Friday, November 5, 2010

Fuck me the way you do....

So my fuckbud fucked me again last night.  It was at his place though so I did not have my camera.  I know he'll fuck me again tonight so I promise I will leave the camera out to get some video or at least a pic of his dick in my hole!  Anyway, we went to dinner again and then for some yogurt on Sunset Boulevard and then walked back to his apartment.  We went into his bedroom and got naked.  He turned on CAM4.  I had never heard of it but it's not like ManRoulette where you get random cam hookups with other people.  It's more like a thing for people who want to be watched on cam by as many people as possible.  He wanted to turn it on so people could watch him fuck me.  That was pretty hot.  We both got on the bed and started making out for a while.  He had bought some new poppers so a fresh bottle was there.  I sucked his dick for a while after taking a hit.  He was groaning happy about where his dick was soon going to be ;)

Then he decided it was time for the show to really start and he got up and told me to get up and bend over the end of the bed near where the cam was.  He started fingering my hole and leaning over kissing my ear and whispering to me to open my hole up.  That he needed me to open my hole up so he could fuck me.  I needed to open my hole up if I wanted some of his cum.  I did what I was told.  I took another hit of poppers and he started using 2 and then 3 fingers in my hole while I moaned.  (Side note....I'm getting a hard on just typing this.  Ha ha, man he makes me horny!)  He grabbed some lube and greased my hole up and then greased up his dick and gave me the popper bottle as he slid in.  He started pumping me slow, all the way in and all the way out pulling his dick out and then pushing it back in all the way to his balls real slow and then all the way out again...  I was loving it and he kept looking over his shoulder and telling me how many people were watching.  I guess you can also chat with the people watching you and they tend to tell you what to do.  So the comments started coming in "pound his ass" "fuck his hole"  "bareback, fuck yeah!"  "cum in his ass"  "flip him over"  That one took, he said turn on your back.  I did and he pushed back in and started pumping my ass a bit harder but still all the way in and all the way out.  After a while doing this I had to pee.  His dick is big so it hits my prostrate just right, it curves up too.  He's good....  So he let me up to go pee and then I came back and got back on the bed quick and we started up again.  He fucked me on my back again and held my legs far apart at first as he looked down at his dick going in and out and said 'your ass feels so good'  I told him his dick did too.  Then he pulled my legs in and rested my feet on his chest and bent my legs back towards my chest.  He leaned in and now started pumping hard and deep.  He was hitting my prostrate every single time and that made me moan.  The cam has volume too so lots of comments started coming when people heard me moaning.  "yeah, fuck him harder" "fuck that bitch" "do him" "shove a pillow over his mouth" "cum in his ass".

He told me to get up and bend over the end of the bed again.  He wanted people to see my ass for a minute and he held it open wide so the cam got a good view.  More comments about my hole and what to do with it.  He pushed back in and asked if I was doing ok.  Yes!!  So he started pumping faster and I knew this was the home stretch.  He went faster and I started asking for it.  Please, please, please.  He likes that and after a few minutes he said 'ok, you ready?'  I said yes and he moaned as he shot a big load in my ass.  I didn't know how big until the next morning but we'll get to that in a minute.  He pulled out and we kissed again and as I stood there I felt cum dripping down my legs.  I told him that and I didn't want to get it on his rug.  I grabbed a towel off the floor and wiped my hole.  Then we both got in the shower and rinsed off.  We came back and read the last comments "yeah!"  "fucking hot" "breed his hole" "cum in that slut" "do it again!"  It was kind of a hot experience putting on a show for the internet. I will have to check that site out later.  We lied on the bed a while and watched tv and then he started falling asleep so I told him I'd go and get out of his way.  He walked me back to my car and we kissed again and he said 'I'm going to stay over at your hotel tomorrow night after work, ok?'  Fuck yes!!!  So now, the next morning.  I got back to the hotel and went to bed (well after chatting with some guys online who wanted to fuck but it was 2 AM at that point and I just needed to cum and go to bed, not wait an hour for another guy to come by) but I fell asleep after blowing my wad.  This morning I was woken up by housekeeping knocking on my door.  I yelled out and they left but I walked into the bathroom to pee.  I got a feeling like I was going to fart and I let it happen without thinking.  I was still half asleep.  All of a sudden I felt a wet feeling and heard a splat on the bathmat I was standing on in front of the toilet.  A huge wad of cum shot out of my ass.  You'd think I had taken more than one load last night.  That's the pic you see here, and I also took an updated shot of my bod for you guys.  More posts to come later!

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