Monday, November 1, 2010


So I decide to hook up with a guy from bbrt that I have spoken with a few times.  Bigger belly than the pics in his profile but cute and a nice guy.  OK, let's do it.  We get naked and get in his bedroom.  We take some hits off poppers and I blow him for a while.  He pushes me back on the bed and lubes up his dick (average size) and slips in and starts fucking me.  All is going well until he suddenly stops and slips out.  He leans back on the bed and starts jerking off.  I ask if he's ok and he says he is 'I don't know what happened.  I think you're just hotter than I was expecting and your dick is bigger than mine so I got nervous.'  I tell him dick size doesn't matter to me.  What does is him cumming in my hole but it doesn't help....  He can't get it back up and says he's sorry for dragging me out there and not being able to perform. Arrrgggghhhh!  Can't guys just plow an ass regardless of who it's attached to?  What's a cumwhore supposed to do?  :(

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