Thursday, November 25, 2010

Saturday sleaze

A little late posting this but....last Saturday went to the baths and I had oh so much fun :)  Started as soon as I got there.  I got my room, got undressed and saw lots of action and guys moving around.  I decided to start first by going into the sauna which is kept pitch black.  You get a real quick view when you open the door and the guy near the door was a good looking guy in his 40s I'd guess.  I walked in and sat down on one of the benches opposite him.  My eyes adjusted to the dark pretty quick and it only took a couple of seconds before he walked over and stood right in front of me rubbing his crotch through his towel.  I reached up under his towel to grab it and was happy that action was starting so fast (have been disappointed here before) and was happy that this guy had a big dick :)  I pulled the towel up and started blowing him.  He groaned and that is like a magnet for other guys.  Guys started coming over rubbing his nipples and mine and someone was playing with my dick while I sat and sucked this guy off.  His dick swelled and I knew what I wanted so...I stood up and he leaned down so I could whisper in his ear and ask if he wanted to go to my room.  He said yes so we walked out and went back to my room.  He said 'I'm glad you asked because I'm hoping you want to get fucked and I didn't want to do it in there.'  I told him he was in luck...He pushed me on the bed and straddled my face so I could suck his dick more.  He was pumping my mouth and saying yeah, suck that dick.  Suck it good.  Keep it hard before it goes in you.  Then he asked if I wanted him to use a rubber.  He doesn't like how they feel on his dick but if I want him to he will.  I told him he was in luck again because I like it raw.  He said 'well good, let's get the party started then.'  He walked backwards on his knees until my legs could come up over his shoulders.  He grabbed the lube off the table and I grabbed the poppers and asked if he wanted some.  He said no but I should take a hit.  I did and then he slowly slid his dick in.  "Oh fuck, you have a tight ass.  So hot.' he said.  And he pumped in and out realllly slow for a few minutes.  Then he started to pick up the tempo and he leaned over and started making out with me while he fucked me.  He started piston fucking me and I found out I had kind of a squeaky bed.  Someone walked by outside and laughed saying out loud 'yeah fuck him, fuck him' even though they didn't know who we were, well at least I don't think they did.  He fucked me for a while longer and I felt his dick starting to swell so I knew it was coming.  He asked if I wanted him to pull out.  I said no and he smiled and dove down and buried his tongue down my throat as he started to moan and shot a load up my ass.  So fucking hot and such a great way to start my night.  He asked if I was going to be there a while.  I said I had just gotten there and he said 'cool, maybe I'll get the chance again.' I said hell yeah but I didn't see him again so was either timing or he left, not sure.

I headed to the shower and rinsed off then hit the beat again.  Down the back path behind the last row of rooms is a dark hallway and there were a few guys hanging out there.  One was another older guy with a hot chest so after getting fucked I was pretty horny for more and I dropped to my knees in front of him.  He took of his towel and I started sucking his cock.  Within minutes a crowd formed and another guy got on his knees and the two of us started sucking the dicks around us.  I love the baths!  The older guy with the hot chest came in my mouth after just a couple of minutes and then leaned over and thanked me before putting his towel back on and walking away.   Behind him was another guy but on my knees it was too dark and I couldn't see.  He pushed his dick in my mouth.  Nice size, not huge, but was good for easy sucking like the guy with the hot chest.  I put my hands up to play with his nipples and he said 'fuck yeah'  I knew to keep my hands there and a few minutes later he shot a load in my mouth too.  Next!!  Another guy came over.  I stopped to look at the other guy servicing and it seemed we both had little groups around us.  The next guy that had come over had a bit of a gut I could see even in the dark and not a long dick but it was fat.  I decided I was going to be a pig tonight so I leaned forward and started sucking.  I thought it's kind of like a glory hole as if I can't see the guy on the other side anyway so just suck it and shut up.  I started sucking his dick and two guys got on either side.  The three of them started feeling each other up so I figured this was a good package thing and started moving from one dick to the next and so on until they were all wet and sloppy and hard.  Then I concentrated again on the first guy but while I did the other two started jerking off.  The one on my left said softly 'I'm gonna cum' so I stopped sucking the first guy and moved my mouth to him.  He shoved his dick in and shot a BIG load down my throat.  I choked because it took me by surprise but I went back to clean it up :)  Then I moved back to the first guy and within a minute he shot his load in my mouth.  The last guy was getting blown by the other guy now but when he saw I was done with the first guy he pulled his dick out of the other guy's mouth and came back to me.  He pushed back into my mouth and held my head while he fucked my mouth.  Within a couple of minutes he shot his load in my throat.  I decided I had enough protein to drink for now and left the other guys to my partner in crime who was still on his knees.  I stood up and started to walk around again.  I did several laps and stopped to watch the TV (Iron Man 2 was on) and stopped in the video room to watch some porn and a guy got on his knees to blow me which was good for a few minutes but I didn't want to cum so I pulled back, put my towel back on and kept walking around.  An older jock guy with shoulder length hair and a baseball hat on had just said bye to another guy coming out of his room when I walked by and he said 'what's up?'  Feeling pretty bold and horny I walked into his room.

He closed the door and pulled my towel off.  He was still dressed but after he took my towel off he took his shirt off and pulled his pants down around his ankles.  He had an average dick.  He pushed me down on the bed and started sucking my dick.  He lifted my legs up so he had access to my hole and started rimming me.  He said 'I can taste cum.  You already been fucked?'  I said yep and he said 'you wanna get fucked again?'  I said yep again and he pushed my legs up over his shoulders and leaned in to my body.  He slid his dick right in and started going at it.  He did this for a bit but then asked if I like it doggy.  I said any way you want and he told me to stand up and bend over the bed.  He went back to his knees and rimmed me more.  Then he told me to suck his dick and asked if I could taste the cum on his dick.  I said yep and he said good and then picked me back up and bent me over the bed.  He pushed back in and kept starting and stopping so he could get down and rim me for a few minutes.  Then he finally asked if I wanted another load in there.  I said hell yes and he pushed in farther and shot a load in me.  He asked if I wanted more and I said hell yeah.  So he opened the door to his room and put his dick back in me so other guys could see him fucking me.  This drew a crowd also.  This guy (a guy with same thinking as me) had Maximum Impact in his room.  He started talking to the guys in the doorway telling them how nice and tight and wet my hole was.  Then he asked if anyone wanted a go.  A few of the guys stepped in the room.  He told me to flip on my back so the others could hold my legs up while each guy fucked me.  I did as I was told and no sooner did I flip over than he put a facecloth drenched in Maximum Impact in my face and held it there while the first guy got in position.  He kept it held over my face only taking it off every few minutes to spray more on the facecloth.  I don't know how much time passed but I know my heart was racing and I was light headed thinking to myself fuck me fuck me fuck me.  And they did.  There were 4 guys that gang fucked me while I had the had the facecloth over my face.  I was kept on my back and they kept cheering each other on and one by one they shot their loads into me calling me pig and other stuff while they used me.  I thought I was done until the jock whispered in my ear that a few more guys were at the door and they wanted a piece.  So two more guys fucked me while the jock helped them with my legs and the cheering and holding the facecloth over my face.  I was so out of it by the time this was done but I do remember trying to stand up and being too light headed.  Cum was dripping down my legs as I stood up.  I sat back down on the bed and the jock asked if I was ok.  I said yeah and he told me how hot it was.  I told him I needed a minute and after resting a bit I got up, grabbed my towel he thanked me and I headed to the shower.

When I came out of the shower I was going to get dressed and go home but as I walked back to my room there was another guy standing in his doorway and he said 'I wish I had joined'  I smiled and he asked if I wanted to come in his room for a bit.  Ahh what the hell I thought and I walked in.  He pushed me to my knees and stuck his dick in my mouth.  I sucked his dick for a while and then he stood me up and said he wanted to fuck me.  He put me on my back and threw one leg over his shoulders and slid his dick in.  Slow and steady fucking me is how I'd describe it.  He didn't take too long and he just stopped.  I wasn't sure what was going on but then felt his dick throbbing and knew he was cumming.  He's one of those guys that needs to be still when he cums.  the friction of fucking back and forth is too much I guess for a dick as sensitive as his was.  Fine by me!  When he pulled out I dropped to my knees and cleaned off his dick.  He asked where I was from and he told me where he was from.  I said wow, over an hour to come here.  He said now but now it was worth it and smiled :)  Then we headed to the shower together and I saw him in the light of the shower.  We shared one shower.  He had a shaved head, hairy chest, football player build, nice cock, med length and thick.  Nice way to end the night ;)  I went to my room got dressed and left belly and butt full of cum.


  1. God I love your blog!!! So fucking hot! -Dan

  2. Thanks Dan, your blog is pretty fucking hot too bro...