Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where'd that rubber go?

So the guy who was into me at Manifest came back on Sunday night.  He showered and came by about 10:30.  We lied on the bed in the hotel and made out for a while and watched some football.  Then he got antsy and stuck his hands down my pants.  He peeled back the top of my jeans so the head of my dick stuck out and he started sucking on it.  That went on for a bit and then we got naked.  He pushed my legs back towards my shoulders and decided it was time to feast on my hole.  He ate me gooood.  Then he grabbed some lube and lubed up my hole.  He reached to his jeans and pulled out a rubber.  He said 'is it ok if I use a condom?'  Arrrrrgggghhhhhh.

This was the same guy who the day before barebacked me in a sex club?  WTF?  Why now.  But I was so horny I told him sure.  He slipped in and started fucking me on my back.  We made out a bit while we fucked and he said 'man I remember how tight your hole was.'  I said yeah and he started fucking harder.  Now call this luck or fate but the next thing out of his mouth is 'oh shit, don't be mad but I think the condom came off.'  He pulled his dick out for a second and sure enough, no rubber.  My butt had pulled it off his dick.  Ha ha ha!  So now whatcha going to do?  Well, he is horny so he doesn't say anything and just sticks his dick back inside.  Within a few minutes he says he is going to cum and he does.  So now I had his load and a rubber somewhere in my hole.  He tells me he's sorry and I tell him no sweat that it will come out.  After he leaves I sit on the john and squirt......out pops my friend and some cum.  That was a first......


  1. Your hole didn't want that condom....must be nice to have a talented hole that takes off condoms!

  2. fucking hot, wtf was he thinking why did he want the condom after seeding your hole the night before. some fucking guys,
    I guess you got a superpower, it defeats condoms