i'm ok with that ;)


  1. HOT! I have always wanted to please an officer but have not had that experience yet...

  2. It's pretty sweet. Aggressive, controlling. A very hot fuck ;)