Friday, October 29, 2010

Thank you my friend....

My last fuck in Atlanta was my one of my fuckbuds from late last week.  We met up and went to dinner and then back to his place.  We spent some time on Manhunt and bbrt trying to find another top to tag me but after about two hours of 'my place' 'no car' and 'who's the other guy' then nothing more we said screw it.  We started making out and I pulled out his dick and started sucking him off and playing with his nipples.  After a few minutes we decided to get naked and go in the bedroom.  We made out some more and then he pulled my hips up to his mouth (he was on his back on the bed with his head on the pillow) and he started sucking my dick for a while.  Felt good...  Then he pushed me back and said that my dick tasted good.  He lied on his stomach and I started to give him a quick massage.  He moaned in a happy way and then something made me move down to his butt (maybe the guy I had hooked up with earlier in the week) and I swirled my finger around the outside of his hole.  Then I started kissing him from his ears to his neck, down his back and then slid my tongue in his hole.  He started moaning and was into it.  I was into it too but kind of excited about this because I always thought he was a total top.

And just as I was thinking he might not me I went to push my finger in and he laughed and pulled away.  He said 'uh uh, no one fucks me sexy.  time for you to get fucked.'  So he grabbed some lube and lubed up just his dick, not my hole.  I took a hit of poppers and he pushed his way slowly in.  Was tight at first since I had no lube in my hole but it got in and I started moaning.  He started fucking me (doggy) and asked if it felt good.  I told him it did and he said it did for him too.  He has an average length dick, I guess about 7 inches but thick.  Not like the guy who practically split me in half the day before but you would feel it for sure if he fucked you.  I took another hit of poppers and it loosened me up a little more.  All of a sudden he says 'oh fuck, I'm gonna cum.'  He shot a nice load in me.  He said 'man I can't believe I came so fast' but....he had been traveling for work and was gone for almost a week in the middle of nowhere so outside of no action except for jerking off he was probably horny.  When he pulled out I turned around quick and swallowed his cock.  He winced and jumped back since his dick gets sensitive after he cums.  Mine is same way.  I can't even be touched on my dick after I cum.  Anyway, I could taste some left over cum.  Oh man it tasted good.  He finally begged me to stop because it was so sensitive.  I did as told :)  Then we got dressed and watched a little TV and I left back to the hotel.  I am lying low tonight and head home tomorrow.  I have enjoyed my stay in Atlanta ;)

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