Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So close.....

So I figure the guy I hook up with from Manhunt today will be the 100th load this year.  But......  he is a very cute poz top with a nice fat cock.  We hooked up in the middle of the day.  I was free and he was in between appointments.  He's a chiropractor.  We had chatted almost every day since I have been here but it hadn't worked until today.  He is only 2 miles from where I am staying so it means I want that cock again before I leave.  We met at his place and he had about an hour to play.  He said how cute I was as soon as I walked in and I told him the same about himself.  We go into the bedroom and the clothes start coming off. He is shaved real close but not down to the skin.  His head, his chest, everything.  It was a real cool feeling.   He goes down on me and sucks my dick for a while and then we both climb on the bed.  He pulls me towards the edge of the bed and throws my legs back and starts going to down chowing down on my hole. He eats me out for a good 10 minutes and then lubes up my hole and his dick.

He slides in me after I take a hit of poppers and decides to tell me he usually takes a long time to cum.  OK I think and then he proceeds to fuck me in every position possible all over the bed for the next 30 minutes.  Starting, stopping, starting, stopping.  Kissing, pounding, slow, fast.  Biting my nipples, biting my ears.  Everything in between......until...... his alarm on his phone goes off.  Fuck he yells!  It was time for him to go back to the office.  He asks if I can come back later.  I tell him hell yeah, that I have to because I got his dick but not his load.  He says 'perfect.'

I come back to the hotel and go to dinner with some of the people I am here with.  After about 2 hours I get a text from him saying he is now home for the night.  Another hour later I am done with dinner and he send another text asking me if he should save the load for me?  I tell him I am on my way.  5 minutes later I am at his house.  He is in the living room watching Family Guy.  I knew I liked him.  We sit on the couch and make out for a while until he says we are overdressed.  We go back into the bedroom and start rolling around kissing, he blows me for a while and then he lubes me up again but this time he can't get totally hard.  He tells me sometimes with cute guys he gets nervous.  So we kiss for a very long time and we both jerk off for a bit and just for the hell of it I put my fingers near his butt and he doesn't flinch.  So I get them closer until my fingers are on his hole.  I figure he's good for it so I slide my finger in and start playing with his hole.  After a few minutes he lubes up my dick and his hole and he slides slowly down on my dick.  He says 'wow, I wasn't expecting this, but....' and he rides me for a bit and then stops all of a sudden.  He tells me it's because he hadn't planned on it and he's not really cleaned out.  So I think I hit something and it made him stop.  No worries I tell him and we go back to kissing and jerking off.  Then he starts rubbing my back and hitting pressure points.  I tell him it feels good and he tells me to get on my stomach,  He gives me a deep tissue massage for about half an hour.  Felt so damn good.  Then I ask if he wants to cum.  He says he does but he is still soft.  I tell him no worries and that he shouldn't be nervous since he is cute himself and has a hot bod and hot dick.  I tell him I'll come back tomorrow but that I should go.

As I get dressed, we kiss again and say good bye.  I no sooner get to the car than I get a text from another guy who had chatted with me on and off all week.  He says on bbrt that his dick is 'huge'.  Well I am so horny right now that I decide to go to his place.  10 miles, no big deal.  I get there and he doesn't look exactly like his pictures anymore.  Chunky a little, but real tall.  6'5" which is hot.  As soon as I get naked he says 'oh yeah, this is going to be good'  I get on my knees and start sucking his dick.  It swells in my mouth stretching it wide.  I pull back and say geez, you weren't kidding.   He tells me to go back to sucking his dick which I do for a few more minutes.  Then he says you want to get fucked?  I say yep and on my back again I go.  He asked if the other guy came in me.  I tell him no and he says good because he likes to eat ass to but he doesn't like to taste other guys cum.  No problem.  He eats me for a while and then lubes me real goooood.  He says do you need poppers?  I look at his dick and decide I need the big guns.  I brought the Max Impact with me.  I take a hit and he tries to push in and he can't get in.  I think back to the group a few days ago and decide I didn't take enough.  So I spray more on the face cloth and take a real big hit and keep it on my face.  He pushes up against my hole and my heart starts racing with the stuff I am breathing in and my asshole puckers and pulls his dick in.  Even with the Max Impact I felt how big it was.  I started moaning right away.  Every thrust he did was agony.  He asked if I liked his big dick.  I really was torn between asking him to stop and begging him to split my ass open.  I opted to just tell him it felt good.  He kept going deep and every time he did brought a scream from me.  He had a huge smile on his face now.  I get the feeling he likes breaking in tight holes. I needed something to occupy myself so I start jerking off.  As I do he is sliding in and out and I am screaming.  After a few more thrusts in between screams I cum.  He looks down and says 'no!  you came already?  Can you still take it?'  I tell him I can for a bit but it will start tightening up with a dick as big as his.  So he says 'do you want me to cum?'  I say yeah and man it got worse before it got better.  He positioned himself a bit higher so he thrust downward and if he was going to cum he started pumping faster.  I am pretty much all out screaming now but I have the face cloth stuffed in my mouth to stifle the screams.  Thankfully it only takes him another minute or two and he says he is cumming.  I feel it twitch as my hole closes tight around his massive dick.  He pulls out and we talk for a bit.  My ass feels like it takes a good 5 minutes to collapse back to its normal size.  Man, that was good and I realize that was probably the fattest cock I have ever taken the 100th load.  Congrats.....

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