Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hot in LA

90s.   That's hot fucking weather or should that be hot weather for fucking?  Ha ha.  My first day was a good one and I gave it up to my fuckbud who swung by after he worked out.  He promised me pics and vid but he was so horny that we didn't get the camera out this first go around.  He came in and pretty much shoved his tongue down my throat.  He pulled off my tank top and started playing with my nips.  I pulled off his tank top and started playing with his nips.  He stuck his hands down my shorts and played with my dick.  I undid his zipper and let his shorts drop around his ankles.  He said 'what about my sneakers'  I smiled and got on the floor and undid his sneakers and took them off.  He laid back on the bed and said 'come over here'  I climbed up on him and we made out for a long while.  He grabbed me close and pulled my arms up and stuck his face in my pits.  He loves that I don't use deodorant and he loves the musky smell of my pits.  He said 'man I love how you smell.  No one smells like you...'  He has told me that before and he means it.  As soon as he smells my pits his dick gets rock hard.

He said 'climb on it' so I grabbed some lube and some poppers and slowly sat down on his cock.  I rode him up and down for a bit and he said 'you're barely moving.  ride that thing!'  so I started thrusting up and down faster and harder and he said 'that's a boy' and we fucked a while that way.  Then he told me to get on the bed.  I asked which way he wanted me and he said any way I wanted.  I got on my back (my favorite so I can kiss a guy) and he slid his dick in.  I asked if he had ever tried Max Impact.  He said yeah and I told him if he wanted me to open up more I could take a hit because it worked like magic on loosening my hole up.  He passed me the bottle and I took some and then he took some.  He got a glazed look in his eyes and then started plowing deep.  He leaned over and we kissed while his dick stretched my hole.  I love his dick, so fucking hot.  Nice and thick, fat head.  Could take it all day.  Then he told me to get on my hands and knees so he could fuck me doggy.  He took more Max Impact and started pumping me hard again.  I started moaning and he started slapping my ass and telling me to take it.  I told him yeah, to fuck me, fuck me harder.  He asked, harder?  I said yeah.  He sprayed more Max Impact on the face cloth and told me to lie flat on the bed.  He climbed up on the bed and stuck the facecloth in my face.  I got real light headed and then he took some and he started POUNDING my ass. I mean hard.  You know the sound as balls slap on the ass with so much force that it sounds like a small firecracker just went off?  Oh man, was it good.  He said 'this what you wanted?'  I said fuck yeah, please fuck me, fuck my ass.  He kept going heavy for a while longer and then he said 'tell me what you want?'  I said I want your load, I want it bad.  He said 'you want some cum?'  I said fuck yes, please, please, please.  He took another hit and kept pounding away and all of a sudden even with the Max Impact my ass started feeling tight and I knew it was his head was swelling because he was about to cum.  And boy did he....  he shot a big load in my hole.  When he pulled out he collapsed next to me on the bed.  A little more spooge leaked out of his piss lit and I jumped on it like a dog in heat and licked it up.  He moaned as I squeezed his balls to get the last drops out.  As he lied there drained I started licking him all over.  I licked his pits which made him moan and licked him from top to bottom down the chest, over his dick and balls, down his legs.  He had a big smile on his face.  Then I flipped him over and gave him a massage.  He was a very satisfied too :)  I'll end up hooking with him a few more times while I am here!

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