Sunday, December 26, 2010

twas the day after Christmas

going to get a lot of snow here in the Northeast so lots of people up early running errands and doing last minute stuff before it starts.  the bf went out to do some last minute stuff.  we were up at 6.  i was outside taking stuff down since the wind is supposed to be crazy.  my neighbor was outside too.  he waved and after a few minutes he came down the driveway.  'she's at the grocery store he said'  i knew what he meant and what he wanted so we went inside and i got right on my knees.  here's where we take a twist....  remember he's been getting closer and closer?  well he took his pants completely off this time and took his shirt off.  i was sucking his dick when he asked to see my ass again.  he started talking and saying, 'you like to get fucked huh?'  my heart started beating and i said yeah.  he said 'you wanna get fucked?'  i didn't want to seem too nuts about it so i just said 'sure, yeah'  he still let me suck his dick for a few more minutes while i guess he thought it over.  then he finally said 'ok, don't have much time.  get up.  i'm gonna fuck you.'  i said 'that's hot. is it cool if i take a pic of your dick so i can jerk off to it later?'  he said 'no, i don't want my face.'  now i begged.  i told him i swear i won't take one of your face.  i even said he could look at it right after i take it to be sure it's ok.  he said no two more times but then i think he saw that we were talking and not doing anything and the time was marching on so he said ok...  woohoo!!!  i ran upstairs and got some lube and came back down.  i lubed up my hole and lubed up his dick.  he said 'you have rubbers?'  i acted surprised.  i said 'crap no, the bf and me don't use them'  he paused for a few minutes and i could tell he was realllllllly horny and thinking about the time so he said, 'ok, ok, hurry up'  i just fell back and threw up my legs.  he took no time to get right in there.  he said 'fuck, that's hot.' and he said nothing else after that.  he started the back and forth and stared straight out the window and didn't look down until he was done.   it didn't take him long which confirmed he was crazy horny and yes, he shot his load inside.  then i gave him a face cloth, he cleaned off got dressed and bolted.  a nice late christmas present that this 'straight' hunk from across the street barebacked me.  here's the pic he let me take.  mission accomplished.  hope this means from now on he fucks me instead of me blowing him....

Friday, December 10, 2010

NYC group time

I was in NYc on business and got some play set up in advance.  A reg fuck bud of mine and I chatted and we organized a small group (4 guys) and were good to go until I got there.  He emailed me and got gun shy about the group but still wanted to get together with a bud of his if that was cool.  Eh, sure why not.  He was staying the night so we could fuck a few times so I didn't want to interfere with that plan anyway.  My bud is about 5'8" swimmers build, nice thick dick and a goatee.  His friend was a 25 year old Puerto Rican student.  Hello....  I was fine with it!  They both got to my hotel within 5 minutes of each other and we got rid of our clothes pretty quick.  I got on my knees and started blowing the two of them.  They were kissing while I did this.  The kid had a nice thick uncut dick.  It was tasty.  Then we got on the bed and lubed each other up.  The kid was the first to slide his dick in me while my bud straddled my face and stuck his dick in my mouth.  That was hot, then they switched positions.  Then we got back to sucking each others dicks for a bit and after a while went back to fucking.  This time my bud slid his dick in me with me on my back and he leaned in and started making out with me.  At the same time the kid got behind him and stuck his dick in my bud's ass.  A little train action going on.  We did this for a bit and then they switched positions in the train.  The Puerto Rican kid suddenly moans and shot a load in my hole.  My bud said 'you came already' and the kid said 'that's only the first load'  I like this kid......  We switch again and this time I'm in the middle of the train with mu bud fucking me and me fucking the kid.  That was hot but I am an easy cummer so I didn't want to go to aggressive and cum too fast.  I stopped after a few minutes and let my bud fuck him.  Then he pushed me on the bed and my bud went back to fucking me while I made out with the kid.  This went on for a few more minutes until my bud told me to push back on the bed so he could get on too.  He got on and threw my legs over his shoulders and started to plow me slow at first and he kept picking up the pace.  He was making out with the kid, then with me, then the kid, me, so on and so on.  When he was kissing me the kid would egg him on.  I finally started to feel my bud's dick swell up and he said 'fuck yeah, you want it?'  I said yes!  and he said 'fuck yeah' and pumped a load in my hole.  He made out with me the whole time he was squirting and I loved every second of it.  Then he pulled out and the kid got back into position.  He pushed his dick right in, all sloppy and smiled.  He got right into the groove and started pumping away.  Like a machine.  So fucking awesome.  Within 5 minutes he was moaning again and shot another load in my hole.  Then he pulled out and stood my cock up and sat right on and started riding me.  He did that for about 3 minutes like he was riding a horse in a race and I knew he wasn't going to stop until he got what he wanted.  So I gave it to him :)  I shot my load up his ass and he was yelling 'shoot it!  shoot in my ass!'  It was very cool.

We all collapsed on the bed and talked for a long time, about an hour and then they both got dressed.  The kid to leave and my bud to go get something to eat.  I gave him my room key and he went to get some chow and then came back.  He ate and then got naked again and climbed into bed with me.  He asked if I wanted to get fucked again and I said yeah.  He got back in position with my legs over his shoulders and piston fucked me until he came again.  Then he smiled and pulled out and went down on my hole felching out the loads that were in there.  He kept telling me to push it out.  He was feasting on me for a good 15 minutes until he had eaten enough  :)  We went to bed but about 2 hours later he got up to pee and when he came back he spooned me from behind and started fucking me again.  He came in me a third time a little while later.  I guess I can't complain, the sex was awesome, they were both hot and in the morning my bud got dressed and left.  I had about 2 hours before I had to leave to catch my flight and one of the guys from the planned group sent me a text.  He asked if we could still get together. I told him how much time I had and he said he'd be there in 30 minutes.  I didn't hold my breath but he really did show up.  He was a hot Israeli kid with a nice dick.  He got naked.  I asked if I could take a pic of his dick which is on here and then after he pushed me back on the bed with my legs on his shoulders he grabbed the camera again and took this video.  I wish he had kept it on until he came but it's worth seeing his dick inside me ;)  So all in all not a bad night....and following morning.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Are you giving me a cavity search officer?

Been a bit since I hooked up with my cop friend who lives a few towns over but I got an email from him yesterday saying he was going to be alone today and he has been horny.  He asked if I'd come over so he could rape my ass.  I asked if he'd be telling me I was a whore when he came in my hole again.  He replied 'you are a whore.  tell me you're going to take my cum.'  I told him I would.  So after I went for a run this morning, I came back and showered, cleaned out the hole and told the bf I was going out for a bit.  I drove to his place and sent a text to tell him I was on my way.  He must have texted me back a good 6 or 7 times on the way 'where are you now' 'how close' ....  I could tell he was REAL horny.  Then he sent me a text asking if I brought poppers with me.  I said yes.  'Good.  Come in through the kitchen, take your clothes off and come into the bedroom.  I'll be naked in bed waiting for you.'  When I got to his house I did like I was told.  I walked into his bedroom and he was sitting in bed stroking his dick and watching some porn.  He told me to put my hole in his face and suck his cock.  He's predictable, this is how he always likes to play.  He loves to start off by rimming my ass and then he pushes me off and fucks me doggy.  Always the same.  He rimmed me for a bit and then asked where the poppers were.  He took a hit and then pushed me off his face and flat on the bed.  He lubed my hole and pushed right in.  Not slow, just straight in.  I yelled OW.  He said 'shut up.  Take some poppers. you know you want this because you're a pig.'

I couldn't deny that part.  I took some poppers and got a bit more comfortable and he started plowing me hard.  He started getting verbal too.  'Yeah, you like that huh?  You my cum pig?  You like my dick.'  Then he grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my head back.  He leaned forward and spit in the side of my face.  He said 'tell me you want it.'  I told him I wanted it.  He said 'like you mean it slut, say it again.'  I told him I really wanted it.  I loved his dick in me.  To please, please fuck me.  He asked me 'are you a whore?'  I nodded and said yeah.  He told me to say it out loud.  I said I was a whore.  He said 'this is what you want, it's what you deserve isn't it?  tell me this is what you're for.  tell me you came here because you're a pig and you want my load.'  I told him I drove here for him to fuck me raw and to cum in my ass because I'm a whore.  He said 'I know you are you fucking pig' and he spit in my face again.  He told me to clean it off my face and to eat it.  I wiped it off with my fingers and stuck it in my mouth.  This whole time he was fucking me hard and then he took another hit of poppers.  'You gonna take my load pig?'  I said yeah.  He said 'beg for it, beg like a bitch.  tell me you want my cum in your pussy.  do it or you don't get it, and you better sound like you mean it.'  I did my best job begging.  Please, please cum in my hole.  I need it so bad, it's all I ever want.  It's your cum I want.  Blow it in my pussy.  it's your pussy, it's here for you to pump your load in.  please, please do it.

As I said that I felt his dick getting thicker in my hole and I knew he was about to blow.  He took another hit of poppers and leaned right on top of my while he pumped deep and fast in my ass.  He leaned in close to my ear and said 'here it comes' and then as he started to cum he whispered in my ear 'you're a fucking whore.  you fucking pig. '  when he was done cumming he got up and threw on some sweat pants.  He said 'you should come back next week.  here.'  and he threw me a towel.  i wiped off and got dressed.  he said 'you got all your stuff?  cool, catch you later.'  he led me out the door, i got in my car and left.  he loves the pump and dump scene and no small chat.  i'm not partner material for him, i'm just a hole to drop a load in.  i'm ok with that ;)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cold hands, hot dick

It's been a while since my neighbor stopped by (you can tell from my posts!)  I guess he's been busy but so have I so it's all good.  Well that changed yesterday.  I guess he was alone last night and I think he was watching my house because he knew my bf had gone out.  I heard a knock at the back door around 8 and was thinking it must have been my family, they're the only ones that use the back door really.  I get to the door and see him standing there with a smile.  I was stoked because I was so horny, it's been a while since I got any play.  Gotten to that point where we don't even say anything anymore.  He just came in and walked around the corner into the den and said 'you got any porn'?  Since I only have gay porn and I wanted his dick in my mouth as quick as I could, I scrambled to pull up some straight porn on the internet and then flash it from the PC to the TV in the den.  He already had his dick out and was stroking when I walked back in.  Like I said, no need to say what he wants anymore.  I just got down on my knees and started sucking his cock.

He groaned a little as I started and then he started talking (he's getting more verbal the more we do this).  He started saying 'yeah suck that dick' 'yeah you want that, huh' 'show me how you want it' 'suck it like you mean it'.  I took a it of poppers and started going to town on his dick.  He asked 'what are those for?'  My heart jumped.  I thought to myself this was a good sign if he's interested in experimenting.  What else would it lead to?  So I told him it just makes you light-headed and makes me get more horny.  He asked if he could try some.  I said sure, just block a nostril and breathe in through the other for a couple of seconds and then switch them and do the same.  He did and within a couple of seconds said 'whoa, that shit is weird'  He swayed a bit and I thought he needed to sit but he said he was fine.  'Just keep sucking my dick' so I knew it was working.  :)  So I did as told.  I sucked on his dick like the greediest pig I could and he was loving it.  My head was going back and forth like crazy and I felt his dick getting tight in my mouth and he started to groan.  I knew it was coming and oh did it ever.  He flooded my throat with a sweet flow of jizz and I swallowed every drop.  Same as usual when I was done, he said 'thanks man, pulled up his pants and walked to the door'  He looked back, gave a wink and said 'see you soon bro'.  I HOPE that his wanting to try the poppers is a sign that he wants to keep experimenting.  If it kills me I am going to get that man to pump his load in my hole.