Saturday, November 13, 2010


A quick blow job for one of the hot local jock older guys I hook up with.  There is an older post of him on here somewhere.  It's been a long while since we hooked up because he travels a lot for work and so do I so schedules don't line up that often.  We chatted, he said he was off Friday and I told him I'd be around.  He was on Manhunt and I emailed him but he didn't open the email right away.  When he finally did he asked if I could come by and blow him and if I'd be interested in blowing a bud of his too.  I said hell yeah.  Then he asked how long.  I said I was ready and could be there in 10 minutes.  He said he had to roll pretty quick and his bud was out so just him and had to be now.  Told him I was on my way.  I got to his place 10 minutes later, walked up the stairs to his apartment, walked in and there he was in the living room with a t-shirt on and nothing else, sitting in a chair and stroking his dick.  He said what's up man and I said hey and got right down on my knees and got to work.  He said fuck yeah and told me to go slow.  He doesn't like to cum to fast.  He stood up and skull fucked me for a bit, but he would start and stop so he wouldn't cum.  Then he told me to take my shorts off so he could see my ass.  I did as told.  He has never fucked me before so I was hoping but all he did was rub his dick against my crack and up and down my back and then he told me to get back to work.  Started going heavy and every few minutes he would stop me.  I caught him checking his watch and knew he was taking every minute he had.  He said ok which I knew meant he was ready to cum so I went for broke.  When he was close he pulled out and told me to tilt my head back.  He likes a mix of a facial and in your mouth so he said here it comes and then it started squirting out on my face, chin and I had my mouth open so some went in my mouth.  Before he was done shooting he stuck it back in my mouth and I got a couple of clean shots down the throat.  Then I rubbed what was on my face on my hand and licked it off.  He had cum on his fingers too and he stuck those in my mouth to clean off.  Got some towels and took care of the rest.  Dressed up, shook hands and left.  I like him.  Right to business, do the deed and go....

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