Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mmmm mmm flip?

Finally catching up on my postings from LA.  AND I do have video of my fuckbud BUT I can't post it because both his face and mine are in it.  I'm not smart enough to edit, haven't figured that out on my Mac yet but for sake of knowing which bud it was, I'll post the pic of his dick in me from the very first time we fucked so you'll know who it was again.  But, the day didn't start that way.  Did some work and then when I was finally done there was a guy I had chatted with the day before who had a lot of ink and I looooove tattoos so we had talked about hooking up.  I walked up the 3 blocks, West Hollywood is great for hookups, and met at his apartment.  He came down to meet me at the main entrance and we walked up to his apartment and were greeted by his friendly dog.  We went into his bedroom and started making out but then quickly got naked.  He said I looked more muscular than my pics and that I was hot.  He got on his knees and started sucking my dick.  After a while he got up and I started sucking his dick.  That went on back and forth for a while and then he decided to rim me, for a loooong time.  So good.  Then he moved into fucking position and that never really took off.  Then we moved back into sucking but this time 69 was the flavor.  It was good too.   We stopped after a bit and we got back to kissing.  He was on top of me and before I knew it he straddled my dick and sat down on it.  I hadn't planned on topping but I went with the flow.  This worked just fine.  He took it for a while then we flipped over and he tried to fuck me again but he couldn't quite get it in, he was semi-hard.  No worries we went back to me fucking him and I did it with him on his back so we could make out.  I started half spitting in his mouth and he responded real well.  So I lifted my head up and drooled down a line of spit.  He opened his mouth wide and let it fall on his tongue.  Then we made out and he passed it back.  This gets me off for some reason so I got rock hard.  We did this a few more times and then I got a nice big line into his mouth and told him to swallow it which he did.  That put me over the top and I started to moan and came in his ass.  He asked me to keep my dick inside him while he jerked off.  I did and a few minutes later he came.  He told me he loves getting fucked by muscle jock types.  Well, I'm glad I was there then ;)  We cleaned off and chatted a bit.  He is a tattoo artist in LA and he gave me his card.  I walked back down to the hotel, showered and walked to the bars.

My bud was there and we hung out until closing and then he came back to my hotel with me.  We got naked, I was kind of buzzed and he nailed me real good.  He told me the next morning that I seemed kind of out of it because I laid there face down in the pillow and let him have his way while he pounded me until he shot his load.  I remember him fucking me but I guess I don't remember it in detail!  Man, I must have been out of it.  But, I know I got his load again ;)  Then we put our arms around each other and went to sleep.  I woke him up the next morning after I showered.  I crawled up the bed and kissed his chest then his neck and he started to smile with his eyes closed, then I kissed his lips.  He got up and got dressed.  We left, I checked out and drove him home and then headed to the airport.  Sad.  I miss him!  You know what I can show you is a real short video he sent me of him jerking off.


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