Saturday, November 13, 2010

The bathhouse

Felt a little horny so went to the bathhouse last night.  DEAD doesn't begin to describe it.  So weird for a Friday night but there you go....   Walked miles in that place waiting for some action.  The repeats who kept swing by were real old guys and real fat guys.  I like bears but not obese and real old doesn't do anything for me either.  These weren't daddies, they were real old.  Finally.....a daddy was in one of the rooms playing with himself through the towel and I stopped in.  He let me suck him but he stopped me after about 3 minutes because he didn't want to cum.  Grrrr... On to the next.  A few guys had wandered in.  Got a bit more to look at.  There was one kid who was young, tall and cute.  He was talking with another guy so left them alone.  I hooked up with a good looking guy with a belly.  He let me blow him and then he asked about fucking and I said I loved to get fucked.  He rimmed me for a while and then put some lube on my hole and his dick and waited for my reaction.  When all I did was take a hit of poppers he smirked and slowly slid his dick in.  He fucked me on my back and made out with me the whole time.  He would stop to whisper in my ear that I was a pig and he loved it.  He kept kissing me and after a while asked if I wanted his load.  I said yeah and he said he was poz.  I said I didn't care and he said 'I wasn't going to pull out anyway' and then he shot his load in me.  Yum!!!!

Back to wandering and who stopped to chat but the cute tall guy.  He started grabbing my dick through my towel and then got on his knees to start sucking me off.  We attracted a crowd pretty quick.  And then others started trying to get in on the action.  It made him a little uncomfortable so I asked if he wanted to go to my room.  He said sure.  When we got there he pulled off his towel and I got on my knees and started sucking him.  I did for about 3 or 4 minutes and it didn't even get remotely hard.  I thought to myself hmmmm he's a total bottom.  He just wants to blow me.  OK.  So I stopped and sat on the edge of the bed.  He got on his knees and did what he does best I think.  He was blowing me good.  Because I'm not typically a top, like when I fucked the guy in LA or when I get blown with this guy, it takes me a while to cum.  This kid was a trooper.  It had to have been 10 minutes and his head was like a piston and he kept going until he got what he was after.  I finally started to moan and that made him pick up the tempo.  Then he got a tasty treat.  He told me his name was Chris after he stood up and thanked me for the load and left.  I decided that was as good as that night would be.  I got a load and gave a load so I got dressed and left ;)

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